uta Tirugisi Nodi, made by an independent film-maker Suneel Raghavendra that correlates the game of cricket to our daily lives, will release on July 29 in multiplexes all over Karnataka. The film is produced under the film Talents Day Films. The film was already an official entry to the Biffes 2016 where it won a special jury award. Puta Tirugisi Nodi has been selected for Indi Hype and HiFF festivals.

Suneel Raghavendra who has written and directed the film told reporters that life is like a book. He said every page is a lesson as you turn every page to read. He said thefilm is about the similarities between cricket and our lives. He said life just goes on and it doesn’t end even if there is an injury or something untoward. It is like turning pages. He said the film relates to the 1980s and 1990s kids who were brought up with quite rigid notions of success and failure. The film is an attempt to question the result-oriented approach of modern urban Indian society.

Puta Tirugisi Nodi is also an attempt to show an urban phenomenon of pressure to succeed which seems to be ubiquitous.

The film has two songs and the female protagonist of the film Aditi has sung both of them.

Sudha Belawadi said she plays a strong independent woman and the mother of the heroine. She said the film sets us thinking without giving any inferences or conclusions. She said the film has used live sound recording for the first time. She said relationship between cricket and life runs parallel which is a new attempt by the film-maker.

Kailash, a theatre actor said eight of his films had released out of 20 films that he has acted in. He said he took special coaching from Anil Kumble’s contemporary Satish to play the cricketers role in the movie as he said he had never played the game. He said the director is from a cinema school while he is from a theatre school.

Sharat is playing a negative role in the film and appreciated Suneel Raghavendra’s conviction, confidence and clarity about the film.

Archana Kalkunte, executive producer of the film, said the film breaks the stereotypes associated with women as it shows her strength in the society.

Sandeep Kumar is the cameraman. Prashant Pundit is the editor. Dheerendra Doss and Amrit Rao have scored the music.

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