hahajan constructed Taj Mahal for Mumtaz and that is the replica of immense love. In this Kannada film although no ‘Mahal’ is constructed what would happen the Shahajan and Mumtaz are living in this modern world is the thought of young director Raghava Murali.

This is Action Cut Creations film with caption Janana Love Alli, Marana Feel Alli. This is the comeback of lovely pair of ‘Navagraha’ Dharma Keerthiraj (Ranjith Ram) with beautiful looking Sharmila Mandre.

After four years Dharma Keerthiraj son of well known villain of Kannada cinema back to acting. He has two shades. The film was launched on his birthday. Kicha Sudeep and Challenging star Darshan came to bless the 30 years young Dharma Keerthiraj. This is a commercial love story. The love is intense in this film he says.

Sharmila Mandre stated the film looks at modern days love keeping in mind Shahajan and Mumtaz. We are shooting at Taj Mahal also she pointed.

Raghav Murali worked for a long time as assistant director says he is also touching upon on relationship. He has six songs from 19 years young Praveen as music director. There is one song in historical pattern. In the film the name of hero and heroine are Ranjith and Anjali. The shoot will be held at Agra, Bijapur, KGF, Mysore in 45 days and songs will be shot in 20 days time.

Narasimha Murthy from real estate business is producing this film. He has good confidence on the subject of the film. Harish Nayak is cameraman of this film.

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