annada film One Time will release in about 50 to 75 theatres all over Karnataka on December 16. The film is being distributed by Muniraju. The film is directed by Raj and has 15 directors acting in the movie doing different roles. The film is produced by Kiran Vasudeva and it stars Tejas and Neha Saxena in lead roles. Abhimaan Roy has scored the music.

Senior director S K Bhagawan said he plays a doctor in the film whose role is important to the movie. He said he had donned the greasepaint in a long time for the movie and was happy with the conceptualization of the film. Director Victory Vasu who is another film-maker who has played a character commended the director for such a novel effort.

Tejas who is playing the lead said the film is for the youths with a message for the society. He said the hero has acted well as the movie has dirt bike racing. Narayanaswamy said he plays the heroine’s brother in a negative role.

Distributor Muniraju said the film is being distributed on a percentage basis in about 50 theatres.

Neha Saxena said she has enjoyed the journey of the film in its making. She said she was fortunate to have acted with legendary directors who have given good films in the past. She said the director should be congratulated for getting so many directors on board. 

Director Raj said One Time is a love story with a message not to forget your parents and at the same time never to give up on your love. He said the film was shot for 45 days in Bengaluru, Pune, Mysuru and other places. He said a lovers’ flag has been created for the first time in the movie.   

he audio of the film ‘One Time’ was released at a function in Bengaluru. The film is directed by Raj and produced by Kiran Vasudeva. The film stars Tejas and Neha Saxena in lead roles.

Director Raj said people get a one time opportunity in their lives and the film is about using the opportunity positively. The film is about not missing your goals when you fall in love and not to forget love until there is trust.  He said the film has six songs and 15 directors have acted in the movie in what could be described as a new attempt.

Producer Vasudeva said life throws up positive and negative points but he said people need to take positive things and go ahead in life just like this film has been produced. He said he is appealing to the audiences to see the film one time.

Neha Saxena said the producer helped her when she had met with an accident. She said people may fall in love again and again but it is one time love from parents that everybody gets.

Tejas who has worked in television serials said he is debuting on the big screen. He plays a bike racer in the movie who fights to achieve something for himself and even falls in love with a girl.

Lahari Velu was also present.

annada film ‘One Time’ is ready for release and is all set to launch its audio on October 24. The film is directed by Raj and has debutant Tejas and Neha Saxena in lead roles. The film is produced by Dioxe  Entertainment.

The film is expected to release in November or December. As many as 15 directors have acted in the movie in different capacities. S K Bhagwan, T S Nagabharana, P N Satya, Nagendra Prasad, Vijayalakshmi Singh, Pallakki Radhakrishna, Malavalli Saikrishna, Nagendra Urs, Victory Vasu, Gadda Viji, Naganath Joshi and Chandrakala are some of the directors who have acted in the movie. Late K S L Swamy has also acted and dubbed for himself in the movie which is also his last appearance as an actor on the silver screen.

The film has a thrilling bike race sequence. National-level bike racer K P Aravind has acted for the first time. The hero and heroine were selected after three rounds of auditions. Tejas plays the role of Nagabharana’s son in the movie who succeeds after going against his father. Two songs have been shot using computer graphics. Abhimaan Roy has scored the music.

he film ‘One Time’ has completed its 45-day shoot with as many as 15 directors donning the greasepaint together in a film in different capacities as actors.

The film is directed by debutant Raj and it stars newbie Tejas and Neha Saxena in lead roles. The film is produced by Dioxe Entertainment.

A few directors attended the press meet to share their experience of acting. Veteran director S K Bhagawan said acting in the movie One Time was a memorable experience especially with the youngsters. He said the enthusiasm and the interest that the young director showed in the shoot reminded him of his younger days.

K S L Swamy said he had been acting in movies for the last seven to eight years but many films did not get released. He wondered if it was his presence in them that prevented their release. Shooting for One Time did not seem like a shoot. He said he was supposed to give his take on love.

Nagendra Prasad said Raj was tensed as a director but had a pucca mindset and self-confidence. Vijayalakshmi Singh said she played a teacher’s role in the role. She said she had to mouth some strong dialogues apart from being seen in a song bit.

Pallakki Radhakrishna said it is uncommon for a young director to direct old directors. He said he will be seen in the film throughout.

Nagendra Urs said he wanted to prove that he can dance and so he chose to be in the item song. Tribhuvan master was confident that I could dance. Malavalli Saikrishna said it was an honour to be sharing the dais with senior directors. Sharan said he played the role of a doctor. Naganath Joshi said for the first time he will be seen in a negative role. Chandrakala said she plays a lawyer in the film who bats for women to protect themselves.

Producer Kiran said the director’s interest and story made them invest in the venture.

Director Raj said the film’s audio will be released next month.

Tejas said he was wondering if he had taken the right decision to join movies after quitting a job. The film One Time will be a motivational film for the youth with a thrilling bike race sequence being part of the film. He said he played the role of Nagabharana’s son in the film who goes against his father and succeeds.

Neha Saxena thanked the industry for supporting her after her recent accident. She also thanked all the directors for accepting the offer to act. Naveen said he played the role of a village guy in the film.    
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