ingmaster, a Kannada film produced by Satyanarayana, Basavaraj, Murthy and Manju will release across Karnataka in about 80 theatres through Jayanna Combines. The film stars Arun Sagar, Shrunga, Shweta and Anushri. The film is directed by Vishruth Nayak and has Cinetech Suri’s cinematography. Ravi Basarur has scored the music.

Director Vishruth Nayak told journalists that he went to Arun Sagar with the script who was impressed with it. He said Arun took him to producer Manjanna who connected with three others to produce the film.

Nayak said the producers had taken a risk to do a complete that is not a regular commercial film. He said Arun Sagar will be seen in a different role and that Ringmaster is a technicians’ film. He also clarified that the film is inspired from Misbehaviour and is set in a single room for a story that takes place in three hours. A set costing Rs 25 lakh was erected for the purpose.

Shweta said her role in the movie was a complete contrast to the one she played in Harivu. While in Harivu she played the role of a young mother, she plays a teenage college-going girl in Ringmaster.

Producer Basavaraj spoke on behalf of all the producers. He said Ringmaster is a small budget film that could be called an experimental film. Arun Sagar was suitable for the role. He said the film has a message for innocent parents and the youths.

Arun Sagar said it is not a small budget film but it is a budget film. He said he did the movie on one condition that he will not accept payment if the movie fails.

Ravichandran released the audio of the film Ringmaster at a function in Bengaluru on Thursday night. The film stars Arun Sagar, Anushri, Shrunga and Shweta in lead roles. Ravi Basraru has scored the music. The film is written and directed by Vishruth Nayak.

Speaking on the occasion, Ravichandran said Arun Sagar is a drill master and not ringmaster. He comes across as a very excited guy who is restless in his activity and at work. Ravichandran said his forthcoming film Apoorva is picturised in a lift, Ringmaster is a film that is shot within the four walls of a room. He announced that Apoorva will definitely hit the theatres in November and added that people will know after seeing the film why the film was delayed in its release. He praised the team of Ringmaster and its lead actress Anushri for the excitement she brings in to the film with her effervescence and energy.

He expressed the confidence that Anushri and Arun Sagar combination will work well.

Ravichandran said the film Ringmaster has some curiosity element and excitement. “You don’t need stars for a film to succeed these days. People will take good films if they like the story,” he said.

Arun Sagar thanked Ravichandran for bringing him into commercial cinema as an art director after Bhoomigeetha. He said he had worked with Ravichandran in 10 films as an art director but said he had a hunger to portray characters.

Anushri said the team had rehearsed before going for the shoot while thanking Ravichandran for supporting newcomers.

Shweta said Ringmaster is her fourth film and is happy to be part of the team. Shrunga said a lot of hard work had gone into Ringmaster which is his second film after Parari.

Mohan Chabbria of Anand Audio said the album of Ringmaster reminded him of Aa Dinagalu which also had just two songs.

Ringmaster is produced by Satyanarayan, Basavaraju, Chetan M and Narasimha Murthy.    

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