hief Minister Siddaramaiah watched the Kannada movie ‘Punta’ on Thursday evening at a special screening in Bengaluru. The film was screened ahead of the film’s release which is happening on June 23 all over Karnataka. The film is produced by K Subrahmanyam and directed by S Narayan. The film stars Anup Revanna and Ritiksha in lead roles.  

Former minister H M Revanna and a posse of policemen were seen in front of the theatre where the special screening was held. Anup Revanna was also present along with the film’s director S Narayan and producer Subrahmanyam.  

Hours prior to the screening, heavy police bandobust was made at the venue. Sniffer dogs were pressed into service as part of the security arrangement before the screening.

‘Naa Punta Kano’ will release on June 23 all over Karnataka through Jayanna Combines. The film is produced by K Subrahmanyam and directed by S Narayan. The film stars Anup Revanna, Ritiksha, Vishwa and Irfan among others.

Director Narayan told reporters that a new song had been added as it was decided at the last minute because there was opinion that the song was good and would appeal to the audiences. He also said that Century Gowda and Gadappa had not been portrayed poorly. He said they are very innocent and promised that he will cast them in good roles in his forthcoming film. He also clarified that he had not added the song because the producer insisted but there was an unanimous decision to have the song because if the audiences accept it the film would get a boost.

Producer K Subrahmanyam said it is a situational song and not an item number. He said the film was getting ready for a release when Chauka song became popular and that prompted him to spend Rs 25 lakh on the song.

Malur Srinivas who has choreographed the number said it is a regular dhaba song that has two characters being introduced. The film had been censored but he was happy to do the song.

Tara Shukla has danced to the song with all the three boys also a part of the song.

Anup Revanna said he plays a robber and an intelligent guy in a film that is based on robbery and mind games. He said there will confusion till the climax without specifying details about his role. Vishwa said he plays one of the three friends which is comical. Irfan also spoke.  

Narayan completed 25 years of his journey as a film-maker on Feb. 11 as it was on the same day 25 years ago that his first directorial film Chaitrada Premanjali got released. His 48th film Punta is releasing on Feb.17 as he could not release this film on Feb 11 this year to celebrate the occasion. His 49th directorial film Manasu Mallige which is a remake of Marathi hit Sairat is also ready for release.

Recalling the day when his first film as director was released, S Narayan said he had started his day at 7.30 am in the morning on Friday when Chaitrada Premanjali was slotted for a release in Aparna theatre (then and now Anupama) in Bengaluru. He said he reached the theatre at 9 am only to find houseful boards on the gate of the theatre. He said he thought Amitabh Bachchan’s film Khudah Gawah had got released. He said he started crying that his film was not releasing in the theatre on that day. But when he asked the security personnel at the gate he told the director that it was a new Kannada film and mentioned its name. He said he came to know Khudah Gawah had been postponed by a week. Narayan recalls the time when tears of happiness rolled down his cheeks overwhelmed by emotion on reaching the houseful board on the first day.

Narayan said he later entered the theatre premises and tried to get into the theatre but was pushed aside by the security personnel saying that tickets were sold out and he won’t be allowed inside. When he told the security person that he was the director of the film Narayan said the person did not believe him then as he was profusely sweating and it was difficult to believe that going by his ragged clothes and looks. He said he finally managed to get inside. He said Chaitrada Premanjali had all newcomers excepting music composer Hamsalekha who gave all the people involved in the film a new life and a career. Narayan recalled the film’s hero Raghuvir who had also produced the film.

Cut to the present, Narayan said he will announce his 50th year soon while keeping all the cards close to his chest.

‘Naa Punta Kano’ directed by S Narayan, starring Anup Revanna and Ritiksha will release all over Karnataka onFebruary 17. Jayanna Combines will be distributing the film. The film is produced by K Subrahmanyam.

Director S Narayan told journalists that Punta is new beat cinema and is a genre for himself as a director. He said after seeing the stills of Lakshmana his team decided to cast Anup for the lead role in Punta. The director said when he later saw Lakshmana he felt that the choice that they had made was apt and right. He said Anup has a role in the film that even the role cannot understand. It is an intelligent boy’s journey with two others Irfan and Vishwa acting as Anup’s friends in the movie.

He said the heroine plays an important role in the film and the story moves because of her at a point. The director said Kari Subbu and Ravi Kale have justified their casting with good performances. Sudeep has sung a song which has been download a lakh times and another song was added following this which required an additional expenditure of Rs 35 lakh but it connects well with the story, he said.

Anup Revanna said even before his first release he was lucky to have got this offer with a big and a known director like S Narayan. Punta is a robbery-based film which is new to Kannada and the director instructed him to be subtle and to underplay his role in the film, the upcoming hero said. He said the director made it easy and comfortable for him and also he had learnt from all his co-stars.

Vishwa said it was a pleasure with a disciplinarian like S Narayan. Syed Irfan said he had worked with a university.

Ritiksha said she was taken good care of by the director and was lucky to have given her a chance despite her ignorance about the director’s past work and the industry as such. She said she plays a normal girl in the film. Kari Subbu said he in a dilemma about doing this film but came around because it was S Narayan’s directorial film.

he audio of the Kannada film ‘Na Punta Kano’ was released at a function in Bengaluru on Friday evening. The film is produced by K Subrahmanyam and it is written and directed by S Narayan. The film stars Anup Revanna and Ritisha in lead roles. Anand Audio has acquired the audio rights of the film. Sudeep has sung a song for the movie.

Director S Narayan said he was in agynathavasa (incognito) for three years and he couldn’t do a film during the period. He said Punta made him come out of the condition adding that he has started another innings in the Kannada film industry as a director. He said he signed Rockline Venkatesh’s film on the back of Punta which has given him a fresh lease of life to work with renewed vigour for another 25 yearss. He said Rockline’s forthcoming film Manasu Mallige is also ready for release.

Narayan thanked Sudeep for coming forward to sing the number in the movie. He said he expects the film Punta to release in February. Meanwhile, the director recalled that February 11 this year will mark the completion of 25 years since his first directorial film Chaitrada Premanjali released. He said he is dedicating Punta to the people of Karnataka and Kannada film patrons.

Producer Subrahmanyam said he had passed out of engineering in 1988 in Bengaluru and had gone back to his home state of Andhra Pradesh. He said he wanted to start his journey as a producer in Kannada cinema and in Bengaluru. He said he was overwhelmed by the love showered on him by the people of Karnataka. He said Karnataka and Kannadigas is the only state and people who love people from all states who live here.

Former minister Revanna said his son Anup had come into cinema because of the encouragement of his wife. He said their first production Lakshmana which launched their son Anup did reasonably well. He said when producer Subrahmanyam and director Narayan came forward to cast his son for Punta the choice was left to his son to decide and thereafter encourage him with whatever he chooses to do. He said he liked Dakota Express movie and in particular Rockline Venkatesh’s acting performance.

Rockline Venkatesh urged director Narayan not to consider the three-year cooling period as agynathavasa as that period can be taken as a phase of rest for creative minds. He said Narayan has no expiry date as a director as nobody in the industry could desert the director or his work. He wished that Anup becomes a big star in Kannada cinema.

Srinivasa Murthy, who is serving as MLA for Nelamangala and has acted in the movie said he had become a MLA after serving as a government doctor for 18 years. He said the director has the capacity to mould people into good actors. He got an opportunity to act in the movie despite being an MLA.  

H D Gangaraju was also present.

annada film Punta began its shoot on Thursday at the Kanteerava Studio under the direction of S Narayan with Chief Minister Siddaramaiah launching the film. The film has Anoop Revanna in the lead. S Narayan’s son Pankaj will be assisting his father in the direction department while his other son Pavan will be the film’s executive producer. Punta is being produced by K Subrahmanyam.

Director S Narayan told reporters that he is directing a film after a short time gap and after studying the changing audiences tastes and preferences besides keeping pace with the changing trends. He said during the last two years 18 films that he was supposed to direct got dropped.

The director said Punta is based on a story written by the producer K Subrahmanyam who has also written two other stories to be made into films. Narayan said he saw stills of Lakshmana and thought that the story of this film was apt for Anoop who is also the hero of Lakshmana.

Narayan said besides Ravi Kale and Kari Subbu he has cast only newcomers in the film. Nelamangala MLA Srinivasa Murthy will be appearing in a small role. He said the film will give a new viewing experience for the audiences. He said search is on to find a heroine and a music director for the film. The film will be shot in Bengaluru and the first schedule will last 35 days during which a major portion of the film will be shot, the director said.

The director said Punta is a mind game and the hero plays a guy who gets things done at his beck and call.

Anoop said he was lucky to be working with S Narayan in his second film and even before his first film released. He said his character is a well etched one and a subtle character which will however confuse the audiences. The newbie said the movie will be according to today’s trend of cinema-making with a lot of twists and turns in the narrative. He said the film will give him a kick and added that he sports a rugged look.

Cameraman Mathew said the film will have scope three dimensional camera work.  

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