annada film ‘Risk’ has completed 25 days of successful run at the box-office in 18 theatres all over Karnataka and has booked Rs 22 lakh as producer’s share of the profit. The film is produced by Rajesh Ramanath and Venkata Gowda while it is directed by M G Raj.

Rajesh Ramanath told journalists that there is a lot of pain that is behind the success of the movie. He said the film is running on an adjustment basis and with great difficulty. The producer who is also a music director said he went on a 18-day tour of the state visiting theatres in remote areas and developed a personal relationship with theatre owners. He said the response to this initiative has been good and that he has been able to maintain good relations with theatres.

Rajesh Ramanath said multiplexes had contributed 40 percent to the film’s success while it was single screen theatres that drew 94 percent response to the movie. He said he has been getting messages from theatres about the movie and the collections which were positive. He attributed the success of the movie to positive media reviews. He said he hoped that the film will complete 50 days as many centres were yet to see the film and there is a likelihood that many centres will give the film a good opening.

Rajesh Ramanath said he has approached 23 theatres for the release of the film Risk in the second phase and is happy that the film has been seeing a staggered release.

Rajesh Ramanath also expressed happiness that his studio had contributed to the success of a few Kannada films in the recent past.  

Director M G Raj said the team plans to start two new films soon and appealed to the industry to encourage films that are doing well and also allow films to run their course at the theatres.

Lyricist Loki said his own directorial film Kelade Nimagiga has been completed and that he will talk about it in his next meeting with the media.

annada film Risk has collected Rs 33 lakh in 70 theatres all over Karnataka even before the completion of the film’s first week run. The film is produced by Rajesh Ramanath and Venkata Gowda.

Rajesh Ramanath told reporters that the film is making sound at the box-office for its sound effects. He said he used to prepare before every press meet but he said he was emotional about the film’s good showing at the box-office and that he was talking from his heart. He said he was initially scared about the film’s prospects but then the response in the multiplexes was good as people had booked their tickets from bookmyshow.com.

He said many theatre owners said they were putting up houseful boards after a long time and it was heartening Kannada cinema is competing against Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films. Rajesh Ramanath said four more theatres were being added from Friday.

Producer Venkat Gowda said audiences were saying that they were satisfied to see the movie. He said the audiences were talking about the movie even after they walked out of the theatre premises. He said the team will take up publicity differently from the second week. He also thanked media for good reviews. Dolby 7.1 sound is giving the audience good viewing experience. He said he expects the film to make a profit of Rs 1 crore.

Director Raj said the producers will be financially safe within three weeks.

Distributor Navarasan said he was happy with the response and added that the team effort was visible. He said he will gladly release the Tamil and Telugu versions of the film also.

A cake was cut to celebrate the early success of the film.

Actors Anu and Riya along with producer-actor Ravi Gowda were present at the press meet.

‘Risk’, a horror film will release all over Karnataka in more than 70 theatres on May 13. Music composer Rajesh Ramanath is the co-producer of the movie with Venkat Gowda. The film is directed by Raj.

Rajesh Ramanath told reporters that only bravehearts can visit the theatre and watch the movie. He said editor Eshwar became scared while he was editing the whole film. Rajesh said the film is about a group of youngsters who get lost on their journey and get into trouble with a ghost. He said the film has been made at a budget of Rs 1 crore and is being dubbed into Telugu, Tamil and Hindi from which they will get Rs 60 lakh.

He said the film has a strong message for rapists that the act of committing a crime such as rape is risky. The film has been played psychologically with a lot of risky shots taken in it.

Raju is the cameraman and Rajesh Ramanath has himself scored the music for two songs one of which is a romantic song and the other one is in praise of Lord Shiva. Director Raj said live audio along with online editing were adopted during the shoot.

Priya said the suspense begins from her and so is the risk. She said she plays a village girl sans glamour. Sinchana said she plays the main character Anu in the movie. The film stars all newcomers Raju, Shivakumar, Nagarjuna, Indra, Susai and Harish among others.

isk, a multilingual horror film is all set to hit the screens in March. The film which is produced by music composer Rajesh Ramanath and Venkata Gowda has been made in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi and all the four versions are ready for release. The film is directed by M G Raj and the movie stars Raju, Anu, Shivu, Nagarjuna, Kavya, Harish, Riya and Ugramm Ravi.

Director Raj told reporters that rape should be treated as a cognizable offence. The film has been shot in Bengaluru, Shanivarasanthe, Sakleshpura and Kunigal. He said Rajesh Ramanath has scored music for a song.

The film is about husband and wife who are on a trip to a forest when the wife gets gang-raped. The husband then hangs himself and becomes a ghost who then torments tourists visiting the place. A group of students then go on a trek to the forest and the story is about how they escape from the place.

Firing star Venkat released the film’s promo at the Sai Old Age Home and donated 25 kilos of rice to the home. Lahari Velu was also present at the home.

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