unil Kumar Desai’s comeback film ..Re will release on March 4 all over Karnataka. The film has got a ‘U’ certificate from the censors. The film stars Ramesh Aravind, Anant Nag, Lokanath, Shivaram, Sharath Lohitaswa, Harshika Poonacha, Suman, Master Hirannaiah and G K Govinda Rao among others. Suman Nagarkar will be making a guest appearance.

The official release date was expected to be announced soon after the certification of the movie. The film is produced by R Lokesh.

Re is a romantic and a feel good film according to Desai. Cinematographer G S Bhaskar has worked in a multistarrer movie for the first time.

…Re, Sunil Kumar Desai’s comeback film will release in March. The official release date will be announced soon after the movie is censored, according to Desai. The film is produced by R Lokesh.

The film stars Ramesh Aravind, Anant Nag, Harshika Poonacha, Lokanath, Shivaram, G K Govinda Rao, Sharath Lohitaswa, Srinivasa Prabhu and Master Hirannaiah among others. Suman Nagarkar will be making a guest appearance and another Suman is being introduced as a heroine.

Director Desai told reporters that the film is like a kaleidoscope that offers the audiences a multi-dimensional viewing experience. He said there are too many takeaways for the audiences in terms of the dimensions but the film does not deviate from the central theme.

Ramesh Aravind said he is back as an actor after a brief gap and said that director Desai has made Re into a love square. He said Re is a romantic film and he has a lively role in it with full of energy. He said the film is a fun film and a comedy that makes for a happy and pleasant viewing experience. Ramesh Aravind said the concept of the movie is interesting about ifs and buts in life and how people have so many expectations if something works or doesn’t work.

Ramesh said he shared a working chemistry with director Desai and rated him as one of his favourite directors.  He praised Harshika’s performance as her best and Suman for her role. He said Re will be a small little picnic for the family on the dining table.

Harshika Poonacha said she treated Re as her first film because she said it was like going to an acting school that was run by Desai. She said her role in the movie had lot of scope to perform and that she had a lot to learn from her everyday shoot. She said the film is close to her heart and that she is in a phase when she requires a hit. She said Re is a feel good film.

Suman said she is debuting with this movie. She said Re is a beautiful journey and a good family entertainer. She said the combination sequences will be a treat and fun to watch.

Lokanath said this movie had given him a new experience where he never met any actors on the sets but came to know who was acting with him only at the time of dubbing for his role.

Shivaram said he saw two personalities of Desai – that of a director who is spirited, tensed and energetic and the normal person off-screen. He said he had a traditional role who is opposed by Anant Nag’s character.

G K Govinda Rao said he used to just act and go and forget about watching his film but added that he will definitely watch the movie this time for Desai’s multi-dimension.

Cinematographer G S Bhaskar said shooting for a multistarrer was amazing. He said his journey would have been incomplete had he not worked in Desai’s movie.

P D Satish Chandra said he had played a second hero in some movies who was seen for a few seconds but now his role had got extended to a minute.

Prashanth said he plays a software engineer who loves water.

Producer Lokesh said he was lucky to have so many actors working in his movie.

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