igooda Rahasya, a Kannada film based on Beechi’s detective novel will hit the theatres across Karnataka on December 25. The film is produced, directed and written by M D Kowshik who has also acted in the movie. The movie stars Charan Raj, Sunder Raj, Chaitra, Nayana Krishna, Randheer, Jyothi Kulkarni and Chetan among others.

Producer and director M D Kowshik told reporters that he had staged this Beechi’s story some 35 years back and had wanted to make a film some day. The novel he said had changed 15 hands before it reached him. He said about casting Charan Raj he said his association with the actor dated back to Odeda Haalu where he worked as a clap boy.

Kowshik said he thought of introducing a new heroine and has introduced Chaitra in the movie. Nigooda Rahasya was shot in a village near Mysuru and said he had retained 90 percent of the original story in the novel and adapted the remaining 10 percent to incorporate technical changes. He said there is a love story and a rowdy besides a village head who make up for the rest of the cast.

Sunder Raj said he was working with Charan Raj after a long gap. He said it was a pleasure and honour to be working in a film that is based on Beechi’s story.

Randheer said Nigooda Rahasya is his first film as a hero after acting in 20 films as a child artiste. Chaitra said she was initially scared to work with Charan Raj but the actor made her feel comfortable. She said she plays the actor’s loving daughter in the movie.

Nayana Krishna said she plays a village girl in the movie and added that she learnt a bit about the village life and how women dressed up. She said Nigooda Rahasya is a realistic cinema.

Jyothi Kulkarni said she was curious to work in movies but her parents objected. Now, she said her entry is rather unexpected and added that she had no training in acting. She said she plays the role of Sunder Raj’s wife in the movie.

Chetan said he liked the suspense story and he is playing the role of Bhimareddy.

Charan Raj who has lost 20 kilos recalled an incident with Kowshik that happened 30 years ago. He said Kowshik who was working as a clap boy in the movie Odeda Haalu had become so close to him. Charan Raj said he had promised to act in Kowshik’s film when the latter turned a director. Charan Raj said he waited for 30 years to work with Kowshik.

ctor, director and producer M D Kowshik has quietly started production work on his latest film Beechi Geechida Rahasya in Bengaluru on Monday.

The film is based on well-known Kannada litterateur Beechi’s work of the same name. The film marks the return of Charan Raj after a gap. The film also stars debutants Randhir and Chitra besides Sunder Raj, Dingri Nagaraj, Chetan Raj and Nayana Krishna among others. The movie also includes Padmanabha Reddy, Prakash, Raja Reddy and Muralidhar in a special role as a police officer. M D Kowshik will be making a special appearance in the film.

The film has Maruti Mirajkar’s music and Nagaraj Advani’s camerawork. Kowshik has written the screenplay and dialogues based on Beechi’s story and directing the film besides producing the movie.

haran Raj has returned to Kannada cinema after a gap. He has been signed up to play the role of a cop and a sincere father in M D Kowshik’s film Beechi Geechida Rahasya.

Charan Raj said he got a call from M D Kowshik some time back. He said he knew Kowshik whom he considers a close friend since the time Kowshik worked as an assistant director to Joe Simon. Charan Raj said he had worked with Kowshik in Odeda Haalu some years back.

Charan Raj who is now revving up to launch his son in Kannada cinema soon said he was happy with the role that Kowshik has offered him in Beechi Geechida Rahasya. He likened his role in Beechi Geechida Rahasya to the one he did in Thavarina Thottilu where he poisons his sister without his knowledge in a tearjerking role.

Charan Raj is known for his outstanding performances in films Pratighatana and Pratighaat, Gentleman and Kartavyam among others. His performance in Pratighatana won him the prestigious Nandi Award for the best villain from the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

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