irector Nagendra Prasad who has rechristened himself as Srinag for his debut Kannada film that is also made in Telugu is a gripping psychological thriller that is worth watching. The movie is about what a couple encounter in their lives. Tejaswini who has come into her own with Goolihatti has come up with a captivating performance in this outing where she plays a psychic.

Nitya suffers from a disorder that is not known but it is a kind of hallucination that she undergoes due to her parents death and her upbringing in her uncle’s place. Her mannerisms make the audience sit up and take notice. Satya heads an ad agency and he finds Nitya’s behaviour strange. In fact, director Srinag goes back to a case in 2000 when a woman was diagnosed with such a disorder for the content of this movie.

It is only in the climax that the director spells out on what medical grounds that the female lead behaves the way she does. Manish Babu as Satya has done justice to his role and it is Tejaswini who walks away with all the acting honours.

Raghuram’s music is good and apt that goes with the narration. Kalyan Sami’s cinematography passes muster. Mitra and Kempe Gowda provide comic relief.  Devaraj’s entry in the second half is dramatic and the film takes a curious turn with him.

Nagendra Prasad had done a psychological film 'Key' with Telugu actor Jagapathi Babu and another film 'Saradanga Sayantram'.

Mallikarjun Reddy has produced this bilingual that is worth a watch.

ithya Jothe Sathya, a bilingual psychological thriller film made in Kannada and Telugu had its audio CD released by Karnataka Film Chamber President Sa Ra Govindu at a function in Bengaluru. The film is ready for release following the completion of post-production work for the movie. The movie is directed by Srinag (real name is Nagendra Prasad) and produced by Mallikarjuna Reddy. The film stars Manish Babu, Tejaswini Prakash, Devaraj, Kempe Gowda, Kuri Ranga, Mitra and Vishwa among others. Raghuram has composed the music and Kalyan Sami is the cinematographer.

Director Srinag said the output of the movie is fantastic and the movie is a romantic thriller. He thanked Devaraj for encouraging him during the shoot.

Producer Mallikarjuna Reddy said he enjoyed good support from the Kannada film industry and added he plans to make another movie in Kannada soon.

Kempe Gowda, Kuri Ranga, Vishwa and Mitra play the comedians in the movie. Kempe Gowda and Kuri Ranga said there were six comic scenes in the movie. Rachana Dashrath who is debuting said she was taught to get her punching lines perfectly.

Music composer Raghuram sang a few lines from the movie.

Manish Babu who is the playing the hero said he plays the boss of a company in the movie which has a lot of twists.

Tejaswini Prakash said she came to know of the film’s subject only after she began working on the movie continuously. She said Nithya Jothe Sathya is not a remake or a dubbed film. The movie was shot in Bengaluru and added that she learnt Telugu in trying to converse with the team. She said some scenes were reshot due to lighting. Tejaswini said her co-star who is a chocolate boy was like a sweet baby to work with.

Tejaswini said she had to come out of her stereotypical image that she carried which was playing sisterly and homely roles. She said for the first time she had done a romantic number. Tejaswini said she plays Nithya in the movie who is there throughout with variations in her character. She said she was also lucky to have worked with Devaraj for the first time.

ithya Jothe Sathya, a psychological romantic thriller began its shoot on Friday with Tejaswini and Manish in lead roles and supported by Devaraj. Nagendra Prasad who has made two Telugu films is directing this bilingual movie (Kannada and Telugu). Manish who has acted in three Telugu films plays Sathya, a stylish character in the movie.

Director Nagendra Prasad said the film will be a screenplay based one which will be picturised in two phases in locales of Bengaluru, Mysuru and Hyderabad with four songs. He said the film centres around the hero and heroine. He said apart from the hero and heroine Devaraj will also be seen both the versions (Kannada and Telugu).

Nagendra Prasad said he had woven a story after studying for three years on aspects of psychological disorder.

Tejaswini said the film is a heroine dominated movie and it is for the first time she is doing such an important role in the film. She said she plays a woman who is suffering from a psychological disorder but is not known to the audience. She said the film will appeal to the audiences.   

Kalyan Swamy is scoring the music and Raghuram will be the cinematographer of the movie. Mallikarjuna Reddy is the producer of the movie.

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