annada horror film ‘Mummy…save me’ has taken a good initial since its release last weekend. The film is produced by K Ravi Kumar and directed by newbie Lohith. The film stars Priyanka Upendra, Baby Yuvina, Vatsala Mohan, K S Sridhar and Madhusudan among others. H C Venu is the cameraman and C Ravichandran is the editor.

Producer Ravi Kumar told reporters on Tuesday evening that the film had exceeded his expectations in terms of box-office collections in the first four days of its release. He said the collections were extraordinary with people saying that the film makes for a good viewing experience.

Cinematographer Venu thanked the producer for introducing a new and young director. Sound engineer Radhakrishna said the light and sound effects were impactful and added that he had worked for the film as if it was his film and not Lohith’s film.

Music composer Ajneesh Lokanath said hard work had paid off. He said composing the background music took three-and-a-half months and had become grueling. He said it was a big task to sit alone and do the background music. 

Sridhar said all the members of the family looked alike and added that it was a perfect casting by the director. He said the characterization was also apt including his own. He said the set was wonderful and it looked like a real house. He said the right mood was created and a standard was set for the music.

Director Lohith thanked the media for the positive reviews. He said he was tensed ahead of the film’s release and now the audiences have started recommending this movie for others to see. He said collections are good and the number of shows have also increased gradually.

Rohini Nagesh, a theatre artiste also spoke.

Priyanka Upendra thanked the director for choosing her for the role and appreciated Venu’s camera work in the movie.

Sandeep said the director had seen the film while shooting and was particular about casting the right people. He said the director had fixed the technicians he would be working with before starting the film.  

annada horror film Mummy…save me released on December 2 all over Karnataka. The film is produced by Ravi Kumar and directed by Lohith. The film stars Priyanka Upendra, Baby Yuvina, Vatsala Mohan, Aishwarya Sindhogi, Sridhar and Madhusudan among others. 

Priyanka Upendra termed the movie as a special one as she loves watching movies made in the horror genre. Priyanka says it is her first appearance in a horror movie and expressed willingness to work with a new director as she was impressed with the motion poster that he had conceptualized and the determination with which he wanted to make the film. She said she followed the director and delivered what he wanted from her. 

Priyanka has a word of praise for cameraman Venu who she says takes the film to a different level. She is appreciative of producer Ravi Kumar’s commitment and involvement in making the film as it was evidently visible on the screen.

Baby Yuvina said she was helped by director and Priyanka in delivering her lines. She said she learnt Kannada in two days as the unit boys used to converse with her in the language. The child artiste also said she would dub in the language.

Producer Ravi Kumar says Mummy is a heroine oriented film and expressed his confidence in the director and the technical stuff that the movie is made of. Aishwarya plays Priyanka’s sister and Vatsala the mother of both Priyanka and Aishwarya. He says the set erected for the movie also plays an important character. He says music composer Ajneesh Lokanath has scored a different pattern of music.

Director Lohith says Mummy is a horror film from start to finish. He says Priyanka fitted the role as he says nobody could have pulled it off better than her because he wanted the woman to play a mother and a pregnant woman.  

annada horror thriller ‘Mummy…save me’ will release all over Karnataka on December 2. The film is produced by K Ravi Kumar and directed by 22-year-old Lohith. The film stars Priyanka Upendra, Baby Yuvina, Aishwarya Sindhogi, Vatsala Mohan, K S Sridhar and Goli Soda Madhusudan. H C Venu is the cinematographer and Ravichandran is the editor.

The film team believes that Mummy will not only scare the audiences but the movie will also be liked by all. A special villa set in French style was erected in Bengaluru for the shoot where majority of the shoot was held. Director Lohith believes that the film will be a visual treat for the audiences with Venu showing his prowess as a cameraman using the light and shadow play to perfection.

The film has essentially just four characters and the others are not small length roles. The house also plays an important character in the movie. Ajneesh Lokanath has scored the music which is also one of the highlights of the movie.

egislator and actress Tara launched the trailer of Mummy at a function held in a multiplex on Thursday evening. The film is directed by 22-year-old debutant Lohith H and produced by K Ravi Kumar. The film stars Priyanka Upendra and Baby Yuvina among others. H C Venu is the cameraman and Ravichandran is the editor.

Tara said she felt bad that the film was not titled Amma. She said her husband Venu who has worked as the cinematographer in the film had told her that the young director was one of the best directors that the cinematographer had worked with. She said Upendra gave her husband the first break as a cameraman and so Upendra is like a mother-in-law to her since he is mother to Venu.

Producer Ravi Kumar said Mummy is a fame of a different genre. A villa in French style was created in Bengaluru for the shoot. He expressed the confidence that the film will be a new visual experience for the audiences.

Music composer Ajaneesh Lokanath said the director’s expectations out of music were high and his tastes were also new. He said he has used western instruments to get a different sound effect.

K S Sridhar who has acted in the movie said parents love to scare their children for the thrill of it and the children want it again and again. He said Mummy has those eerie elements of anklets making the noise and the sound of footsteps besides a woman clad in a white sari. He said if the baby gets scared more and more people were likely to come and watch the movie. Sridhar said the house in the movie also plays an important character. The light and shadow play by Venu is also commendable.

Madhusudan said the director had drawn the best from his artistes. Sandeep said he is sporting a new look and added that the director is one eye of the movie while the cameraman is the other eye.

Baby Yuvika said people on the sets helped her deliver her lines in Kannada and taught her the language. She said she used to say he couldn’t do something to which people came and helped her. She said she cried when sand entered her ears during the shoot but people on the sets helped her a lot.

Director Lohith said Mummy which is in the horror genre will be a visual treat for the audiences.

Priyanka Upendra said she found the script interesting as she was a lover of horror genre of films. She said she has watched a number of horror films and is a big fan of them. She said Mummy is a special film for her as she has acted in a horror film for the first time. Priyanka also praised the director as one of the best 10 directors that she has worked with. She said Yuvika is the heroine of the movie and added that Yuvika’s spontaneity and energy were inspirational for her especially as most of the film was shot in the night.

Priyanka thanked her husband Upendra for looking after their kids as she had her night shoots. She said it was difficult to balance family and films but added that she was continuing because of the love that people have been giving her.

Upendra said Priyanka is mummy for all but she is wifey for him. She said Priyanka likes to scare people and she also gets scared. He said the Kannada film industry is going the devva way with the blessings of the Gods given the success of many horror films in the recent past. He said Venu has been evolving as a better cameraman with every film.

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