hree Ravichandran films were launched on the festive occasion of Mahashivaratri. Three films went on the floors at a temple with three cameras on the festival day. ‘Rajendra Ponnappa’, which is produced, written and directed by himself is one of them. ‘Dasharatha’ is another which is written and directed by M S Ramesh while ‘Bakasura’ being directed by Navaneeth of Karva fame with RJ Rohit as one of its producers is the third film.  

Speaking to journalists, Ravichandran said he had taken seven months to decide on what he should do after Apoorva. He said though collections for Apoorva were not good he was happy with what he did. He also said he will do all kind of characters but people in the industry should not forget that he is still the hero. He said he did not want to get branded as a character artiste although he is game to doing even a grandfather’s role if it is offered to me. He categorically stated that he is still a hero and wants to do strong characters whatever be its longevity.  He said he will do everything and still be a hero.  

He said in ‘Rajendra Ponnappa’ which had a different title that he had thought of in the beginning is about people who are in love and are with him forever. The role that he played in Drushya has become a film title now. Rajendra Ponnapa is a tale of father and daughter and the heroine who will be the female lead will appear in the flashback scenes of the film. The actor promised that the film will showcase a different Ravichandran.

Ravichandran said he again plays a lawyer in ‘Bakasura’ that is being produced by RJ Rohith and directed by Navaneeth. He said Bakasura is a thriller. 

He said work on all the three films will happen one after the other in planned schedules. He said there will be no race between one another. Whichever film gets completed will release first, he said. He said schedules for all the three films will be drawn and shoot will take place at a brisk pace.  

Also, the showman of Kannada cinema said he will not go back on Ranadheera that will have son Manoranjan in the lead. Ranadheera was launched with a lot of fanfare and has been kept on hold for want of funds. He said his son came up with an idea that he will act in other films and earn some money before restarting work on Ranadheera. He said this was the arrangement as both himself and his son were now busy with a number of offers.  

Meanwhile, Ravichandran has urged his fans not to insist on using his photos or cut-outs for the films that shows Ravi in a supporting role. He said it is up to producers to put his poster or cut-outs when there are other superstars in the film. He urged his fans not to create any fuss over the matter anymore as he said he had never insisted on such things and it will remain so even in the future.  He said the cinema content is more important and it should talk for itself.

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