ebel Star Ambarish released the audio CD of the upcoming Kannada film ‘Naane Next CM’ at a function in Bengaluru on Tuesday evening. The film is directed by Mussanje Mahesh and produced by Naga Kumar of Premier Studios, Mysuru. The film stars Ragini Dwivedi in the lead and Arjun Janya has scored the music. J J Krishna is the cameraman and C Ravichandran is the editor.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambarish said Premier Studio was like a birthplace for him and recalled the time when Puttanna Kanagal auditioned him and selected him for his first film. He said if Basavarajaiah was alive he wouldn’t have allowed his son to produce films. He said he became an actor because he didn’t study. Ambarish praised Arjun Janya’s music and said that his female fan following was increasing.

Director Mahesh said if one sees the trailer a fair idea of the story can be deciphered. The film is about what happens when a common man becomes a CM and how a person can become chief minister without any qualification. The film talks about the direction that a chief minister should take his people and know the basic needs of the common man. The director said the film has a message that tells people not to depend on the government and how people can lead normal lives without depending on the government. Mahesh said he has worked with music composer Arjun Janya for the first time who has given good music.

The director said Sai Audio will be distributing two lakh CDs of the movie’s audio freely as part of the film’s publicity.

Music composer Arjun Janya said the film has five songs with the introduction song being different.

Producer Naga Kumar said in his 30-year old friendship with Ambarish the actor had co-operated and given suggestions for the studio’s upkeep. He said the film is about how a common man should stand up for himself without depending on the government. The film is not meant to hurt politicians but it is meant to create a new thought among the public, the producer said.

Ragini Dwivedi said she hasn’t had the opportunity to work with Ambarish but the senior actor had come for her film’s audio release which makes her happy and proud. She said director Mahesh had put in a lot of hard work while the producer did not complain about the film’s budget. She urged the producer to make at least two films a year if not four. She said Janya had composed music for most of her films and added that she liked three songs in the movie including the introduction song. 

he trailer of ‘Naane Next CM’ was released at a function in Bengaluru. The film is produced by Naga Kumar, son of Basavarajaiah who founded the Premier Studios in Mysuru. The film is produced under the banner of Premier Studio, Mysuru. The film is directed by Mussanje Mahesh. It stars Ragini Dwivedi in the lead role. Arjun Janya has scored the music and J J Krishna is the cinematographer. Ravichandran is the editor. A S Balu is the movie’s line producer.

Producer Naga Kumar said he liked the story as it is an aspiration film that talks about the problems faced by lower middle-class and the middle-class. He said over 750 films were produced in his studio and added that he plans to produce four films in 2017. He said the film got delayed due to various reasons including Ragini’s injury and the set work that was erected. 

Director Mussanje Mahesh said they were not trying to project Ragini as the next CM. But, the film is about how a lower or a middle-class person will do if he or she becomes the chief minister. He said it is possible for every individual to realize his or her dream to become the CM. He said the film tries to examine the idea why not have a woman chief minister.

The director said the film’s budget had exceeded the earlier plan because of the producer’s insistence to have everything authentic and in place. He said Arjun Janya has composed music well and so has Krishna brought his dreams on to the celluloid as a cameraman. He said Shailendra Babu is distributing the film who helped in the film’s production.

Shailendra Babu said the producer was excited to do the film as an youngster would do and wished him good luck to produce more films.

Cameraman Krishna said the producer did not impose any restriction on the use of cameras. He said he had the freedom to use four cameras at the same time and there was no tension working with the director with whom it was the first time. The cameraman also said Ragini is spirited in doing the action scenes herself.

Ragini said the film was a unique journey and an experience. She said she never thought she would do solo heroine films and find acceptance. She said doing a commercial film was easy and convenient for an actress but doing a solo performance is a new experience every time as it is like starting from scratch.

She said she is a huge fan of the director and was eager to work with him. She said when Mahesh came to her she thought the director would be doing a love story but ended up narrating this story. She said Mahesh’s research is fantastic and thorough. She said there was a lot of detailing before the film mounted the sets.

On her role in the film, Ragini said she is not playing a politician and has no connection whatsoever with any person. She said she represents a common person and how a common man faces problems.

agini Dwivedi has recorded her first song for the movie Naane Next CM which is helmed by Mussanje Mahesh. She has sung for the movie and for the first time in her career. The song is a booze song much like Olage Seridare Gundu or Khali Bottle songs that are popular.

Ragini says she is not even a bathroom singer but decided to give it a shot because of Arjun Janya who would help her render the song. However, she says she loves listening to music. 

Mussanje Mahesh says picturisation of the song for which Ragini sang has been completed. He says shoot for another song will start during the Navaratri in Chikkamagaluru. The song is heroine’s introduction song and with the completion of this song’s picturisation, he said, Naane Next CM will be complete and ready for release in a month or two.

Meanwhile, Ragini is taking part in Dasara festivities for two days before proceeding to the song shoot. She is also on cloud nine with her team Bellary Tuskers that she co-owns winning the KPL tournament. She also says the team’s victory has given her immense happiness.

The Bellary Tuskers team met on Wednesday night and celebrated its success. Trophies were given away to all the players and the players partied hard.

‘Naane Next CM’ is the name of the film that mounted the sets on Thursday in Mysuru. The film stars Ragini Dwivedi in the lead role and is all set to become first woman CM of the state in the movie. The film is directed by Mussanje Mahesh and produced by Naga Kumar of Premier Studios, Mysuru. A S Balu is co-producing the movie.

Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy chairman S V Rajendra Singh Babu sounded the clapboard.

Director Mahesh told journalists that the film has nothing to do with politics. The film is neither a political drama nor a political satire. It deals with basic needs of a common man who thinks what he or she (in this case a woman) can do if one becomes a chief minister.

The film has an imaginative plot which sets the person thinking about what he or she can achieve if he becomes the CM.  Mahesh said it’s a dream for every normal middle-class household to get the basic needs from the government. He said why not create an awareness about the thought that a woman will rule the state.

Ragini Dwivedi plays the main lead who is a middle-class girl who aspires to become CM.

Mahesh said the film will be shot in Bengaluru and Mysuru. The film will have five songs set to music by Arjun Janya. Naga Kumar of Premier Studios, Mysuru has forayed into production with this movie. J G Krishna is handling the camera.

Ragini expressed her eagerness to enter politics but said it will be after more than five years. She said she did not have enough time to enter politics.

Ragini said she plays a lay person who is a timid village girl but transforms to become a girl of the modern era. She said the film has no action scenes but one that could relate to all people. 

The film stars Devaraj, Padmavasanthi, Srinivasa Murthy, Sharath Lohitaswa, Rangayana Raghu, Ramesh Bhat, Suchendra Prasad and Kuri Pratap among others.

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