annada horror film 'Riktha' will release in about 50 to 60 theatres all over Karnataka on Jan.19. The film is being distributed by J J Enterprises. The film is produced by Arun and directed by Amruth Kumar based on his own story. The film stars Sanchari Vijay and Advika Vagdevi in lead roles. Sangeetha Varadhan plays the ghost and Sushmita plays the second heroine in her first film.

Director Amruth Kumar said Sanchari Vijay has four shades to his role in this family entertainer. Producer Arun said the film has a different shade of horror with technicians and artistes performing well. He said the film has been delayed due to demonetization and the release date was pushed because entertainment would be the last thing on people’s minds when there is no money for their own day-to-day expenses.

Sanchari Vijay said all the newcomers have worked hard with a hope that they would get a break from this film. He said the producer was under pressure due to the currency crisis and the resultant delay in the film’s release.

Advika Vagdevi said she was lucky to have worked in a hard working and a passionate crew. She said her work was truly inspirational.

Newbies Madhesh, Abhishek and Jagadish were also present.

Music composer Rakhi Sonu said he had given a classical touch to the tunes and Misseda song had generated more than one lakh views on the Net. 

pcoming Kannada horror film ‘Riktha’ will release in about 50 theatres all over Karnataka on November 11. The film is produced by Arun and directed by Amruth Kumar who has also penned the story. The film stars Sanchari Vijay and Advitha Vagdevi in lead roles.

Director Amruth Kumar told reporters that Sanchari Vijay will be seen in four shades in the film. He said music composer Rakhi Sonu has given a classical touch to music despite this being a horror movie. The director said the film is positive in spite of being a horror film. He said Riktha means zero and what it is all about has to be seen on the screen.

Sanchari Vijay said Riktha is his first commercial film as a hero. He said background music in the film has given the movie a lot of life. He said all efforts have been made to give a good movie by going beyond the framework. He also said the film runs on three episodes – love, innocence and horror.

Producer Arun praised Sanchari Vijay for his dedication and hard work as much as his performance needs to be appreciated.

Sangeetha Varadhan plays the negative ghost in her first film and Sushmita plays the second heroine in her debut film.

Music composer Rakhi Sonu said the film has four songs with Sanchari Vijay lending his voice to a pathos song. He said Misseda song has clocked one lakh hits on youtube.

AdvithaVagdevi could not make it to the press meet.

he audio of the Kannada horror film 'Riktha' was released by lyricist Dr V Nagendra Prasad at a function in Bengaluru on Sunday afternoon. The film is produced by Arunkumar G and is written and directed by Amruth Kumar. The film stars Sanchari Vijay and Vagdevi in lead roles. Rakhi Sonu has scored the music.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr V Nagendra Prasad said 2016 has been a year of horror films and hoped that Riktha will be horror love story that will be a standout. He said Sanchari Vijay had brought a suitable body language for his role in the film.

Producer Arunkumar praised Sanchari Vijay for his dedication and hard work as also the director Amruth Kumar. He said he was impressed with the story and the songs were tastefully done which are quite pleasant to hear.

Vagdevi said she was nervous to be working with a national award winning actor but said she took it as an opportunity to work. She said songs were the best part of the movie.

Music composer Sonu said performances for the song are good. He said Sanchari Vijay has sung a song for the film and there is a Kanglish song as well.

Sanchari Vijay said the speciality of the movie is its music. He said Sonu has good potential to make it big as a music composer. He said the composer had used only Indian instruments for all the songs which is a good effort. He praised Murali’s camera work and added that it was a new effort from a new team.

The film has been shot in Sullahalli.

Director Amruth Kumar said the film will go to the censors soon and will release in October.

annada film ‘Riktha’ (meaning zero) has completed its shoot and is in advanced stage of post-production. The film is produced by debutant Arun Kumar and directed by Amruth Kumar, an alumni of Adarsha Film Institute. The film has national award winner Sanchari Vijay playing the lead role. Varshini is playing a ghost and Advika, a close relative of Puttanna Kanagal is playing the female lead.  

Director Amruth Kumar said the film has completed its shoot in 30 days. He said the film’s story runs in three layers – love, horror and thriller suspense. He said as soon as one stage is over the film jumps into the second one without any connection with the first. The audiences will get a good feel in the climax.

Sanchari Vijay said he has four shades to his role. He said even if he plays the lead he doesn’t converse in a portion of the movie. He said he plays a drunkard and has a childish character as well that runs on love, sentiment and horror. He said the ghost will be good natured which will be the movie’s highlight.

Advika did not reveal her role saying that it would give the story out if she disclosed details about it.

The film has been shot in Shivamogga and Bengaluru.

The movie’s trailer was also released. Rocky Somu is the music director who has scored music for four songs. The film’s audio will be released soon and the movie will be released by end of June, according to director Amruth Kumar.  

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