he audio of Kannada film Premasura was released by senior director Phani Ramachandra at a function in Bengaluru. The film’s first look trailer was also released apart from exhibiting song clippings from the movie.The film is directed by Nagesh Kyalanur and produced by Nagaraj C L, Kunthu Naganur and co-produced by Raghu Kalanur. The film stars Sheetal Raj, Mrudula and Sapna Raj among others. Sriharsha has scored the music. Ravikishore is the cameraman.

Phani Ramachandra recalled his first film that he started working on in Chamundeshwari Studio and said it is a coincidence that his protégé Nagesh’s audio release is happening in the same studio after so many years. He said those memories made him emotional. Ramachandra said he wondered why Nagesh considered him as the mentor when Nagesh had worked with him in just 40 episodes for a teleserial. Ramachandra also praised the hero for being confident in dancing.

Ravi Basappanadoddi said Premasura looked like a colourful film and has been made to according to today’s trend. He said the film carries a hope of being a well-made movie.

Director Nagesh Kyalanur said the film is about finding true love. He said the hero can achieve whatever he sets out to achieve if he stands up for love. He said the film has elements of suspense and is a love story as well. He said producers gave him the free hand to do full justice to his dream and realize it on the celluloid.

Producer Nagaraj said they had not compromised on quality. Co-producer Raghu said hero and heroine had worked hard.

Music composer Sriharsha said the film has five songs and added that he enjoyed the support of all the technicians. Nagamurthy has penned the lyrics and dialogues apart from working in the movie as a co-director.

Legislator Raju also spoke.

Sheetal Raj said all of them looked like heroes to him. He said he had tried to give his best. Mrudula who hails from Hubballi said it is her first movie and that she enjoyed the support of all. Sapna Raj said her role in the film gave her a lot of satisfaction and added that she agreed to do the film because of the director.

annada film Premasura, directed by debutant Nagesh Kyalanur has completed shooting for its talkie portion and is all set to wrap up shoot of the entire film. Currently, post-production work that includes giving background music is under progress. The film stars newbies Sheetal Raj and Mrudula in lead roles.

Director Nagesh told journalists on the sets of Premasura that the film is about the guy who turns a demon when he doesn’t get love. The director said the film is about how the guy who is in love turns wicked to win his love. The last song of the movie was being picturised when journalists visited the shooting location with the talkie portion already completed.

The director said the film has completed a 60-day shooting schedule in Bengaluru, Bagepalli and Gudibande. Telugu actor Subbaraju is appearing as a special cop in the movie. Prem Rakshit who choreographed the songs for Baahubali is working for the first time in Kannada cinema as a choreographer in Premasura.

Sheetal Raj from Belagavi is the playing the male lead in his first film. He plays a guy who comes to the city from his village where he falls in love with a girl. Mrudula from Hubballi is playing the female lead in her first film.

The film is produced by Nagaraj, Nagesh and Raghu. The producers said they have spent Rs 3.5 crore so far on the film’s making.

he first look of Premasura, a love story was revealed at a screening in Chamundeswari Studio, Bengaluru on Wednesday morning. The film is directed by Nagesh Kylanur and produced by Nagaraj, Kunta Naganur and Raghu Chalanur. The film stars newbies Sheetal Raj from Belagavi and Mrudula from Hubballi besides Padmavasanthi and Umesh among others.

Nagesh told journalists that the film is about how happens to a guy who doesn’t win his love. He said the guy becomes a demon and how he wins back his love forms the remaining part of the story. He said people will have to watch the movie to know if it is a comedy or a tragedy.

Nagesh Kylanur has worked as an associated with Phani Ramachandra and Milana Prakash.

Premasura has been shot in Bengaluru, Chikkaballapura, Bagepalli, Badami and Manali.

Subbaraju from Telugu cinema has also acted in the movie and Sriharsha has scored the music in the movie which has five songs. Ravi Kishore is the cameraman.

The director said the film’s audio release will happen soon. He said the hero and heroine are slumdwellers in the movie. 

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