he music audio of Ouja, a Kannada-Telugu bilingual film produced by Vega Entertainment was released by model-actor Raghu Mukherjee at a function in Bengaluru. He also released the trailer and the making of the movie. Namitha Rao and Vikram Suri released the songs of the movie.

The movie Ouja is directed by Rajkumar Reddy and produced by Vikram Raju. The film has music by Hari Nikesh and Ravi Kumar’s camera work. The film stars Bharath, Gayathri Iyer, Kadambari Jethwani and Madhuri Itagi among others. Shraddha Das makes a special appearance. Keerthi Gowda is the executive producer of the movie. Naveen Krishna has written the lyrics and the dialogues for the movie.

Director Reddy said the film Ouja deals with the game that is a communication medium to invite spirits. He said Ouja is the name of the game. Reddy who is debuting with this movie said the film has been shot in Bengaluru and Malaysia and it is about three girls who want to make a short film on the game.

Bharath said Ouja is his first movie in Kannada and he has played a role in 10th Class in Telugu. He said he plays a junior artiste in the film who was given a lot of freedom by the director to act.

Gayathri Iyer said the film is about three girls who enjoy themselves with a passion to make short films. Their passion to make a film on Ouja turns into horror for them.

Kadambari Jethwani who is a doctor by profession said she was at peace even though the film is a horror movie.

Naveen Krishna said the film is about the Chinese board game that believes that souls can be invited to answer questions. He said he has tried to make people laugh in the film although it is a serious movie.

Music composer Hari said there are five songs in the movie.

Vikram Suri congratulated Vega Entertainment for foraying into film production in Kannada cinema. He said Vega Entertainment has been handling Facebook pages and hoped that the film that the production team had made will be successful. Namitha Rao also wished the production house good luck.

Keerthi Gowda said the film will release on November 6 across Karnataka.

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