he audio of the film ‘Nuggekayi’ was released at a function in Bengaluru. The film is directed by Venugopal and produced by Preeth Hegde who has also written the story. The film stars Madhusudan, Ester Noronha, Nayana and Suchendra Prasad among others. Suresh B V N has scored the music and penned the lyrics. Maadesh Muthappa has written the dialogues.  

Director Venugopal said the film has completed a 35-day shooting schedule including a 25-day stint in Mangaluru and Goa. He said the producer was so passionate about the movie that the team did not feel it hard to finish the film. He said after editing and dubbing the producer felt happy about the product. He said the producer did not compromise on the quality. The director said Nuggekayi is his fifth film which has comedy, message and sentiment. He said the film focuses on how the youth get misguided through the social message and go astray.  

Ester Noronha said Nuggekayi is her second film in Kannada. She said the film’s title is catchy and that she has dubbed for herself for the first time. She expressed happiness over the result. She said the film is ready for release which showed how sound the producer was who never compromised. She said she had the opportunity to perform for a solo song rendered by Chitra.  

Madhusudan said he felt as if the shoot of the film got over in a jiffy. He said he was tensed that for four or five days but then he said he got selected through an audition and his role got extended to playing the main lead.  

Suchendra Prasad said he plays the heroine’s father played by Nayana who said she goes to the disco for reason best unexplained. Nayana said people should see the film to know why she went to the disco.  

Producer Preeth Hegde said the film has different kinds of dialogues. He said the film has a message for parents, brother and sister.  

Four songs of the movie and the trailer were also shown.

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