he shoot for Maththe Banda Veerappan has been completed and the film’s audio was released at a function in Bengaluru by senior photojournalist K N Nagesh Kumar. The film is directed by Purushottam and is produced by Annappa.

Ganesh Rao and Annappa have performed the roles of Veerappan in the movie.

Producer Annappa said he plans to release the movie in June. He said Raj Bhaskar has scored the music for six songs in the movie. One song of Veerappan dancing on the floors of Lord Indra’s kingdom in heaven was shown. The song has been sung by Badri Prasad.

Director Purushottam said the film has eight heroines and four item songs. The film has an imaginative story of what if Veerappan returns alive. Suman is playing police commissioner in the film. Mukhyamantri Chandru is playing a bad man in the movie.

Swapna said she plays Urvashi in the movie who dances on Veerappan’s entry into heaven. Reshma said she plays Menaka in the song that entertains Veerappan in heaven.

Doddanna, Tennis Krishna and Sadhu Kokila are also in the cast.

he last schedule of shoot for Matthe Banda Veerappan began on Tuesday. The film is being produced by Annappa and Somashekar. It is directed by Purushottam. Kourava Venkatesh is the stunt director and Raj Bhaskar has scored the music for five songs. C Seenu is the cameraman.

Director Purushottam told reporters that the film is not meant to glorify Veerappan’s deeds but it is meant to give a fair account of what must have gone in his mind as an individual. He said Veerappan had expressed his wish to give up his activity but he did not get the support.

Purushottam said Veerappan comes back to earth after death from the sky to tell some of the truths in a humourous way. He said the film had nothing to do with the real story of Veerappan. He said one song is yet to be picturised. Ganesh Rao is playing the role of duplicate Veerappan.    

Producer Annappa explained the happenings on the sets which cast a shadow on the progress of the film’s shoot.  He said the film’s audio will be released in about a fortnight after the shoot gets over and a release date will be released soon.

atte Banda Veerappan, a film with an imaginative plot mounted the sets on Monday at the Kanteerava Studio. The film is directed by N Omkar Purushottam and is produced by Annappa who is also playing the role of Veerappan in the movie. The film stars Suman, Deepa Gowda, Mukhyamantri Chandru and Tabala Nani among others.

Purushottam told journalists that the film will have unusually four item songs and another song. He said the film is an attempt to imaginatively think about how Veerappan will be if he is given a rebirth. Will he be a good Samaritan or a bad person?

The film has former police officer Shankar Bidari also making a brief appearance. He said Veerappan may have died but it is important that his bad qualities also die.

Producer Annappa who is playing Veerappan in the movie said he is performing in a prominent role for the first time. He said the movie had to begin six months back.

 Mukhyamantri Chandru took this opportunity to hit out at the dubbing lobby in the industry. He said the Kannada language will suffer if dubbing is allowed and it will also affect the livelihood of many in the industry.

Suman said he is playing a cop in the movie. He said the film is not the regular type of story and that he liked the story after director narrated it to him.

Deepa Gowda also spoke about her importance in the movie.

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