evara  Nadalli and Priyanka, the two films releasing this Friday (February 5) will be breaking away from convention of releasing their films in the main theatre in Majestic area. While Devara Nadalli will be released in multiplexes only across the state, Priyanka will release in multiplexes and single screens but outside of Majestic area.

According to Dinesh Baboo, Priyanka will not be releasing in single screens in Majestic area because of the high rentals and poor occupancy in the evenings. He said the team will concentrate on multiplexes and single screens outside Majestic which are better receptive to such films.

Devara Nadalli will be releasing in multiplexes in Bengaluru, Mysuru, Hubballi, Belagavi, Kalburgi and Mangaluru, according to its producer Shailaja Nag 

annada film ‘Priyanka’ starring Priyanka Upendra in the lead is getting ready for a worldwide release on February 5. The film is directed by Dinesh Baboo who is back after a hiatus and is produced by Mohan. The film also stars Shivadhwaj, Tejas, Prakash Rai and Veena Sunder in key roles. Krupakar has scored the music.

Priyanka Upendra told reporters after the screening of the movie that she was confused about what kind of roles she should take up especially after doing Shrimathi and Crazy Loka. But, she said she has clarity about the kind of roles she should do or expect. She said she credits her acting and looks to the director Dinesh Baboo.

Veena Sunder who plays a tough cop in the movie said it was a dream role for her which she had only done on the small screen. She thanked Dinesh Baboo for giving her the opportunity. She said producer Mohan had not spoken to her when she was signed for the film or doing the shoot. But, she said Mohan spoke to her only after seeing the film and that he liked her performance.

Gopal Hosur, a retired police officer who was felicitated said the film has all the subtleties and nuances of how a real incident can be shown on screen. He praised director Baboo, actress Priyanka, Prakash Rai and added that the film should do well while wishing the team good luck.

Senior advocate Bhagat said the film can be dissected into three faces – police, romantic and judicial. Police investigation looked so real and so was the judicial portion. He said the court scenes in the movie looked real and like a court. He said Priyanka had acted well as the romantic face of the film. He said Priyanka is a realistic that should touch everyone’s hearts.

Music composer Krupakar said he had started his first innings from a beautiful film like Priyanka and thanked Dinesh Baboo for the opportunity.

pendra released the audio CD of the film ‘Priyanka’ that stars his wife Priyanka in the lead. The film is directed by Dinesh Baboo after a gap of about three years and is produced by Mohan.

Speaking on the occasion, Upendra said he watched the film and added it is good. He said his wife Priyanka has acted well in the movie. He jokingly said he couldn’t praise his wife too much because she would just fly away. “I didn’t want to see someone whom I see everyday when I started watching the movie but the director, cinematographer and music director took over,” he said.

Upendra also jokingly urged his wife to act in a film or two now and then and not become too busy after the movie releases as otherwise he would be saddled with the additional responsibility of looking after their kids.

Music composer Hamsalekha urged the cinema folks to get updated technologically and be more creative at work. He said there is a need to know the cinema grammar and added that people who knew grammar can only break grammar. Hamsalekha also urged Dinesh Baboo not to do comedies and instead focus on making meaningful cinema that would make other cinema industries sit up and take notice. He said new writers entering the industry should bring back culture, entertainment and sentiment into Kannada cinema.

Deputy Speaker Puttanna said films should entertain and carry messages.

Priyanka thanked Dinesh Baboo for thinking about her while casting for the movie. She said she was really proud of the fact that there is a song and a cinema title named after her. She also said she was here because of Upendra and thanked him.

The music rights of the movie has been acquired by Strings, a company run by Alankar Hamsalekha, son of Hamsalekha.

Lyricist Keshava Chandra said Priyanka has given him a good opening for he had been busy all these years working in teleserials and daily soaps.

ell-known director Dinesh Baboo is back in action after a hiatus. He is ready with his new directorial venture ‘Priyanka’ that has completed its shoot recently.

Dinesh Baboo surfaced at the film’s press meet on Thursday evening and even kept up his earlier promise made to journalists that he would address the media in Kannada. But, Dinesh Baboo developed cold feet as he was left to address the gathering at the end after Prakash Rai had finished speaking. Dinesh Baboo did not say much about the film but invited media persons to ask whatever they wanted to know about the movie. He said he was prepared to talk in Kannada but after hearing Prakash Rai’s speech he was dumb stuck and was at a loss of words and in confidence.

Incidentally, Priyanka stars Priyanka Upendra, Prakash Rai, Shivadhwaj and Tejas among others in the lead.

Priyanka Upendra who made it a bit late but in time to address the media persons said she was lucky to be approached by Dinesh Baboo for the role she played in the film. She said she liked the story and felt that she could do justice to her character in the movie. Priyanka said she had seen Dinesh Baboo’s Amruthavarshini and had liked it. She also appreciated Dinesh Baboo for following a Bengali style of film-making. Priyanka said her role in the film was her favourite so far in her 35-film career.

Music composer Krupakar said he is back in his second innings through this film. He said Dinesh Baboo is like a library with a vast knowledge of music. He said he was also lucky to have worked in a film that starred Prakash Rai.

Lyricist Keshav Chandra praised Dinesh Baboo and said it was a big opportunity for him to work with the senior director. He said Dinesh Baboo was particular about the way lyrics for the songs were written and that he didn’t work the songs to be too poetic. He said producer Mohan also wanted simple lyrics that people could understand.

Actor Tejas who made his debut in Prakash Rai’s film Oggarane said he was lucky to have Prakash Rai in his second film as well.

Addressing the gathering, Prakash Rai praised the music director for making lyrics audible in the songs. He said he was working with Dinesh Baboo for the first time. He said he had always dreamt of doing a film with him as he liked his films. He said Dinesh Baboo called him for the first time to cast Tejas and later took him on board. He said he adviced Tejas to accept the offer as it would help him in getting the hang of Kannada language.

Prakash Rai said he was also glad that Priyanka had returned to acting even after becoming the daughter-in-law of Karnataka. He said Dinesh Baboo wanted him to be different in his role in the film without specifying other details.

Earlier, three songs of the movie were shown to the media persons. Senior director Rajendra Singh Babu was also present.

The film Priyanka is produced by Mohan. 
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