ann Love Track is about friendship and pure love. Director Kathir has tried to balance the two effectively and he has succeeded to a large extent. Kathir who has given big hits like Kadhal Desham and Kadhalar Dinam had used roads for picturisation. In Nann Love Track, most of the scenes have been shot on M G Road, Brigade Road and sometimes even inside a bar. Playgrounds and stadium are also used now and then. Most of the scenes have been shot in crowded areas excepting the songs. The songs are completely in sync with the narrative.

Director Kathir has focused on the value of friendship effectively. The film gathers pace in the second half. He has effectively shown how friendship is much superior to love. How do the strong bonds of friendship win love forms the crux of the story in the film.

The story is about two thick friends who share their dreams, sorrows and joys together. How does one guy help the other guy fulfil and realize his dreams and ambitions is what the film is all about.

Rakshith and Vasistha are childhood friends. The latter is a good sportsperson. He wishes to take home the national championship in athletics after being a state champion. Ram falls in love with his sister. Both the friends get into a tussle. Vasistha supports his friend with respect to love. Vasistha dies in an accident. Now, Rakshith doesn’t have a friend and he is a bad guy in the eyes of his lover. What happens after this is worth watching and full of suspense.

Rakshith, who is a household name for playing the role of Vijay in the daily soap Amruthavarshini, has acted well. He still needs to work on his fights and dance but Rakshith shows promise. Vasistha has acted well too and has a good voice. Heroine Nidhi Kushalappa passes muster. Achyuth and Sudha Belawadi have lent adequate support. 

Music by Shyam, Praveen and Prasanna have given good music. Chakravarthy’s camera work is pleasing to the eye. 

Overall, a good family entertainer!   

Television star Rakshith revs up for debut in films
elevision star Rakshith Gowda who became a household name playing the role of Vijay in popular Kannada daily soap Amruthavarshini is now ready to make his big screen debut with NannLove Track. The film will release on February 19 in about 60 to 70 theatres all over Karnataka and the movie is being distributed by Jayanna Combines. 

The film is directed by Kathir who made Tamil films like Idayam, Kadal Desam and Kadalar Dinam that were commercial successes of their time. Kathir is returning to film direction 13 years after he made Kadhal Virus. 

Rakshith  Gowda said Nann Love Track is a story about friendship and not a romantic film or a love story. He said director decided to make this film that talks about friendship that moves forward with the help of the lead pair’s romance. 

Rakshith said Kathir wanted him to be as real and natural as possible. The director he said made him to eat, sleep and not physically work out much so that the actor could look like an youth who has no ambition which was surprising because Rakshith said directors usually want heroes to get into shape and flaunt their bodies. 

The television star said Shyam, Prasanna and Praveen’s music has been received well by music lovers.

Nann Love  Track is produced by Krishnamurthy and Naveen Sharma. The film has Pramod Chakravarthy’s camera work and the film has been shot in the western ghats as well in a 90-day schedule. Manju Mandavya has written the dialogues. 

The film stars Nidhi Kushalappa in the female lead, Vasista, Siddhesh,  Anand, Manoj Chopra (guest role), Achyuth Kumar and Sudha Belawadi among others.

‘Amrutha Varshini’ fame Rakshit’s debut movie ‘NAN LOVE TRACK’ audio released in a crowded ceremony yesterday (Dec. 1) at Chamundeshwari Studio.

‘KADHAL DESAM’ fame Katheer is debuting Kannanda Film Industry with this movie. He is a director who has given many hit love story cinemas in Tamil, and in his every new movie he has introduced Abbas, Prabhudev like talents to Tamil film industry.

Answering to a question from the anchor, Katheer said that, ‘I’m not feeling like a new comer to Kannada film industry as most of my films shot in Bengaluru only. The producers K.V.Krishnamurthy and S.K.Naveen Sharma approached me through my friend Mr. Reddy. As I always launched new comers in my movies, without second thought I agreed to direct the Kannada movie.’

‘Rakshith has got very good talent and no doubt he’ll soon become a star’ he certified.

Rakshith, hero of the movie admitted Ravi Garani as his god father and ‘Amrutha Varshini’ Serial as school of acting.

Manoj kumar Sharma, the 14th world strongest person performed some awesome tasks along with his son on this occasion.

Producers K.V. Krishnamurthy, S.K.Naveen Sharma, Music directors Shyam, Prasanna, Praveen, Lyricists Kaviraj, Mamatha G. Sagar, Actor Vinay Rajkumar, Director Shashank, Nidhi Kushalappa heroine of the movie, ‘Krishna Rukmini’ fame Sunil, Lahari Velu and many other film faculties witnessed the ceremony.

‘Olave olave’ song was projected at this time which had DI in world’s most sought Prism Pixels laboratory. The camera work of Omar chakravarthi seemed fabulous in the song shooting.
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he popular Tamil films director Kathir of Idayam, Uzhavan, Kadhal Desam, Kadhalar Dinam, Kadal Virus makes foray in to Sandalwood from ‘Nal Love Track’ with popular television actor of ‘Amrutha Varshini’ Rakku alias Rakshit in the lead role with Nidhi also making debut.

Retired ACP Krishnamurthy is producing this film for his son Rakshit with Naveen as joint producer. Omar is cameraman. In the last year we heard Sunil alias Krishna son of a former cop Nagappa turning hero from ‘Madarangi’.

Director of six films Kathir in his first Kannada film says he needs support. Rakku is a potential actor. Some of my films did well in Karnataka remember Kathir. He is shooting in Bangalore for major portions. It is a love cum romantic. I have plans to come before October says

Gold Medalist from Prasad Institute of Film Academy Omar is handling the camera. Actor Rakku is very confident and he is expecting a national standard in the making. Doing a good film let us talk says Rakku.  Nidhi a masters graduate in communication is making her debut. 

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