ing Road has been in the news for allegedly being inspired by a real life murder of a techie by his fiancée and her lover that became a sensational story in Bengaluru. Though the film carries a disclaimer that the film is a work of fiction but it is a blend between the details of the case and fiction in what could be termed as cinematic licence. The film helmed by an all-woman crew is a psychological thriller worth watching which is also the first in Kannada cinema. 

The subject has been well-researched by Priya Belliappa, a first time director as the film begins with Suma (Kushie) meeting with an accident. No one comes forward to help her and take her to the hospital although people see her lying on the road injured. 

The film’s story happens in the eyes of director Priya (RJ Su’netra’) who stumbles on a script brought to her friend by her friend Rekha (Neethu). Suma who plays the protagonist is a criminal lawyer’s daughter and her past is revealed. Suma, a law student, has to decide between love and arranged marriage when her parents get her engaged to a techie Harish (Shrunga) against her wishes. The main plot shows Suma tries to get rid of her fiancé there is a parallel subplot with cop Khan (Duniya Vijay) who investigates Harish’s murder case that brings about differences with his wife (Nikita Thukral). The movie gives Suma the benefit of doubt in the murder case.

Ring Road explores the mind of a girl and the movie suggests that the girl is suffering from a disorder that asks her to go for whatever she thinks is undoable. The girl wears skimpy clothes and has a vain body language with looks that attracts men.

The parallel subplot involving Duniya Vijay and Nikitha could have been trimmed as it adds to the length of the film. The film is not a murder mystery or does not have any element of suspense but it is a psychological thriller that throws up possibilities about how a normal girl could turn out to be a murder conspirator. There are no courtroom dramas either.

Ring Road is a film worth watching for the performances and music although one or two songs could have been chopped off.  Duniya Vijay and Nikitha have performed well. Srinagar Kitty and Sanjana are unnecessary to the movie. Khushie could have been better as her expressions are quite artificial. Prem’s appearance in the end to a song rendered by Sudeep is showy. Technically, there is no difference between a normal and an all-women crew.

Go for it with no expectations!

ing Road Shubha which became Ring Road Suma is now just titled Ring Road after Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce raised objection to the title. Ring Road is the first film to be made by an all-women crew.

Addressing a hurriedly summoned press meet on Tuesday, Rekha Rani writer of the movie said the movie Ring Road will release in July with a caption ‘Sumala Kathe’.

Rekha Rani said the team is gearing up for the release of the movie. She said the team wishes to fulfil director Priya Belliappa’s wish to have the movie released as early as possible.

Director Priya Belliappa, who is in the family way, is due for delivery in September. Rekha Rani said the team wanted Priya Belliappa’s first baby (the movie) to be delivered earlier than her real baby. She said for Priya Belliappa both are her own babies and the team wanted the movie to be a baby shower for the to-be mother in real life.

Rekha Rani said the team had lost a lot of money on publicity material following the change of title. She said the film has got a U/A certificate and will release in July without specifying the date.

Rekha said the film is based on a number of incidents that have been put together.

Music director Vani Harikrishna also spoke and art director Chitralekha Shetty was also present. 

t was definitely a ‘Kushi’ time. The heroine of the film ‘Ring Road Shuba’ Kushi participated in the audio release for the first time. She expressed happiness for being part of this film addressing the crowded at ‘Boozy Griffin Pub’ in Koramangala.

Duniya Vijay who worked for one rupee remuneration, Nikita Tukral as wife of Vijay in the film with lovely star Premkumar, Sanjana Galrani, KFCC President HD Gangaraju, distributor Basha on the dais the audio CD was declared open.

Two songs of the film Pom Pom Parvathamnavre….and Yakinge Yaakinge…were shown on screens. Rekha Rani explained the support the film got from KFCC and media for this all women cinema for the first time in the country.

It was first Basha who gave advance payment for making of this film recalled Rekha Rani. We all should appreciate the courage of women in making this kind of cinema said Duniya Vijay. It is a double kick today in this pub – one is liquor and the other one is women around stated lovely star Premkumar.

This film should create history hoped Nikita, Sanjana said she is a feminist first and nothing against guys. Priya Belliappa is like a tigress she added. It has been wonderful work and Priya corrected me in my work stated lovely looking Kushi.

Vani Harikrishna music director of the film recalled that she sang with her husband for the second time. Producer Ranjani Ravindra stated that it has been remarkable and wonderful journey. My father dream of making all women cinema has been fulfilled by Priya Belliyappa and team said Yogish. We would release the film very soon stated director Priya Belliyappa. 

ll women cinema ‘Ring Road Shuba’ facing some hurdles has finally come to the final portion of shooting. The film with 16 women personalities working in different departments of cinema – a world record sure to get Guinness position came before the media on Monday evening at Gold Class of PVR in Orion Mall.

One song and trailer shown was really class. There is a beautiful heroine in this film. The taking of shots from Priya Belliyappa indicated that she is not a first time director.

Rekha Rani much senior among the 16 women team of the film did much of the talking and said ‘Mithra My Friend with 12 women in the film is the present record. This one is with 16 women working for the film she pointed. Getting cards for some of the new talents was a task indeed. Former KFCC President B Vijayakumar has come to the help she remembered.

We have only one song balance and what has started as small dream has grown up heaps and bounds says Priya Belliappa heading the megaphone. I have only taken the Shuba murder as inspiration but later found many such cases as the survey was made. It is a pure entertainer cinema. There is love, action, emotion, thrill etc. Dhuniya Vijay characters almost connect to his real life in the film. It was 65 days schedule for ‘Ring Road Shuba’ she says.

Rajani Ravindra Das wife of HP Ravindra Das of ‘Mathe Banni Pritsona’ is the official producer. She is an advocate and has foreseen the consequences of film coming to the theatre. In case problems come up, I am ready to face it said Rajani Ravindra Das.

Vani Harikrishna besides scoring music for this film has also sung a duet song for Dhuniya and Nikita Tukral. The real life husband wife Vaani Harikrishna and V Harikrishna well known music director have rendered the song.

The team of ‘Ring Road Shuba’ is headed by Priya Belliappa as ring master – director, Rajani Ravindra Das is producer, Rekha Rani is dialogue writer, Vani Harikrishns is music composer, Reshmi Sarkar is cinematographer, Shilpa Krishna is costume designer, Maryann D Souza is editor, Chitralekha Shetty is art director, Avantika Nimbalkar is sound designer, Hema BN is sound recordist, Geetha Gurappa is DTS engineer, Devanshi Desai is DI Colorist, Poonam Prasad is Makeup artist, Suman Tyagi is hair stylist, Sonam Thale is publicity stills and design, Chandrika and Jeevitha Vishwanath choreographers, Mehi Shah and Avisha Baing still photographers, Abheri De chief assistant cinematographer, Swapaneel Neogi chief assistant director, Parineeta Bhure assistant director, Bhavyasri U is assistant editor. 

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