annada film ‘Mandya to Mumbai’, which is a remake of Tamil hit Renigunta will release in more than 100 theatres all over Karnataka on Dec. 30. The film is produced by S Jyothirlingam with Prakash being its executive producer. The film is directed by Rajashekar and Joseph D.  The film stars Rakesh Adiga, Amrutha Rao, Sanjana, Layendra Kokila, Naveen Krishna, Tilak Shekar, Petrol Prasanna, Thippatti Ganesh, Chandan Vijay and Chirag Raj among others. Darshan Kanaka is the cameraman and Dhananjay Ranjan has penned the lyrics and dialogues for the film.

Executive Producer Prakash said the film has been tweaked to suit nativity. Charan Raj has scored the music for five songs in his debut movie with the song sung by Sudeep Deola deola becoming a hit. Sudeep has also lent his voice for the trailer. Producer Jyothirlingam said the film has a big star cast. Power Pushparaj is the stunt director.

Director Rajashekar said the film’s background music will be a treat for the audiences. He said the film was delayed for various reasons including the technicalities. He said the film is not just a mass film but is also a love story with family sentiment and friendship forming the theme of the film. He said the film has stunts that were done without dupes. He said the story is the film’s hero and it is an out-and-out entertainer. He said he took over the reins of direction from Joseph after 60 percent of the film was shot.

Sanjana said she felt fresh going for the film’s shoot every day as it was a pleasure to work with newcomers. She said the film is dedicated to all the film patrons. She said she plays the role of a elder sister to the heroine played by Amrutha Rao which is quite important to the film as it takes the story forward. She said the film’s heroine had defamed her in a section of the press but added that she didn’t want to raise a ruckus as the heroine is a newcomer. She said newcomers should be more sincere towards their work and not resort to gimmicks.

Rakesh Adiga said he plays one of the five heroes who is an innocent guy. He said his character undergoes a change with an incident. His role is devoid of heroism and was impressed with the test shoot that spurred him to accept the offer.

Layendra Kokila also spoke on the occasion.   

annada film Mandya To Mumbai has got a U/A certificate from the censors and is ready for release. The film is a remake of Telugu hit Renigunta and is directed by Rajashekar after taking over the reins from Wardhik Joseph who had finished 60 percent of the film before quitting. 

The film stars Amrutha, Sanjjanaa, Rakesh Adiga, Petrol Prasanna, Achyuth, Naveen Krishna and Layendra among others. Madhuri has appeared in a special dance number that has been sung by Sudeep. Sudeep has also given his voiceover in the introduction scene.

Jyothirlingam and Prakash have produced the movie.

Director Rajashekar who has also acted in a small role in the movie said people got hurt while doing stunts in the climax scenes as they did not use dupes. He said even without bothering their well-being stunt artistes continued to work because of their commitment to finish the film.

He said the film has been shot in Mandya, Mysuru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Tumakuru.

Sanjjanaa said the team had put in a lot of hard work and hence she said she was there for the team in all the promotional activities despite the fact all are newcomers. She said she plays the sister of the heroine in the movie.

Rakesh Adiga said he plays an innocent village guy who gets into bad company of friends and goes astray. He said the film is about what happens later.

Charan Raj has scored the music.

ichcha Sudeep released the music album of the film Mandya to Mumbai at a function in Bengaluru on Monday evening. The actor has himself sung a song Deola Deola without taking any remuneration for rendering it.

Speaking at the function before being felicitated by the team, Sudeep said he had sung the song simply because he wanted to encourage newcomers as he remembered the days when he made his debut. He said the industry needed newcomers to take it forward while likening the industry to that of flowing water.

Earlier, addressing journalists, debutant director Vaardhik Joseph who is son of drummer Deva said Mandya to Mumbai is a remake of Tamil film Renigunta. He said the Tamil original was natural and thought that the film would be technically fresh to take it to the Kannada audiences even after six years. He said comedy scenes had been incorporated and songs were freshly done to suit local tastes.

Joseph said he had employed two cameramen Darshan Kannaka and Vishwesh Shiva Prasad with two cameras during the filming to capture different angles for every scene.

Director Joseph said the film has six songs for which Charan Raj has composed the tunes. Charan Raj himself said being a music arranger for so many years he chose Sudeep to render a song for the film so that the team could get a dramatic voice.

Director Joseph has been shot in Mandya, Mysuru, Tumakuru, Chitradurga and Bengaluru.

Rakesh Adiga who is playing the lead said he is playing an innocent village guy who gets spoilt due to bad company. Debutante Amruta said she was doubtful when she was offered the lead role of a village girl but was happy to accept it.

Sanjana said she liked the fresh approach to the story and the team’s enthusiasm to make a technically good film. She said she gained further confidence after she had finished dubbing and was looking forward to the release of the film.

Madhuri said it was fun to be part of the song sung by Sudeep and to dance to it. The film stars Shekar, Chirag and Chetan in roles of boys.

Mandya to Mumbai is produced by Jothi Lingam.

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