‘Porki Huchcha Venkat’ will release in about 50 theatres this Friday, April 28 based on the availability of theatres. Arya Mourya Gowda is the distributor. The film is written, produced and directed by firing star Venkat. Rachana is playing the female lead.

Firing star Venkat told reporters that he has thrown up an offer to the theatre owners who will screen his movie. He said the offer given to theatres will be that 90 percent of the film’s collections will go to them and that Venkat himself will take the remaining 10 percent. He said he knew how to get back money but was keen that there were enough theatres to screen the movie. He also said he intends to only take back whatever he has invested which he said he will get. He has also offered to return the ticket money to those people who do not like the film.

He reiterated that the film is meant for people to take home a message and that his intentions of reaching out to more people should be fulfilled. He urged the theatre owners to allow his film to be screened and not be bowled by Baahubali 2. He also said his intentions and direction about politics should be taken note of by the audiences.

Shylashri, actress of yesteryears said she is playing the mother on screen after a long gap.  

Venkat said he will use the money that he had earned from his participation in the reality show Super Jodi to fund the film’s release.

He said the film’s climax will showcase his personality.  

‘Porki Huchcha Venkat’ will release on April 28 in about 50 theatres all over Karnataka. The film is being distributed by Arya Mourya Gowda. The film is produced, written and directed by firing star Venkat. Rachana is playing the female lead.

Venkat told reporters that the film will change people and their personalities. He said whatever he earned through participation in the reality show Super Jodi is being used to fund the film’s release. He said he has not glorified crime in the film and has a message that law should not be taken into hands and at the same time if one stays mum it will end in disaster. He said he has not been able to give attention to family and his family members as much as he has devoted time to  people in the society or his neighbourhood. Venkat said he found out the importance of hunger by fasting for a day and thus was able to start Huchcha Venkat Sene.

He said he intends to join politics as he has interest in it. He said he had not committed any mistakes but justified the use of swearing words by saying that he will keep talking. He said the last 20 minutes of the film which is the movie’s climax will showcase his true personality. Venkat said people go in search of Rs 500 note by electing the wrong people and wait for five years which shouldn’t happen.

He said Porki Huchcha Venkat has a duet but added that he hadn’t touched the heroine. Venkat said the film was shot in Bengaluru and its surroundings.

annada film ‘Porki Huchcha Venkat’ has got a U/A certificate with three beeps from the censors and is likely to hit the screens in April. The film is written, produced and directed by firing star Huchcha Venkat besides acting in it.  

Firing star Venkat told journalists on Sunday that the film has a love message and it propagates Vishnuvardhan’s ideals. He said the film talks about farmers’ issues and advocates death sentence for rapists besides going for a ban on item songs in films. He said the film also explains why he utters some cuss words such as Magandu or Yekkada and justifies uttering them.  

Venkat said his principles and ideals were working and are popular outside India. He said Huchcha Sene exists in UK, Paris and US. The Huchcha Sene celebrated its anniversary on Sunday.

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