ebutant director Rishabh Shetty has definitely treaded a different path by choosing naxalism as a major theme as part of the film’s plot. He has woven a love story around the naxalism theme which makes the film worth a watch for all.

The film is about Rakshit, an orphan who is brought up by his uncle and his travails. He falls in love with the village girl who has been his childhood friend. The two are about to get married when Rikki has to go on a study assignment which separates the two for a year. The village undergoes a lot of changes in the year. Naxalism raises its head after a special economic zone project displaces villagers, lives and their livelihood. Many villagers take to naxalism to fight against the establishment.

When Rikki returns he finds his girl in the company of naxals. He tries his best to win back his love. Does he win his love back forms the rest of the story.

Rakshit Shetty and Haripriya share extremely good on-screen chemistry as lovers. Music by Arjun Janya and cinematography by Venkatesh are the added bonuses for audiences to watch the film.  Rikki is worth a watch for all!

annada film Rikki starring Rakshit Shetty and Haripriya will now release in Abhinay theatre in Bengaluru on January 22 instead of Tribhuvan theatre as announced earlier. The film Rikki will release in about 150 theatres across the state, outside the state and overseas as well.

It is learnt that Rikki is being accommodated for exhibition in Abhinay theatre as 1st Rank Raju which is currently running in Tribhuvan theatre is doing well at the box-office. 1st Rank Raju has completed 50 day run in the theatre and is said to be still going strong with steady collections at the box-office.

Rikki is a love story between Radha and Krishna. Rakshit Shetty has two shades to his role in the movie and Haripriya has two shades too – Radha and Seetha in the movie. While Seetha is an innocent girl Radha is a rough and tough girl. She said she had acted in the movie without applying glycerine. The movie will have Sudeep’s voiceover in the beginning of the movie. Pramod Shetty is playing a prominent role in the film.

Rikki is produced by S V Babu and directed by Rishabh Shetty. Aniruddha K has penned the dialogues and Rishabh Shetty has directed the movie.

annada film ‘Rikki’ starring Rakshit Shetty and Haripriya will release on January 22 in about 150 theatres across Karnataka. The film will release outside the state and overseas as well. The film is produced by S V Babu and directed by Rishabh Shetty.

Director Rishabh Shetty said Rikki is an intense love story which was started by him in 2009. He said it is love story between Radha and Krishna. He said editor Vishwa did some online editing of the movie during the Karkala shoot. Rishabh said Sudeep will give his voiceover at the beginning of the movie.
Music composer Arjun Janya said he had learnt a lot during the making of the film as it involved a number of technicians.

Rakshit Shetty said the director gave him a narration of the film along the way from Tribhuvan theatre to Jayanagar in Bengaluru and co-incidentally the film is releasing at Tribhuvan theatre. He said the film had been shot in a forest for 40 days.

Haripriya said she has two shades to her role and that is of an innocent girl and a naxal girl. Pramod Shetty said he plays a naxalite and had lose 10 kilos for the role. Manjunath Gowda also plays the role of a naxal while Satish Mangaluru plays a villain.

Aniruddha K who had penned the dialogues said he had to quit as techie from his job to write for this film.

Producer S V Babu said Rikki is his 14th film as producer. He said after hearing the story he was shocked. He said the film has two heroes – Rakshit and Arjun Janya and two heroines – Radha and Seetha (both played by Haripriya).

t was a perfect setting for a film’s audio release. It was a packed stadium and people were just afew hours away from ringing in the New Year 2016. Producer S V Babu thought it fit to have the audio released for his forthcoming venture ‘Ricky’ on Dec 31. The team of the film was in full attendance and the venue was Dr Ambedkar Grounds in Basaveshwaranagar.

Parvathamma Rajkumar did the honours of releasing the audio CD of the film and the whole team of the film joined in to be part of the release function.

 Dr Parvathamma Rajkumar, Hema Chaudhary, Sa Ra Govindu, B Vijayakumar, H D Gangaraju, Thomas D Souza, K V Chandrasekhar, S A Chinne Gowda, S Suresh Kumar BJP MLA and Home Minister Parameshwar were felicitated on the occasion.

Roopika performed on stage to an invocation number which was followed by dance to songs from Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan and Ambarish’s films.

Arjun Janya who is the music composer of the film enthralled the audience with his performance on stage in a musical nite programme that followed. Ankita Kundu, the runner up of Lil Champs Sa Re Ga Ma Pa was a special attraction as she sung a number in the evening. Chinmayi and Archana Ravi also sang. The crowds also enjoyed fireworks on the occasion. 


uneeth Rajkumar launched the trailer of the movie Rikki in Bengaluru on Thursday evening.  The film stars Rakshit Shetty and Haripriya in lead roles and is produced by S V Babu. The film is directed by Rishab Shetty.

Speaking on the occasion, Puneeth Rajkumar said he had launched the trailer of Ulidavaru Kandante and now after looking at film Rikki’s trailer he said the film seems to be technically well made. He said Rikki looks like a nature-based cinema. He wished good luck to the hero and director before leaving the function.

Rakshit Shetty said director Rishab Shetty narrated the story to him about three years back and he readily agreed to do the movie as he has two shades to his character.

Producer S V Babu said though he had put in money it was executive producer Ganesh who worked so hard in putting the things and the movie together. He said Ganesh worked hard by braving the rains in the forest. Babu also said he dreamt of making a film with Puneeth in the lead and that he was waiting for Puneeth’s call-sheet.

Director Rishab Shetty said he had readied 16 versions of the script and had started working on it in 2009. He said he was a bit tensed regarding the casting for the heroine’s role. But, he said finally he found the talented Haripriya apt for the role. He said the film had gained power because of the artistes’ performance and the presence of music director, editor and the dialogue writer.

He said Rikki is now being readied for a release in November. He said Rikki is a love story between Radha and Krishna. He thanked Sudeep for being the voiceover at the beginning and at the end of the movie.

Haripriya said she plays two shades – Radha and Seetha in the movie. While Seetha is an innocent girl Radha is a rough and tough girl. She said she had acted in the movie without applying glycerine.  She said Venkatesh’s camera work is good. She said Pramod Shetty has acted well and Arjun Janya has scored some melodious songs.

Pramod Shetty said he acted with Rakshit Shetty for the first time and praised Haripriya’s acting prowess. Ganesh also spoke and said it was difficult to shoot in the forests.

Senior journalist Savithri said Rikki is a movie that will touch hearts and will give a feel to the audience as if the movie is happening right in front of our eyes. She praised the team for the guts to shoot in naxal prone Karkala. She appealed to Kannada producers and directors to cast Kannada speaking girls in Kannada movies.

erhaps in the Kannada cinema history such a lavishly spent house was not demolished for the climax purpose of the film.

‘Rikki’ producer SV Babu gets the credit and his guts for razing the near permanent house is adorable. SV Babu is known for such lavishness, no compromise standards and quality films for Kannadigas in the past 12 films of his career.

At Karkala taluk Bailoor colony Rs.10 lakh house built for the film shooting was reduced to the ground on Sunday evening at 5 pm. A team of 40 people worked for building this house. A team of 150 people worked for razing the building. There 3 JCBs, around 15 police personnel and hundreds of people took a look at the demolition. One of the onlookers who came with JCB vehicle from Hubli for the shooting purpose was trapped inside. That was Basappa of Hubli who had no injuries. He went there to bring his mobile phone that was tucked inside.

First it was a small ‘Kottige’ with calves living that was demolished; it was a huge coconut tree and finally the house. In all the proceedings Haripriya protesting vigorously was also captured in the camera of Venkateshan Anguraj.

he noted producer of Kannada cinema SV BABU who never compromises on quality in his making was convinced with the capacity of debutant producer of ‘Rikki’ Rishab Shetty. He has involved completely and knows every bit of his making. He works from morning 6 am till 9 pm for the film. A young lad making such attempt is appreciable. I am also convinced with his narration pattern. He has given a lovely love story with some surprises for the audience. Shooting for 45 days in one area and Rakshit Shetty giving one full call sheet made SV Babu very happy.

RISHAB SHETTY - A tale he prepared in 2009 has got uplift over the years. In 12 times rewritten script got inside the camera through performers for the 13th time. It is about the SEZ activity that is dealt with doze of Naxal activity. Basically it is Radha and Krishna story. The child hood reference is given as protagonist is Radhakrishna and female is Radha we have chosen ‘Rikki’ Shetty debutant director. When Radha and Krishna separate for sometime what happens is interesting portion. With entertainment there is social awareness too. The main focus is the real life SEZ (Special Zone Economy) victims. What should be the justice in such case is left for people to answer. I want my film to be in favor of producer says Shetty.

RAKSHIT SHETTY – With two lovely films and director cap for him Rakshit Shetty has liked the way the film is narrated. It is simple and cinematic at places. Observance of others is a point and audiences also become characters in the film. The first half is about innocence, cuteness of heroine I like and when she gets in to hurdles how she is saved releasing all tensions – what steps I take is interesting.

Rakshit Shetty of ‘Simple….and Ulidavaru Kandanthe has another big offer with Sudeep in August next year. Before that he will have to complete 3 films in his kitty. With Sudeep he is making ‘Thugs of Malgudi’. He has ‘Vasthu Prakara’ ready to hit silver screen.

‘Ulidavaru Kandanthe’ is good according to me. I had told Suni that the fate of the film is like that. I have not taken any remuneration and invested from my ‘Rikki’ money states Rikki.

Next to come is a film with director Shashikanth titled as ‘Ekka Raaja Rani’ and then for Vijayaprasad of ‘Sidlingu’ fame. One more Rakshit has to finish but it is at discussion level.

HARIPRIYA – in a very challenging role in her career Haripriya says this film ‘Rikki’ made her to learn something from an actress like Nandita Das and perform. There is lot of emotion in this love story film. The narration pattern of Rishab Shetty is so good.  Haripriya appreciating the production team of SV Babu said the arrangements and treatment is very fine. I play Radha who is very emotional. I live in the house that is getting demolished. I protest against it very strong.

Haripriya has films to release like Ranathantra, Ranna, Rikki in Kannada. She has two more in the Telugu cinema industry. She is likely to accept Jayanna films Jayathirtha direction ‘Bullet Basya’ with Sharan in title role.

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