ocket, a film that marks the debut of Neenasam Satish as a producer will release on November 27 in 175 theatres all over Karnataka. Uday Mehta is distributing the film. The film stars Neenasam Satish, Aishani Shetty, Neenasam Aswath, Padmaja Rao and Achyuth Kumar among others.

Producer and lead actor Neenasam Satish told reporters that all decks were cleared for the release of the film. He said he was searching for an apt title and could not sleep till 12 midnight. The title for the movie struck his mind at 3 am and wanted to name his film as Rocket because of the pace of the movie. He said when he went to register the title it was already registered. He said he found out that Uday Mehta had registered the title in his name and when he requested Mehta he readily parted with it.

Satish said he had been breathing Rocket for the last 18 months and now he was nervous and tensed about it. He said he found difficult in funding the movie but now he had cleared all dues.

Satish said the film’s audio had met with success with Puneeth Rajkumar singing for the movie along with the heroine Aishani Shetty. Puneeth’s song has clocked six lakh hits on the internet, he said. Satish said he had spent double on cinema’s advertising and promotions and had sold the movie in some territories.

Satish said he sported 10 to 15 different looks in the movie and has a stylish characterization for the first time. He said the story is stylish with a lot of variety. He said the film should be a celebration and a good entertainment package. His character is imaginary and symbolic to the title. For the first time he had some fights in the movie as well and had performed some stunts as well. He said 16 new faces from theatre were being introduced in the movie.   

 Satish said Achyuth has performed as his father and Padmaja Rao had a different kind of a role in the movie. He said Neenasam Aswath will be the hero in the second half.

Achyuth said Satish was so passionate about the subject that he took to production with this movie. He said Satish had done a lot of homework to project himself as a hero and as a producer.

Aishani Shetty said when she was approached for the film she could not say yes as she was busy preparing for her final exams. She said she felt bad that she had to reject such a good offer. But, she said she was lucky she got the role as they had not found anyone suitable for the role. Aishani said she plays a doctor who is matured, independent and professional. She said she complements the hero in the movie as the title is a metaphor for the hero’s characterization. Aishani said Satish was a perfectionist and she was lucky to have recorded her first song with Puneeth.

Music composer Poornachandra Tejaswi said he was surprised that Satish had turned producer with this movie. He said after Lucia he found positive vibes while working in this movie.

Neenasam Satish said he plays Aishani’s brother in the movie. He said he was happy to be working in a homely atmosphere and added that Satish came in search of him to cast him in his movie.

irector Yogaraj Bhat released the music album of the film Rocket at the newly opened Cinepolis Multiplex in Binnypet, Bengaluru on Saturday.

Speaking after releasing the film’s music album, Yogaraj Bhat said Neenasam Satish is blessed with a blend of intelligence and innocence and is also talented as an actor. Bhat said Satish’s strength lies in his eyes and voice.

Neenasam Satish who is also one of the four producers of the movie Rocket said he is scared and happy to have turned a producer for the first time. He said his mother, Neenasam troupe and Yogaraj Bhat were his inspirations and well-wishers. He said Bhat brought him and gave him opportunities from Manasaare to Drama for which he will be indebted throughout his life.

The film’s leading lady Aishani Shetty said it was a pleasure singing along with Puneeth Rajkumar. She said she had learnt singing when she was four years but had never sung in public.

Journalist Harish has penned the lyrics for a song and he hoped that the song would become a success.

Ajai Rao said he and Satish came up the hard way in the industry. He said with great difficulty they had established themselves in the industry.

Music director Poornachandra Tejaswi also spoke. Uday Mehta wished the team all success. Director Shashank said it is tough to compete with newcomers.

Singers Chandan Shetty, Abhay Jain and Ananya Bhat were also present. Journalists were shown clippings of the song making and trailer at the function.

fter golden star Ganesh, Duniya Vijay, ajay Rao, real star Upendra; Neenasam satish is the new entrant to the club of heroes who have started their home banner.

'Rocket' is the title which is going to change the image that neenasam satish carried for so many days in the Kannada industry.
Yes, this title was suggested by satish himself who is starting a home banner under the name satish pictures. That Lucia star had the plan to have his own production house for many days now & it had come true with the script of a debutant director shiva shashi.

On MONDAY 17.11.14 at Ganapathy Temple, Basaveshwaranagra, Satish arranged the muhurtha for his maiden venture as a producer.
Shiva shashi who is welding the microphone for the first time has worked as an assistant with real start Upendra. He has narrated the script of 'rocket' to neenasam satish and Satish immediately jumped to the idea of producing it himself.

Satish said "I was so much impressed with the script that I decided that this is the perfect film to be made under my own banner. It's a romantic love story and I will be seen in altogether a new look leaving away the mandya slang which was a part of all the earlier films odd mine. The reason I decided to producer it myself is solely the strong script of 'rocket'. I didn't want to let go this script to any other producer. Just after 4 months of listening to the script from shiva shashi I was ready with all the arrangements required to start my home banner."

There is an interesting twist to how Satish got this title. This title was originally registered by the 'bachan' , now Satish starer 'love in mandya' producer Mr. Uday mehtha.
Uday mehtha said "when satish asked me the title I readily agreed and gave it to him as he is our hero in 'love in mandya'. I wouldn't have given it if someone else would have wanted it."

The budget of 'rocket' it's expected to cross 3crores. When asked if he was scared in any case to invest such a huge budget satish replied "I have an extraordinary confident about the script of rocket and I am also banking on love in mandya, because I know it will do good. 'Love in mandya' is expected to hit the screens this month.

Satish is been helped financially by his cousins and friends mainly satish M.N.& vishwanath V M.The music will be composed by poorna Chandra of Lucia fame, 'rocket' Will have 5 songs from him.Yograj bhatt's 'Vaasthu prakara' heroine ishaani shetty week be paired for the first time with neenasam satish in rocket.

The clap in for the first shot of 'rocket' was completed by yogi on behalf of his father Mr.dwarkish.Camera was started by mother of b.suresh , senior journalist Dr.vijayamma. Dr.vijayamma had no boundaries for her joy as she was starting the camera for the film where her grandson adwaitha was the cinematographer . Adwaitha is the son of b.suresh's brother Mr.guru.

Neenasam Satish's 'drama' and 'love in mandya' piar Sindhu loaknath was also potent at the muhurath to congratulate her co-star. Love in mandya producer Uday mehtha was also in attendance at the auspicious event.
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