Narayan completed 25 years of his journey as a film-maker on Feb. 11 as it was on the same day 25 years ago that his first directorial film Chaitrada Premanjali got released. His 48th film Punta is releasing on Feb.17 as he could not release this film on Feb 11 this year to celebrate the occasion. His 49th directorial film Manasu Mallige which is a remake of Marathi hit Sairat is also ready for release.

Recalling the day when his first film as director was released, S Narayan said he had started his day at 7.30 am in the morning on Friday when Chaitrada Premanjali was slotted for a release in Aparna theatre (then and now Anupama) in Bengaluru. He said he reached the theatre at 9 am only to find houseful boards on the gate of the theatre. He said he thought Amitabh Bachchan’s film Khudah Gawah had got released. He said he started crying that his film was not releasing in the theatre on that day. But when he asked the security personnel at the gate he told the director that it was a new Kannada film and mentioned its name. He said he came to know Khudah Gawah had been postponed by a week. Narayan recalls the time when tears of happiness rolled down his cheeks overwhelmed by emotion on reaching the houseful board on the first day.

Narayan said he later entered the theatre premises and tried to get into the theatre but was pushed aside by the security personnel saying that tickets were sold out and he won’t be allowed inside. When he told the security person that he was the director of the film Narayan said the person did not believe him then as he was profusely sweating and it was difficult to believe that going by his ragged clothes and looks. He said he finally managed to get inside. He said Chaitrada Premanjali had all newcomers excepting music composer Hamsalekha who gave all the people involved in the film a new life and a career. Narayan recalled the film’s hero Raghuvir who had also produced the film.

Cut to the present, Narayan said he will announce his 50th year soon while keeping all the cards close to his chest.
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