oorondu Nenapu is all set to release in the month of May. The film is produced by Suraj Desai and Manish Desai. The film is directed by Kumaresh. The film stars Chetan (of Aa Dinagalu fame), Meghana Raj, Rajavardhan and Sushmita Joshi among others. S K Rao is the cameraman. Gagan is the music director.

Director Kumaresh told reporters that the film is based on a Marathi novel by Suhas and a Marathi film was also released based on the novel’s subject. He said the film is based on an incident that happens in the 1980s against a college backdrop.    

Cameraman Rao said the film has been shot in locales of North Karnataka and South Bengaluru.

Rajavardhan said he plays Dayanand Shankar Patil who goes all out to sacrifice for the sake of friendship. Meghana Raj said she wanted to study medicine and enjoy her college life but now in reel life she has got a chance to play a medico.

Chetan said he liked the subject of the movie for three reasons. One, because the film is based on a novel and two, it is has a shade of the 1980s and three, it is college-based subject that brings back memories of college life. He said the film is a mixture of good and bad memories to the audiences and termed the film as a ‘solid bowl’ film.

Yash Shetty plays the villain in the movie.

pcoming Kannada film Noorondu Nenapu has completed its talkie portion of the shoot in Belagavi and Dharwad. The film is directed by newbie Kumaresh Kumar and produced by Suraj and Manish. The film is a comeback of sorts for Chetan who is donning the greasepaint after four years. The film also has Meghana Raj, Sushmita Joshi and Rajvardhan in key roles.

Producer Suraj Desai told journalists that the film is based on Marathi novel Duniya Dari that has also been made into a movie with the same name. He said he read the story, saw the original movie and got connected with it to remake it into Kannada.  He said Chetan liked the story and thus the film has inched closer to completion with two songs pending picturisation.

Manish said a music director is yet to be signed for the movie.

Director Kumaresh said Noorondu Nenapu is a subject that dates back to the 1980s era which was exciting and challenging to establish on the celluloid. He said the film is a college-based subject and is about Chetan’s character who joins college and experiences love besides other incidents.

Yash Shetty who hails from Udupi said he plays a tough character Sainath in his seventh film.

Cinematographer S K Rao said it is a travel based subject and it was a challenge for him to go back to the period.

Rajesh Nataranga said he got connected to the story because of the emotions that were in play. He urged the producers and directors to adapt Kannada novels that were available in abundance to make movies.

Archana Gopalaswamy who is playing the lead role in daily soap Mane Devru said she plays a soft role in a guest appearance in her first film so much so like her role in the teleserial. Sushmita Joshi one of the heroines of Run Antony said Kannada was a new language for her and was taught thoroughly on the sets.

Rajvardhan, son of senior actor Dingri Nagaraj said the film is all about memories of college life. He said he plays Dayanand Shankar Patil who rules the college and at the same time helps his friends.

Chetan said he had three reasons to accept the offer. He said the element of periodicity had created a sense of curiosity in him. He said the fact that the film is based on a novel and the film runs on the story of the novel created an interest in him. He said his role had a different range for performance. He said Meghana Raj has acted well and has brought her experience to the role. Sushmita mouthed her Kannada lines well despite not knowing the language. He said his character was closer to the novel than to the Marathi original film.

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