annada film Naani has completed 50 days in 13 centres all over Karnataka at the box-office. The film is produced by Ramesh Kumar and directed by debutant Sumanth (Raghavendra) K Gollahalli. The film stars Jaijagadish, Suhasini Manirathnam, Baby Suhasini, Priyanka Rao and Manish among others.

The team of Naani celebrated the completion of 50 days by giving away trophies to its cast and crew at a simple function in Bengaluru on Tuesday evening. Guru Maharishi of Dodda Tirupati, producer B N Gangadhar, Zilla Panchayat president of K R Puram Venkatesh, Raghunath Reddy of Bhagini Group and producer of Ganga Kaveri were present as guests of the evening.

Director Sumanth Gollahalli recalled the journey of the film’s producer Ramesh Kumar Jain as a producer. He said the producer reposed his trust in the director’s abilities even though the director didn’t work as an associate or an assistant with any other director before becoming a director himself. He said the team researched the story that happened in Gujarat on which the film Naani is based and added there were a lot of struggles and troubles that the team faced during the making.

The director said the film released in 160 centres and it ran for three weeks in Lido theatre, Mysuru with women folks appreciating the film and cried as they came out of the theatre. He said he is indebted to the producer for giving him an opportunity to direct his first film.  

Producer Ramesh Kumar Jain said the film enjoyed good publicity thanks to media and the film’s publicist Nagendra. He said he will keep doing good films and announced plans to produce a bilingual film that will provide for entertainment to the audiences and at the same time attract families to the theatres. He said the Telugu version of Naani which is titled Shivagami is also running well at the box-office.

Photographers K N Nagesh Kumar, R Manohar and Mokeshendra were also presented shields by the team.

aani has completed 25 days of successful run at the box-office and is all set to add a few more theatres in the coming days, according to its director Sumanth (Raghavendra) K Gollahalli. The film is produced by Ramesh Kumar Jain and it stars Jaijagadish, Suhasini, Baby Suhasini, Priyanka Rao and Manish among others.

The director said the film has grossed Rs 3 crore at the box-office. He said the Telugu version of the movie Shivagami will release on July 29. The Tamil version will be ready soon and the Hindi dubbing rights had been sold. He said talks are on to dub the film in Malayalam as well.

Director Gollahalli said the producer is safe financially and is in the profit. He expressed confidence that the Telugu and Tamil versions will be received well by the audiences. The dubbed version in Hindi will be telecast nationally on a television channel after a few months, he said.
annada horror film Naani is running successfully at the box-office ever since its release last weekend. Producer Ramesh Kumar Jain expressed the confidence that the film will complete 50 days buoyed by the increasing number of women and families flocking the theatres to watch the movie.

Producer Jain said the Telugu version of the film Shivagami will be released on July 8 after it is censored in Bengaluru on Tuesday.
Director Sumanth K Gollahalli said the film Naani enjoyed good publicity during its making and the audiences have liked the second half as it is emotional. Audiences are coming out of the theatres with tears in their eyes, he said. The director said the performances of Jaijagadish, Suhasini and Kishori Ballal have won appreciation from the audiences.

Manish said he was waiting for this kind of opening. He said media support for the film helped the film reach out to the audiences and thus family crowds are surging to watch the movie.

Cameraman Gundlupet Suresh also spoke.

Journalist Yathiraj who has also acted in the movie said he liked the making of the movie and Baby Suhasini’s performance has brought tears to everyone’s eyes. He said the film is just not a horror film but it is also an emotional family drama. He thanked his media colleagues for mentioning his name in the reviews and for appreciating his performance in the same role.

ebutant director Raghavendra aka Sumanth K Gollahalli has chosen a real incident that happened in Gujarat for his first film and has succeeded in engaging audiences’ attention.

The film starts with newlywedded Samarth and Mantra checking into their newly bought bungalow. Samarth has an emotional connect with the house as it is their ancestral property that was not in their possession due to reasons. A few disturbing incidents rattles the family. Mantra gets possessed by a soul’s spirit and creates troubles for others. When it becomes difficult for the family the couple approaches a mantravadi. When the mantravadi tries to drive the soul from Mantra’s body the scenes that follow are quite scary.

A childless couple played by Jaijagadish and Suhasini lived in the same house before Samarth buys the house. Jaijagadish is an industrialist and is unable to stomach the fact that he is responsible for his wife’s infertility and will be an outcast in society. He convinces his wife to go for a test tube baby. He is in a dilemma that society will not accept his child. He does not shower his love to the child for 11 years. One day the parents of the kid leave the child at home never to return. The child dies and becomes an atma who is waiting for her parents.

Director Sumanth has managed to give this story a horror touch effectively. In the first half the horror elements are at play and it is an emotional journey in the second half.

Priyanka Rao excels in her performance and gives life to a ghost. Baby Suhasini as Naani the test tube baby can make you cry with her emotional performance. Suhasini is adequate and so is Jaijagadish. Manish could improve.

Director Sumanth has created space for four songs in the movie scored by Thyagaraja. Gurukiran’s background music is superb. Gundlupet Suresh’s camera work is good.

aani will release all over Karnataka on July 1 through Jayanna Combines who will be distributing the film. The film is directed by Sumanth K Gollahalli (earlier Raghavendra) and produced by Ramesh Kumar Jain. The film stars Jaijagadish, Suhasini, Manish and Priyanka Rao among others.

Sumanth K Gollahalli told reporters that the story of the film is the hero. He said Naani is based on a real incident that happened in Gujarat about 18 years back. The director said Gurukiran’s background music will be a plus point as it is also likely to dampen your eyes and bring tears.

He said the team went to Gujarat and cleaned up the haunted house which was in a dilapidated condition. The house was filled with snakes and bats. He said he consulted Naani’s teachers Jamuna Bai and Yamuna Bai to know about Naani’s movements. The director said he kept the little girl Naani’s photo and prayed to her during the shoot. Gollahalli said with the blessings of Naani they were able to complete the shoot without any trouble. He also expressed happiness that the film has been sold out in a few other languages.

Priyanka Rao said Gurukiran’s background score is good. She said people have likened Naani to Arundhati and Nagavalli but she said Naani is an original film and that there were no shades of these films in Naani.

Music composer Thyagaraj said Naani’s music has hit the chartbusters and is in the top six of Udaya Music. He said Gurukiran has scored the background music beautifully.

Producer Ramesh Kumar Jain said it was his fifth film as a producer and that he has given a chance to newcomers.

Manish also spoke on the occasion.

annada horror film ‘Naani’ based on a true story that happened in Gujarat in 1997 will now hit the screens all over Karnataka on July 1. The film will see a release in 60 theatres and is directed by debutant Raghavendra K Gollahalli who has now rechristened himself as Sumanth K Gollahalli. The film is produced by Ramesh Kumar Jain. The film stars Jaijagadish, Suhasini, Baby Suhasini, Manish and Priyanka Rao among others. Thyagaraja has scored the music and Gundlupet Suresh is the cameraman. The Telugu version of the film will follow the Kannada version and will release in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The dates for the release of the Tamil and Hindi version is yet to be finalized. 

Director Sumanth has cast Suhasini and Jaijagadish together for the fifth time. It is said that the censor board members who watched the movie were spooked so much that they stopped the film and asked for a lower volume in sound before the film was certified. Manish and Priyanka Rao are expected to get a break with this film, according to film’s director. Baby Suhasini may get another state award as she stunned senior actors like Suhasini and Jaijagadish with her performance, the director goes on to add. 

Producer Ramesh Kumar Jain has said that he wanted to make a low-budget film but ended up making a fairly big budget film. Baby Suhasini has played a ghost for the first time. 

annada horror film ‘Naani’ based on a true story that happened in Gujarat in 1997 will hit the screens all over Karnataka on June 24. The film is directed by debutant Raghavendra K Gollahalli who has now rechristened himself as Sumanth K Gollahalli. The film is produced by Ramesh Kumar Jain. The film stars Jaijagadish, Suhasini, Baby Suhasini, Manish and Priyanka Rao among others. Thyagaraja has scored the music and Gundlupet Suresh is the cameraman.

Director Sumanth told reporters that the movie had exceeded his expectations. He thanked producer Ramesh Kumar Jain for not only funding the film but also for supporting him technically and in research. Suhasini and Jaijagadish have acted well. He said the censor board members who watched the movie were spooked so much that they stopped the film and asked for a lower volume in sound before the film was certified.

He said Manish will get a good break with this film and added that Priyanka Rao had acted excellently. Sumanth said Baby Suhasini may get another state award as she stunned senior actors like Suhasini and Jaijagadish with her performance.

Jaijagadish who is in her 40th year as an actor praised the producer for investing hugely on the film and the director for crafting a good film. He was eager to see the film. He said it was his fifth film with Suhasini and all of them have been successful.

Producer Ramesh Kumar Jain said he never imagined that the film would touch this scale of investment. He said he wanted to make a low-budget film and added that he is keen to make more films in the future. He said the film had given him a lot of experience. He also said the director Sumanth will get a good break for taking the team along and finishing it smoothly. He said Priyanka Rao did not herself know if could pull it off. He said Manish had acted well and Suresh’s camera work was extraordinary. Baby Suhasini has given the film a real feel.

Baby Suhasini said Naani was her third film and for the first time she had acted as a ghost. She said Jaijagadish looked like a villain but was friendly and encouraging on the sets. Suhasini also encouraged her to do well. She thanked the director for the role.

Manish said experiences cannot be explained or recounted. He said the film will appeal to all categories of audiences and hoped that it will give him a break. He said he had already signed another film that is based on a real story. He said he shared a good chemistry with Priyanka on screen.

Priyanka Rao said Naani was her third film and her first horror film. She thanked the director for believing in her as she was scared about accepting the role initially. She said her mother told her to accept the offer as her first two films were glamourous roles. Priyanka Rao said she was lucky to have worked in the same film as Suhasini and Jaijagadish although they didn’t share screen space. She said she loved the Karunakara song not just because she was in it but because it has reached many people.

Cinematographer Gundlupet Suresh said he took this film subject as a challenge to show his talent.

Yathiraj said a wave has been created about the film and there is some curiosity among the audiences to watch Naani.

aani,  a horror thriller sci-fi film will release on June 24 in 150 theatres through Jayanna Combines. The dubbed Telugu version of the film which is yet untitled will release in 200 theatres across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana on June 25. The Telugu version is being released by producer Rama Satyanarayana. The Hindi version of the film which will be dubbed for the satellite television has been acquired by Rajesh. The dubbed Tamil version of the movie is expected to release later.

Naani is produced by Ramesh Kumar Jain and directed by debutant Raghavendra Gollahalli. The film stars Manish, Priyanka Rao, Jaijagadish, Suhasini and Baby Suhasini among others.

The film is based on a real life incident that happened in Gujarat in 1997. An old bungalow with 22 rooms that was lying unused for 17 years was opened for the cinema shoot. A 13-year-old test tube baby had died of burns in 1997 but the soul of the kid lived in the bungalow for a long time. The bungalow had become a house for snakes and bats.

Priyanka Rao and Manish play the couple who try to fish out information regarding the child and the child is played by Baby Suhasini.

Gundlupet Suresh is the cameraman, Thyagaraj has scored the music and Gurukiran has scored the background music. 

he music audio CD of the film Naani, a horror film based on a true incident was released on Friday evening at the Chamundeshwari Studio, Bengaluru. All the important office-bearers of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce were present at the music launch function of the film.

Director Raghavendra said Suhasini accepted to do the film after she read the script that was mailed to her. He said the film’s story is so strong that it will make people cry. He said the team went to Gujarat where the movie was shot. A house with 32 rooms that was locked for 17 years was opened and there were a lot of thrilling moments during the making of the film.

He said Baby Suhasini had acted so well that there was a lot of involvement in whatever she did. He said producer Ramesh Jain was like a father figure to him and his relationship with him was like father and son.

Producer Ramesh Kumar Jain said a friend from Gujarat came up with this subject that evoked interest and curiosity in him to make the film. He said he visited the place and he became excited about making the story into a film. Jain said he wanted to give chance to a newcomer to direct the movie.

Music composer Thyagaraja said everyone had to work to realize the director’s dreams. He thanked the producer for giving him a good platform.

Kishori Ballal also spoke highly about the script and her role that likens her to Mother Teresa in the movie.

Velu of Lahari Audio who has acquired the audio rights of the film predicted that the film would do well and become a success.

Jaijagadish said he was happy to have acted with Suhasini and with a honest director who has it in him to become a good film-maker.

Manish said Naani has played an important part in his life as he had accepted three acting assignments after this movie. He said working in Naani was like being in a library.

Music composer Gurukiran who was here as a guest said he thought the presentation in Naani was good and that he was confident about the movie’s success.

Priyanka Rao said she cried after seeing the posters and wondered how she carried off her role. She said her role was challenging.

he song picturisation for the climax in the film Naani was being picturised on the outskirts of Bengaluru on Tuesday.

A huge idol of Lord Shiva which is about 30 feet to 40 feet in height along with 50-100 artistes dressed as aghooris participated in the shoot. Incidentally, Jaijagadish and Suhasini who are part of the song were conspicuous by their absence. Choreographer Tribhuvan and Ramesh Pandit were dressed up as aghooris in the shoot.

Director Raghavendra told journalists that the film Naani had completed 38 days of shoot and three days of shoot were remaining. He said the unit was spending Rs 25 lakh on the song including a sum of Rs 8 lakh on the Shiva idol. The director said the film crew will use the idol for the movie’s publicity without disclosing details about how it would be done.

Art director Gajendran who has worked in films like Maghadheera, Saarathi and Belli has erected the set for close to two months.

Manish and Priyanka Rao play the newly wedded couple in the movie. Both were present at the shoot. Priyanka Rao said she was initially scared about her role but said she had taken it up as a challenge.

aani, a film that is being made based on a real-life incident in Gujarat has completed 80 percent of its shoot. The climax Shiva Thandava song that is remaining to be shot will have about 300 to 400 aghoris participating in it. 

A 40 feet idol of Lord Shiva is also being erected for the purpose. A celebrity is also being roped in for the song shoot. The name of the celebrity will be disclosed on the day of shoot.

Meanwhile, it’s now becoming a routine affair for film production units to mention about the peculiar incidents that they faced during the making of the movie.

Talking to journalists on Friday evening, producer Ramesh Kumar said the film crew faced peculiar situations during the shoot which may or may not be linked to the story of the film.

He said after the shooting for the film Naani began one of his close relatives passed away. An unexpected incident occurred while shooting in Chikkamagaluru in which hero Manish got injured.

Ramesh Kumar said though the team had been facing some strange incidents the movie would get completed.

Naani has completed its portion of shoots in Chikkamagaluru and Gujarat with two days of filming remaining in Gujarat, he said.

Director Raghavendra Gollahalli admitted that he saw Naani’s shadow in the mirror adding that a lot of hype has been generated about the movie and its story thanks to the media publicity. He said 11 days of shoot at an old bungalow in Chikkamagaluru was beset with a lot of peculiar incidents including the accident of heroine Priyanka Rao’s car which left its driver hurt. However, Priyanka escaped unhurt.

He said Suhasini, Baby Suhasini and Jaijagadish had done well in their roles with Priyanka Rao also participating in a 5,000 lamp-lit sequence.

Raghavendra said the movie will have heart rending scenes especially the one involving the child’s funeral service.

Priyanka Rao thanked the cameraman Gundlupet Suresh for showing her glamourously in two songs that involved a lot of hard work.

Television anchor turned hero Manish Arya said he played the role of an engineer in the movie and the picturisation of the song in Butter Milk Falls in Chikkamagaluru is extraordinary.

Baby Suhasini, who is essaying the role of Naani, said she initially felt scared after putting on the make-up of a ghost but got adjusted to it later.

Cinematographer Gundlupet Suresh said the song picturisation in Butter Milk Falls near Chikkamagaluru had come out wonderfully.

Yathiraj said he played the role of a supportive friend to the hero. Choreographer Tribhuvan also spoke.      
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‘Naani’ is a story based on the incident of a test tube baby who was born and brought up in Gujarat around 1997. Though the story is based on a haunted soul, it does not consist of any kind of revenge, bloodshed or dark elements. The story revolves around the family sentiments of two generations’ director Raghavendra Gollhalli said.

Addressing the media, ‘in the movie Suhasini and Jai Jagadish paired as first generation couples and Manish Arya (Male Protagonist) and Priyanka (Female Protagonist) paired as the second generation couple’ he said.

‘After an untoward incident, which haunts Manish and Priyanka, they try to resolve the unanswered questions. In this endeavour whether they are able to get solution for those unanswered questions or not is the interesting subject of the movie’ he added.

‘After ‘BANDHANA’ the super duper hit of 1980’s, Suhasini Maniratnam and Jai Jagadish pair is acting together as couple in ‘Naani’. Baby Suhasini, winner of state award is playing the character of their daughter, ‘Naani’. The whole script mainly revolves around these characters only’ he told.

Rameshkumar Jain is producing the movie. B.A.Madhusudan has penned the dialogues. Gundlupete Suresh is working behind the camera. ‘Aramane’ fame Bala is going to edit the movie.
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t the Abhiman Studio it was a lighting of not just one lamp to begin the shoot of ‘Naani’ but 5000 lamps. The ‘Aavahane’ of Naani on the heroine Priyanka Rao via song surrounded by lamps was shot in style. It was a ‘Brahmi’ muhuruth shot. The team of ‘Naani’ has proud pair – Suhasini Manirathnam and Jai Jagadish – pair of ‘Bandhana’ Kannada cinema.

Raghavendra Gollahalli is shooting another song on 4000 feet height of Kaginale. A celebrity dancer will be performing this ‘Thandava Nruthya’. A portion of shoot will be held at the 32 rooms palace in Gujarat. The episode of ‘Naani’ is captured with some facelift to the mansion. Raghavendra Gollahalli has also found a pre independence period palace in Chickmagalur that has not been captured so far.

Ramesh Pandit is ‘Mantravadi’ who was in Aghori costume. He comes from Himalaya in the film. Gundulpet Suresh says he has responsibilities for this film more compared to other films.

Monish finds it a different film. The changeover of belief in him was the song shot at Abhiman studio. He is a civil engineer in the film.

Priyanka Rao looking traditional says it is an awesome role and sympathetic character for her. Kalpana from television serial to cinema plays maidservant in the film. It is interesting according to her. Producer Ramesh Jain is feeling very happy for a good subject on ‘Test Tube Baby’ coming to silver screen.

ased on 1997 incident happened in Gujarat state Nausari that too in a bungalow with 22 rooms is the concept of this ‘Naani’. Untouched building since 17 years was opened up with this team of producer Ramesh Kumar Jain and debutant director Raghavendra Hollal.

The test tube baby aged 13 died of burns in 1997 but the ‘Athma’ of this kid has something special. The child also lived in the bungalow for long time. The huge bungalow now is a house for snakes and bats. The team visited this bungalow to get more information.

A famous couple role is in the flash back that represent the living couple of the child in United Kingdom. Priyanka Rao and Manish play couple who dig into the life of the child. The child role is played by state award winning Baby Suhasini. Baby Suhasini is confident of delivering her portions that is very crucial for the film.

Gundulpet Suresh in camera, Thyagaraj in music are part of this film. Maharshi Guruji is doing ‘Prathyangiri Homa.  He heads the Bharatiya Sampradaya Trust.

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