usic composers numbering about 30 of them and lyricists came together to address some of the ‘misgivings’ that have come to the fore regarding the issue of no objection certificate (NOC) by producers to audio companies before a CD becomes available commercially.

The music directors associations will submit a letter to the producers association on Monday.

Lyricists Nagendra Prasad, Kaviraj, Yogaraj Bhat and music composers of the likes of Gurukiran, Arjun Janya, Harikrishna, Anoop Seelin, Sridhar, Bobby, Raghu Dixit, L N Sastry, V Manohar and Veer Samarth among others were present.

Nagendra Prasad told journalists on Sunday that for the first time music directors have come together to form an association. He said producers are being misguided by audio companies as they have been complaining the music composers about the issue of NOC.

He said according to Copyright Act 2012 music directors, singers and lyricists have to be paid a royalty for the songs that are composed. He said audio companies are forcibly getting signatures from music composers and producers which was illegal. He said the tribe had not troubled the film producers in any way.

Yogaraj Bhat said he didn’t know about the remuneration for the lyrics that he wrote. He said some producers had paid him while some didn’t. He said music is a cultural activity and writing lyrics is a philosophical activity. “A music composer is poor in front of the keyboard. We have learnt from legends like Purandara Dasa who did not get royalty at all. Royalty is like insurance. We don’t know if we will get opportunities in the future. The whole issue of NOC is mentally torturing us,” he said.

Music composer Gurukiran said the NOC has been introduced recently. Earlier, there was an agreement between producer and music director. But, following the onset of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) audio companies are trying to gain advantage and misuse the norm. He said transfer of rights was not possible because music is a creative medium.

Arjun Janya said he was deeply anguished by the sudden turn of events. He said it was difficult to compose music and there would have no reason to go public over the issue had there been understanding between the companies and music directors. He said audio companies were talking cheaply about musicians and lyricists which is very sad.

Raghu Dixit lamented that there is no such thing called royalty in India but said that all the music composers should fight this out by becoming members of the Music Association of India as it will become safe for all.

Anoop Seelin read out the Copyright Act and the NOC and said the latter is void.

Kaviraj said audio companies are playing a mind game. He said they were hiding facts about IPRs but they knew the whole issue inside out.

Harikrishna said he had opened DBeats to protect himself. He said he shared the remuneration with his lyricists, musicians and singers and sometimes even gave music at a loss. He said IPRs had not happened at all.

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