ctopus, a sci-fi thriller made in Kannada and Tamil is getting ready for a release. The Kannada version will release on October 19 in Bengaluru and in other areas on October 20. The film is produced by D C Prasanna Kumar and directed by P Annaiah. The film stars Kishore,Yajna Shetty, Ashwini, Tara, Jaijagadish, Tilak, Trishul, Bullet Prakash, Sharath Lohitaswa and Ramesh Pandit among others.

Director Annaiah said the Tamil version of the film will be released in December after finishing a two-day shoot. The Tamil is yet untitled, he said. Octopus is a sci-fi thriller that is about a liquid medicine that could be used as an alternative to stent which is expensive for poor and middle-classes. The film is about whether the hero succeeds in beating the pharmaceutical mafia in bringing the new alternative drug.

Producer Prasanna Kumar said he ventured into film production with no commercial motive.

Bank Janardhan said his role in the film is funny and that of a head constable.

Vikram Suri said he plays a junior advocate in a comical role.

Yajna Shetty said she plays a psychology student in a film that has an unusual treatment without any particular pattern. She said Octopus is an interesting thriller subject and added that the chemistry between her and Kishore in Ulidavaru Kandante had spurred the director to cast them together for this movie.

Trishul said he plays an inspector in the movie who is present throughout the investigation.

Cinematographer Manohar Joshi praised director Annaiah for the accurate and precise planning that went into production and execution of the project which was possible due to producer’s support. He said it was a challenge to work with an animal especially a dog and added that he had tried different colour patterns as the movie is a different genre.

Kishore did not attend the press meet.

uneeth Rajkumar released the music album of the science fiction film Octopus at a function in Bengaluru on the festive evening of Varamahalakshmi Vrata.  The film is directed by P Annaiah based on a story written by himself. The film has music by Rishal Sai and it stars Kishore, Yajna Shetty, Tilak, Ashwini, Tara, Ravindranath and Bank Janardhan among others. Octopus, which is a bilingual made in Kannada and Tamil is produced by Prasanna Kumar D C.

Speaking on the occasion, Puneeth Rajkumar said director P Annaiah is like a brother to me as I have known him for a long time and is somebody who was there when my father was doing movies. He said Annaiah has worked in all capacities from being a clap boy to now directing a movie. Puneeth wished the team all success on the festive occasion of Varamahalakshmi Vrata.

Velu of Lahari Music who has bought the audio rights of the film Octopus said for the first time an audio launch function was happening on Varamahalakshmi festival day from Lahari.

Actor Tilak said the team was well looked after during the shoot. Yajna Shetty said Rishal Sai has composed good music for the movie. She said Kishore with whom she has acted in her second film is a brilliant actor and is comfortable to work with. It was also a pleasure working with Tilak.

Ashwini said although she did not have a song the songs have been composed well. She said she has learnt a lot acting in the film.

Cinematographer Manohar Joshi said a lot of hard work has gone into the film and added that the Kannada film industry needs such producers who can be easily referred to as second captain of the film.

Bank Janardhan said he has known Annaiah for the last 35 years and is seen as a cheerful person.

Kishore said it is not enough if the film makes money but it will be good if all eight avatars of Lakshmi bless the film. The film is meant to entertain but it also has a social concern that has woven into the story.

Producer Prasanna Kumar said he had provided for everything to the best of his ability and added that Octopus is his dream.

Director Annaiah said he wanted to make a small budget film but it turned out to be a big budget film. Octopus has four songs which are penned by K Kalyan. He said Octopus is a science fiction film.

Ravindranath, S A Govind Raj, Suresh Urs, Vikram Suri and Namitha Rao were also present.  

hen this water animal catches from its eight hands, it will only suck blood and leave the object. ‘Octopus’ is such a dangerous species. The hero of this film Kishore , a scientist is also caught from several corners and directions to stop his research work on finding the medicine from plants for cancer disease.

Director Annayya was in flow to explain the details of the film. He immediately checked and stopped further narration. The muhurut for this Kannada and Tamil film was held today. Two muhuruts were held at Sri Dharmagiri Manjunatha Swamy temple in Banashankeri. Noted producer K Manju, director Suni and others graced the muhurut.

DA Prasanna Kumar from business of Pharmaceutical equipment business is making debut as producer. He has been a long time friend of Annayya.

Kishore plays scientist with social cause in this film. He had seen some bottlenecks in the medicine industry. Ashwini of Prema Pallakki is in the role of assistant to Kishore in the film. Yagna Shetty is happy for a good film that is curious and anxious. She plays psychologist in this pharmaceutical mafia film.

Manohar Joshi of Bahuparak, Simple Agi Ond Love Story is quite happy for entering to Tamil film industry. Suresh Urs is back after one year to this film as editor.

Rishal Sai is scoring music for both languages. K Kalyan is writing lyrics in Kannada and Tamil. Rajendra Kumar Arya has worked on screenplay for story of Annayya for three months. He believes Kishore and Ashwini characters touch the heart immensely.

Tara, Tilak, Ravishanker (dubbing artist), Sharat Lohitashva and others are in the cast.

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