annada film Neer Dose that got released last weekend is likely to gross at least Rs 5 crore to Rs 6 crore in the first week of its release, according to a conservative estimate propounded by the one of the film’s lead actor Jaggesh.

Jaggesh told reporters in the film’s maiden press meet that the actors are lucky that they build on the career because of the director and producer. He said the director puts in a lot of effort in making a movie along with the producer but it is the actors who take away a lot of credit for the film’s success. He said the directors and producers are the pillars of success of any film or the industry itself.

Jaggesh said going by the recent history of successes of Kannada films he said it has been proven that anyone could become a superstar if a different kind of script is made into a film. He said he was pained by the happenings since the last three years. But, all the elements of film – story and making and sectors – distributors and exhibitors came together to make Neer Dose a success.

The actor said he prayed to Raghavendra Swamiji in Mantralaya to help the director reach his destination and that had been fulfilled as the director has been swept by tsunami in terms of the response that the film is getting.

Jaggesh said whatever happens happens for the good including whatever the team faced in the past alluding to the controversy surrounding an actresses reluctance to shoot for the movie. He lauded Haripriya’s efforts and called her a performer. Jaggesh said Dattanna is a suitable replacement for Aswath in Kannada cinema and a replacement for many of them.

Haripriya said she will not like to typecast in such roles as she wants to do a variety of roles. She said audiences were comparing her performance in Neer Dose to her other films. She said Neer Dose and Ugramm are special and positive as she began work on both the films on her birthday. She said she is happy that she has been getting some different kind of roles including that of a naxal that she played in Ricky.

Director Vijayaprasad said it is too early to call the meet as a success meet but added that the film has been doing well at the box-office.

Producer Prasanna thanked the media for supporting the team and removing fear from his mind. Jaggesh’s dialogue delivery has penetrated into his system. He said Haripriya came on board after a lot of hesitation and had done well. Dattanna has supported the team and all the actors worked like one family, he said.

Music composer Anoop Seelin also spoke.

Dattanna said he was happy that audiences did not get embarrassed while watching the movie. He said Neer Dose is a good example of all things falling in love together – a good script, good media reviews and good collections. He said audiences have laughed and enjoyed the movie at the same time.

Cinematographer Jnana Murthy (Sugnan) said he had urged director to shelve the project and go ahead with another one but the director was adamant about the completion of Neer Dose. He urged Vijayaprasad to make at least one film a year henceforth.

Distributor Mallikarjun said there was no preparation made for the release. But, he said a boy who pasted posters told him that the film will be a hit.

Hulivan Gangadharaiah said his role had earned the right kind of respect thanks to the director.

Veena Sunder who has dubbed for Haripriya said she was reluctant to do it but also appreciated Haripriya’s effort. She said dubbing artistes put in a lot of effort and give their lives to the characters portrayed by different performers even though they aren’t acting in the movie. She said it is easy for an artiste to dub for one’s own performance but it is difficult to do it for someone else. 

eer Dose got a A certificate from the censors on Monday and the film will now release on September 2 all over Karnataka. The film stars Jaggesh, Haripriya, Suman Ranganath and Dattatreya. The film is written and directed by Vijaya Prasad.

The film has taken almost four years to hit the screen as it was dogged by controversies that pertained to casting and other production issues. Actress Ramya backed out of the project following her election to Lok Sabha as a member of Parliament from Mandya constituency. After much haggling and delays, she was replaced by Haripriya.

Neer Dose is produced by Srinivas and Shashikala. Anoop Seelin has scored the music and Sugnan (Jnana Murthy) is the cinematographer.

hivarajkumar and Neenasam Satish released the audio of the much delayed film Neer Dose at a multiplex on Thursday evening. The film was in the centre of controversy during its making involving a well-known actress who backed out of the project after participating in the shoot for a few days. Neer Dose is directed by Vijayaprasad and produced by S Prasanna and Shashikala Balaji while Narayan is its executive producer. The film stars Jaggesh, Dattanna, Suman Ranganath and Haripriya in key roles. Anoop Seelin has scored the music and Jnanamurthy (Sugnan) is the cameraman.

Director Vijayaprasad who spoke at the end said the film had taught him good lessons which will remain unforgettable in his life. He said the film is about building lives and demystifying the formula of film-making.

Earlier, Shivarajkumar said he had attended the film’s muhurta and had wondered why it had taken so long to complete it. He said people should take good and bad things with equal ease and measure. He praised Haripriya for acting so boldly in the movie as he said that it was just a role and not at all vulgar. Shivanna said a swimmer is seen in his or her costume and Haripriya’s role as that of a call girl should be seen that way. He said Dattanna was shocking and Jaggesh was his usual self with his dialogues. Suman Ranganath is cute, he said promising the team that he would watch the film on the first day of release.

Neenasam Satish said he was sorry that he had suggested to the director to drop Neer Dose as it was never getting completed due to some problem or the other. He said he wanted to work with the director who wouldn’t say yes until Neer Dose was completed.

Jaggesh praised the persistence of director Vijayaprasad in completing the film. He said many a time he wanted to escape from the project but seeing director’s adamant stand to complete the film reined him in. Jaggesh urged the producer to release the film as early as possible.

Haripriya said she was thrilled and nervous and at the same time found her role in the film challenging. She said she was hesitant to take up the role initially when it was offered to her. She said she discussed it with her mother, her friends and well-wishers before saying yes who told her to take it as a challenge. 

She said she then started preparing for the role. Haripriya learnt smoking although she advocated people to quit the habit and had to put on weight to look at her luscious best on screen. She said her hairstyle and look was changed as she also eating a lot of food.  Haripriya said producer arranged for a trainer to help her with belly dancing.

Haripriya said it was fun working with Jaggesh, Suman Ranganath and Dattanna. She said her role is that of a carefree girl Kumuda who smokes and drinks at will. She said she was a newcomer to the sets of the film but her journey was good throughout.

Suman Ranganath said she never got to work with Shivanna which was disappointing. She thanked all of them in the team.

Music composer Anoop Seelin said it was an emotional journey for him as he fought with his lyricist and director but then they had come together so far. He said his composition Hogi baa belake is his best as he took the alapane rights from Gangubhai Hanagal’s daughter.

Producer Prasanna thanked everyone.

inally it is ‘Andalamma’ of Vijayaprasad ‘Sidlingu’ for one of the powerful roles in ‘Neer Dosai’ – Ramya was also part of ‘Neer Dosai’ like Suman Ranganath. Now both are in the team again.

On Bhavana turning down the offer on remuneration aspect the offer went o Suman Ranganath. The top actress of yesteryears now graduated in different roles agreed because she had worked in the earlier film of the same director.

Suman Ranganath played Andalamma role in the film ‘Sidlingu’ a seductive teacher for actor Yogish in that film. In this film she has a very strong role says Vijayaprasad.

Neer Dosai by producer is Sudheendra and V Babu in BP Enterprises. Suresh Urs is editor of this film.

‘Neera Dosa’ 40 to 60 days shoot in Bangalore and for songs the unit moves to Sakleshpur and Kuduremukh surroundings says director Vijayaprasad. He returns with another hilarious and interesting subject after nine months of ‘Sidlingu’.

ne of the four main characters in ‘Neer Dosai’ of director Vijayaprasad – three times state award winning actress Bhavana has expressed her in ability to be part of this film on account of her Bharatanatyam assignments.

Actress Bhavana the recent state award winning actress for ‘Bhageerathi’ was in close fight with Ramya for ‘Sanju Weds Geetha’ in the state award but finally it went to Bhavana. Both were supposed to be in the cast of ‘Neer Dosai’.

With Bhavana  saying no to ‘Neer Dosai’ the speculations are high for her reason to quit from the team. Director Vijayaprasad is unmoved with such developments. He is selecting the right alternative for Bhavana role on Saturday.

Meanwhile the shooting scheduled for Saturday at Krishna Rao Park got deferred. Sandalwood queen Ramya is taking part in the shooting for ‘Neer Dosai’ from Monday. Ramya portion begins at Varadachar Memorial Hall behind Nataraja talkies in Seshadripuram.

he hyped film ‘Neer Dosai’ starring Jaggesh as mortuary van driver and sandalwood queen Ramya as dancer in a club plus Dattanna as a PWD retired employee has completed four days of shooting.

On Friday the film unit Vijendra Prasad, cameraman Sugnan actors Jaggesh, Dattanna and Kamal participated at a shoot in famous Sankey Tank situated near 18th cross Malleswaram. A lot of philosophical discussions plus back shots were stored in the camera.

Jaggesh and Dattanna meeting at the park for jogging, eating Paani Poori, chit chatting and cutting jokes with Kamal another actor were captured for the film. It moves to Sri Krishna Rao park on Saturday.

Although Jaggesh is Mortuary van driver in this film he looked very posh in his costumes. Already three days of shoot was held at Madhu House.

andalwood queen Ramya has made an exit from ‘Neer Dosai’ in the direction of ‘Sidlingu’ director Vijayaprasad. Ramya after taking long time knowing her role of a prostitute in the film ‘Neer Dosai’ has given final good bye to the film. This was most unexpected thing for director Vijayaprasad.

Why Ramya has opted out of the film ‘Neer Dosai’? Is it because of the role what Abhinayasharade Dr Jayanthi had done in ‘Runa Mukthalu’? Is this role going to damage her reputation in the political journey of the actress? Ramya is extremely busy in Kodi Ramakrishna bilingual film with Diganth as hero? Ramya is on the way to marriage? Is it because she is with opposite political hero Jaggesh?

Several questions crop up with Ramya not in ‘Neer Dosai’. Director Vijayaprasad has prepared the script with lot of care and affection.

Without Ramya in ‘Neer Dosai’ it has become ‘Plain Dosai’. Of course Jaggesh is the main trump card to tickle the funny bones.

Ramya had differences of opinion in ‘Chandra’ and made an exit even before launch. Now it is ‘Neer Dosai’ she is out before the start.

Century star Shivarajakumar, Smt Geetha Shivarajakumar, Dhuniya Vijay graced the muhurut. ‘Neer Dosa’. Very spicy and healthy food was served to the guests on the Vijayadashami festival day at the temple premises by producers BS Sudheendra and V Babu of BP enterprises.  Suresh Urs is editor of this film.

It is 40 to 60 days shoot in Bangalore and for songs the unit moves to Sakleshpur and Kuduremukh surroundings says director Vijayaprasad.

‘Namdhu Khenda Joragidhe, Yaaru Ene Sambrani Hakudru tondre Agalla’ – this is not the dialogue of ‘Neer Dosai’ the first combination of Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh and Sandalwood Queen Ramya starring film.

The above statement explains the tantrums created for this combination did not work out. Ramya and Jaggesh have many combination scenes and they have a song clarified director Vijayaprasad in a telephonic chat.

Jaggesh is BCC employee, Ramya is an employee in a club, Dattanna is former Public Works department employee, there is one more female character (not yet selected) who is degree drop out – there are only four characters. Four songs are composed by Anoop Seelin. It will be in forty to sixty days shooting will be held in Bangalore, Sakleshpur, Kuduremukh and other green belt areas.

‘Neer Dosai’ has strong reference in the film. It has an identity firstly and secondly I want to play a small mischief in the title says director Vijayaprasad. According to the title ‘Neer Dosai’ on the muhurut day at Ganesha-Manjunatha-Chamundeswari temple near Seetha Circle in Bangalore, the guests were supplied ‘Neera Dosai’ the mouth watering Dakshin Kannada menu.

On Vijayadashami Day – last day of Dasara festival the film ‘Neer Dosai’ went on the floors. The film ‘Neer Dosai’ was clapped by hat trick hero Shivarajakumar. Smt Geetha Shivarajakumar was also present on this occasion. Dhuniya Vijay was also one of the chief guests on this occasion.

A film by producers V Babu and BS Sudheendra has Jnanamurthy cinematography. This is a ‘Sarala Sundara cinema’ according to Jaggesh. He is having a different hairstyle. He is not going in for a wig. The hairstyle of his will be adjusted with the existing style. He plays a corporation employee. The pattern of this film is similar to ‘Mata and Eddelu Manjunatha’. HG Dattatreya is playing an important role.

The actual shooting for the film starts in January 2013 says director of the film Vijayaprasad of ‘Sidlingu’ fame. After nine months of ‘Sidlingu’ Vijayaprasad is taking up a film. A lot of remake films came for him. He is strictly against to remake films.

omething wonderful, something not expected and something definitely going to make sensation in the box office.

What is it? It is ‘Neer Dosai’ – very famous food of Dakshin Kannada. This 'Neer Dosai' is 'Thinnakalla' but 'Nodakke'! Jaggesh and Ramya are teamed for the first time. Jaggesh is three decades and 140 films popular face on Kannada screen and he is known as BJP politician plus producer and director with high reputation.

Screen charmer in the last one decade not leaving the No.1 position to anyone from Abhi to Kodi Ramakrishna film actress Ramya belongs to Congress-I given consent to the script of ‘Sidlingu’ director Vijaya Prasad and she is quite happy to work with Jaggesh senior actor.

Both Jaggesh and Ramya are terrific performers and have great screen presence. Vijayendra Prasad giving a moderate film in his debut ‘Sidlingu’ with Yogesh and Ramya has made another brilliant script it is learnt.

Actress Ramya finishing her project with famous director Kodi Ramakrishna with Diganth as hero is taking up this ‘Neer Dosai’.

Anoop Seelin who scored music for director Vijaya Prasad ‘Sidlingu’ is continuing his journey in ‘Neer Dosai’.

Watch for more on ‘Neer Dosai’ in this column. Right now you can have a bite of Neer Dosai! It is available in many of the hotels in Bangalore.

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