aanavanalla Avalu, the Kannada film that won Sanchari Vijay the national award for best actor is gradually picking up at the box-office.

According to director B S Lingadevaru, the collections of the movie during the first week was okay and in the second week it has been normal. But, he told journalists that multiplexes were not offering screens to exhibit the movie. He said there was no response from the managers of the multiplexes.

 “We are unable to reach out to them. Even if we have to meet them at their offices in multiplexes, we have to buy a ticket unnecessarily to get inside and even if you are not going to watch any movie. The government is also unable to help us,” he said.

Lingadevaru said minister Umashree has expressed her eagerness to watch the film and has sought a special screening for her ministerial colleagues.

Meanwhile, Lingadevaru presented the facts and figures pertaining to the collections of the movie from the daily collection report.

Sanchari Vijay said he had been visiting the theatres and had found enthusiastic response from the audiences. He said he saw a physically challenged person in a single screen theatre and a couple of people from Kasaragod and Mangaluru watching the movie in a multiplex. He said people told him that they had seen the trailer and had come to watch the movie.

Executive producer of the movie said the film had generated profit for the producer. He said NGOs and advocates association have expressed support for the movie.

feeling of a transgender put in a circle of hard reality of society.
Madesha a guy who doesn't feel that he has XY chromosome in him... Instead always feels he is the XX chromosome type. The Y chromosome which is responsible for the male characters is always missing in our protagonist maadesha. Blame this on nature or he has no friends apart from a carrying elder sister.

Madesha spends his adolescence by getting teased by fellow mates from school days to college life. Govindu acts as his only saving grace, he too abandons maadesha after getting to know his behaviours and advances of a transgender.
Left with only father's scoldings and beatings with mother and sister's helplessness maadesha decides to step out of the village to live the life of what he (rather she) decides.

How madesha becomes Preeethi and then finally to vidhya forms the rest of the story.

The man ....oppss the woman who runs away with all the accolades is Sanchari Vijay with his 200% dedicated performance as a transgender. He just makes you feel that he really is one among those many poor shoulders who either beg or her into prostitution to earn their living.

Other characters equally support and add depth to the film.
Director Iingadevru has really woven a wonder with the pullinga na or Sthreelinga na confusion. The cinematographer has equally pulled the cart of success along director linga devru.

The sounding off NAANU AVANALLA AVALU has this beautifully crafted art to the next level. Thanks to some fabulous work by musician Anoop sileen and lyricist arasu anthare, who also debuts as a singer in NAANU AVANALLA AVALU.

Overall a pure cinema which has shown the truth of impurities in the world of transgenders.

After premiering the film, the team also bought smiley - the living brave transgender ,. We should by now call her as a woman with all due respect , in front of the media. On whom NAANU AVANALLA AVALU is completely based on.

Smiley shared her hardships in front of an emotionally moved audience.
She is going out of her way to bring most of the transgenders to live a normal life of a human being through her awareness and plays.
Also another brave woman - savithri who has played a poona based naani in the film spoke strongly about how the state government is closing its eyes and ears to their sorrow cries.

We urge all of you to just see NAANU AVANALLA AVALU from the 25th of this month just to respect transgenders as normal human beings.
Director: lingdevru
Producer: Ravi R Garani
Hero : sanchaari Vijay
- The reason for that is two national awards , 
Best actor in a lead role
Best make up artist.


aanu Avanalla Avalu, the film that won national awards for best actor and make-up is now readying for a release in about 25 to 30 theatres across Karnataka on September 25. The film is directed by B S Lingadevaru and produced by Ravi R Garani.

Director Lingadevaru told journalists that for the first time a film on transgenders has been made in Kannada. Sanchari Vijay has won the national award for the best actor for Kannada after 27 years and it is for the first time makeup man had won the national award in Kannada.

He said it was a challenge to build a team. Ashok Raman has independently handled the camera and Anoop Seelin had scored authentic music for the first time. Lingadevaru said Naanu Avanalla Avalu is a musical film and Arasu Anthare has penned the lyrics. He thanked Sumitra who is a transgender for helping the team and Vijay for showing the nuances and the behaviour of the transgenders to the last detail.

Music composer Anoop Seelin said he employed a trial and error method to get the music right for the manner in which transgenders clap their hands. He said the music for this movie is by far his best.

Producer Ravi R Garani said he was wondering if this movie would reach out but he wanted to make good cinema under his banner. From making family oriented serials he said he wondered if he could make such an offbeat subject. “As a director myself I was scared to see the film initially. I was engrossed in the film when I saw it when I would have loved to see the reaction of others watching the movie,” he said.

Sumitra said transgenders are also one among all in the society and the film will turn the spotlight on the difficulties faced by them in society.

Savitha, who played Sanchari Vijay’s sister in the film also spoke. Sanchari Vijay said he would have been struggling if he hadn’t been offered this role.

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