his is just a small example of what the visually challenged , telephone booth keeper near a hospital , good Samaritan of humanity​ and protoganist of raaga :-Mithra's policy of living his life.

Then enters a rich, adament brat , with squint eye and childish body language played by bhaama aka anu. Anu is pampered by both dad (avinash) and driver appaji (Ramesh bhat), she gets what she wants with a few adament moves but is deprived of quality time and love from her busy businessman dad.

As expected this is fulfilled by Mithra and anu's friendship turns into Love towards Mithra, coz a visually challenged person's feeling is understood only by another visually challenged person.

Mithra can be rich at heart but anu's father is rich in pocket...
Will this difference in class love see a happy ending or no forms the Cruz of raaaga.

Mithra has proved that he is just comedian , there is a huge performer in him and it took his own money to bring him on celluloid. Bhaama gets to showcase her metal if acting for the first time after showing good acting glimses in shyloo.
Ramesh Bhatt and Avinash compliment each other well.

PC Shekhar makes sure the story doesn't loose way and the dialogues use of Kannada entralls the viewer ,
Arjun jannya's background score as always adds life but what stands out in the whole film is vaidhy's cinematography.
Each frame can compete with any of Picasso's work of art.

If the pace of the film is forgotten then A total , clean family entertainer is on cards to enjoy.

‘Raaga’ will release in about 65 to 75 theatres all over Karnataka on Friday, April 21. The film is being distributed by Jayanna Combines. The film’s release will include about 30 multiplex screens. The film is produced by Mithra and directed by P C Shekar. Arjun Janya has scored the music and Kumaran is the cameraman. The film has got a U certificate from the censors and Raaga is the first film to go to the censors through the online process. The film stars Bhama in the female lead.

Producer Mithra who is also playing one of the protagonists said Raaga is a union of blind hearts in a rhythm. He said Raaga is a love story. He said love is blind but lovers are not blind and that’s what the film tries to convey. Raaga gives a different dimension to love and is not cinematic. He said an imaginary world has been created in the film adding that it is a colourful film with emphasis on quality and costumes.

Mithra said Raaga is a technicians’ film and the film will hopefully change the perspective of how people look at visually impaired persons. He also said that Raaga is a director’s movie who had worked on the story 14 years ago. Mithra promised that the film will be a musical and a visual treat for the audiences and clarified that the film had nothing to do with any film. He said Arjun Janya’s background music is one of the major highlights of the movie.
He said Bhama has done superbly in a performance-oriented role. Mithra said the role challenged him.

he audio of the film ‘Raaga’ was released in a unique way earlier this week. The film is produced by Mithra and directed by P C Shekar. The film stars Mithra and Bhaama in lead roles. Arjun Janya has scored the music.  

Arjun Janya who is scoring music for his 70th film performed live on stage at the film’s audio launch by playing the four tracks of the movie. Santosh Venki, Anuradha Bhat, Indu Nagaraj and Vyasaraj sang the songs. A host of celebrities attended the film’s audio launch. Srinagar Kitty released one of the song. Shekar who captained the Indian blind cricket team that won the world cup released another song.  

Director P C Shekar said all his six films that he had directed had Arjun Janya’s music. He said 90 percent of the film’s background music has been done employing a violin. He said the film is about two visually challenged characters who have a positive energy and thus made the film work. He said he had taken a instance from Shekar’s life pertaining to his love story. He said though Mithra’s mother tongue is Malayalam he spoke Kannada with so much of fluency and is an asset to the industry.      

Mithra said it is because of the writer that a hero is born and it is director Shekar’s script that made him take up the role. He said the story was meant  to be done for Vikram but it came his way which is the nicest thing to happen to him. Sihikahi Chandru and Geetha released the logo of the company that has produced the film.  

Jaijagadish and Vijayalakshmi Singh, Roopika and Ramesh Bhat released a song each. A cake was also cut to celebrate Arjun Janya’s 70th film. Bhaama was conspicuous by her absence.

hallenging star Darshan launched the trailer of the upcoming Kannada film Raaga at a theatre in Bengaluru on Wednesday evening. The film is produced by Mitra who has played one of the lead roles and is directed by P C Shekar. The film stars Bhamaa, Ravishankar Gowda, Roopika, Avinash and Ramesh Bhat among others.  

Speaking on the occasion, Darshan said he knew Mitra for a long time and is a good artiste. He said Raaga is a different kind of film and such films should be encouraged.  

Director P C Shekar said Raaga is a special film for two reasons – production and acting. He said it is difficult for artistes to perform as a visually impaired person. He said it is a risky for any producer to invest in such movie subjects. He said the story was ready some 14 years back and when he narrated the story to Mitra the actor he said agreed to produce it himself. The film conveys emotions and sentiments through these visually impaired characters. He said the title might sound like an art film but by getting Darshan to release the trailer it is proved that the film has a commercial touch as well. He said every scene was canned 14 times before the shot was okayed.  

Mitra who has produced the film said he had acted in 150 films but it was the first time to be producing and acting in the film at the same time. He said the film was meant for Tamil actor Vikram who should have done it but the project didn’t take off and so he got the opportunity to play that role. He said Shivanna had released the teaser, Sudeep had given a voiceover and Darshan has launched the trailer.  

Ravishankar Gowda said he had seen a spark in Mitra when they were working together on television. He said today Mitra has gained recognition and become a star. He said Mitra had said that Kannada actresses did not agree to act with him and Ravishankar said he faced a similar experience. Gowda said he didn’t do the film for Mitra’s sake but for the sake of the public.  

Dinakar Toogudeepa said cinema making is a huge risk and making a periodic film is even more riskier while appreciating the producer for the effort. Tarun Sudhir said Chauka is a multi-starrer film that he directed but Raaga is the hard work of art director, music director, cameraman and director. He said Darshan had shaken up Chauka during his 15-minute appearance that he made in the movie.  

Avinash said he had acted in all of P C Shekar’s films and added that he has a different role in the film. Ramesh Bhat said teaser and trailer have spoken and now it is the turn of people to say. He said such movies should be watched by all for at least five times. Roopika said people get satisfaction when they get good work and added that she was happy with her work in the movie that has a good team.

Two songs of the movie were screened on the occasion.  

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