adhura Swapna, a triangular love story will release on February 19 in about 100 theatres all over Karnataka. The film is being distributed by Toogudeepa Productions. The film is produced by Sanjeev Kumar and co-produced by Srinivasa Murthy and Ramesh. The movie is directed by Raviratnam Karmala and has Ravi Kalyan’s music. The film stars Arjun Kapikad, Keerthana and Mahalakshmi in lead roles.

Producer Sanjeev Kumar said the movie will release in Movieland theatre, Bengaluru and is a wholesome entertainer. 

Director Raviratnam Karmala said Madhura Swapna is a beautiful and a delightful dream for the hero and the heroine. Keerthana plays a girl who sacrifices her love for her parents while for Mahalakshmi it is a one-sided love story. Karmala said Arjun had acted well and danced despite having a back ache. He said Madhura Swapna is a good entertainer with a good story and sentiment. 

Arjun Kapikad said his role in the movie gave him an opportunity to showcase all his skills and talents. He said his role has romance, action and sentiment in right measure. He said he plays a guy who is studying in Pune and comes to Bengaluru where he falls in love with a girl. He faces constraints in his life and this film is unique for it shows the sacrifice of children for their parents. He said he was excited and looking forward to his first Kannada release after doing five Tulu films. 

Keerthana said she plays a college-going girl who falls in love with a guy but she is someone who values and respects her parents’ advice. 

Mahalakshmi said her role is exciting with a comical twist.    

adhura Swapna will release in about 85 to 100 theatres across Karnataka in the second or third week of February. This was indicated by Mallikarjun of Toogudeepa Productions which is distributing the movie.

Mallikarjun told reporters that they had taken up the distribution rights at the behest of Darshan who wanted to encourage a new producer. He said the release of the film Madhura Swapna will go according to a plan.

Producer Sanjeev Kumar said Madhura Swapna is a family entertainer and a love story. He said the film has got a ‘U’ certificate from the censors.

Director Raviratnama Karmala said the regular format in the movie had been given the go-by and added that the movie has all the ingredients to become a good entertainer. He said the movie has songs, fights and quality had never been compromised. He said songs had a lot of variety. The film is about how parents and children care about one another. Karmala praised Arjun Kappikad and Keerthana’s performance in the movie.

Keerthana Podhuval hoped to get a good break from Madhura Swapna which was her second Kannada film. She said she plays a college-going girl from a traditional family.

Arjun said he plays the villain and creates trouble for the lovers in the movie. Jyoti said she plays the heroine’s mother in the film while Vijayalakshmi said she plays the villain and added that everyone was surprised to hear that she was the villain.

Kempe Gowda said Madhura Swapna is a family drama and appealed to the audiences to watch the movie at least once and encourage newcomers.

Earlier, senior politician K B Muni Venkata Reddy launched the film’s promo and said Madhura Swapna should join the ranks of good films. He said he could see a lot of excitement among the youths and greenery which Karnataka is blessed with.

Three songs of the movie were also shown.

he music album of the film Madhura Swapna was released in Bengaluru on Monday. The film stars Arjun Kapikad, Keerthana Podhuval and Mahalakshmi among others. The film is produced by Sanjeev Kumar and directed by Raviratnam.

Speaking to journalists, Raviratnam said Madhura Swapna is a family drama based on a real life incident that happened some years back and a film for the youths wherein the children sacrifice for their parents. He said the film is almost complete with DI work in progress.

Arjun Kapikad said all the songs have been picturised according to situations and that he liked the mass song. He said his role in the film is that of a sacrificing son.

Keerthana said she plays a traditional college-going girl who listens to her parents and that liked the folk song while Mahalakshmi added that she liked the birthday song. Kempe Gowda said he is playing a major comical role with the hero while urging audiences to encourage newcomers.

Music director Ravikalyan said he had tried his best to compose good music. Mohan of Anand Audio released the music album of the film.

‘In recent past movies lovers duo used to sacrifice their love for the interest of their parents. But, in ‘Madhura Swapna’ the parents itself sacrifice their interest to make success their children’s love’ says Ravi Ratnam, the director of the movie.

Addressing the media, Ravi Ratnam said, ‘The movie revolves round love and parents sentiment. The movie is almost completed and it is all set to released in between Feb-March’ he said.

‘Music composed by Ravikalyan has come out extraordinarily. The famous lyricist ‘Premakavi’ K.Kalyan has penned lyrics and also co-operated in music composition’ he added.

H.M.Sanjeevkumar who is a land developer is producing the movie. ‘The songs are very melodious and the movie too has really come out very well’ he appreciated.

Ravi kapikad, who is playing protagonist role in the movie said, ‘the working atmosphere with the team was very good. The whole team’s comfortable level too was very high. Earlier to this movie, I had worked in four tulu movies’ he said.

‘This is my second movie in kannada. I’m playing a traditional girl role in the movie. The working atmosphere with the team was very much enjoyed’ Keerthana, one of the heroine of the movie told.

Mahalakshmi and others were present in the press meet.
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From Tulu Nadu to Kannada cinema
rjun Kapikad, son of veteran Tulu theatre person Devdas Kapikad is now making his debut in Kannada cinema with Madhura Swapna.

The tall guy from Mangaluru is confident that the Kannada film Madhura Swapna will do him a world of good and get him more opportunities as he says his role in the film has all elements that the audiences could expect.

Arjun Kapikad has played the lead role in Tulu film Rang that ran for 100 days in Mangaluru. Yet another Tulu film of his Chalipolilu has completed 70 days of successful run at the box-office in Mangaluru.

“I am doing an untitled Tulu film and I intend to do at least one Tulu film a year. Besides, I have signed a Tulu film titled Chandikori that will begin shot in May,” he said.

Arjun Kapikad, who has completed his MBA from S D M College in Mangaluru, feels that he found a visible difference in working styles between Tulu cinema and Kannada cinema. “The basic difference is language and I am new to this Bengaluru slang. I am trying to pick it up to be able to accept more Kannada films. Mangalureans watch each and every minute details when they see a Tulu film and I am yet to see it works in Kannada,” he said.

Arjun Kapikad’s father Devdas Kapikad runs the drama troupe Chaaparka and has the distinction of working in 49 Tulu plays and staging more than 18,000 shows all over the world. Devdas Kapikad has worked in a few Kannada films that include Venkata in Sankata and Toofan among others.

Arjun Kapikad has recently opened his own restaurant and has christened it Kapikads. “While I dream of running this hotel business on my own and starting our chain of restaurants, my passion is to act in front of the camera and showcase my talent,” he signs off.

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