athu Kathe, a Kannada film starring Krishna Kumar and Gauthami in lead roles will release all over Karnataka on July 8. The film is directed by Lucky who had earlier made Gaali and Raincoat. The film has got a U/A certificate from the censors.

Director Lucky told reporters that there are two pairs of romantic couples in the film and has love as the main theme. Gaali had double entendre content and Raincoat was different but Mathu Kathe is in with the current times and the olden styles although he does accept there are double meaning dialogues.

The director said to depict the old system of love where the communication was through letters he has used the couple in two different places.

Krishna Kumar who is also the film’s producer said he is happy with the subject and is convinced about its reach. He plays an aspiring director in the film who is an assistant director. Gauthami could not attend the meet as she was said to be busy preparing for her engineering exams.

Harsha and Rachana play the other romantic couple who embrace technology to express their love.

Satish Babu has scored the music. Ramesh is the co-producer of the film. 

he audio of the film Mathu Kathe was released by Chetan Chandra and Vijayakumar at a function in Bengaluru. The film is written and directed by Lucky who has also penned the lyrics. The film is produced by Krishna Kumar who is incidentally also playing the main lead. Satish Babu has scored the music.

Director Lucky said the film has two love stories in contrast to each other. One love story uses the traditional love letter to express love while the second love story uses technology. He said both the love stories have been blended into the narrative and a screenplay has been written.

Producer and lead actor Krishna Kumar said he plays a struggling associate director hailing from a middle-class family who dreams of turning a director. He expresses his love through love letters and Gouthami is paired opposite him.

Gouthami plays a nurse in the film who likes to live in a place which is secluded and away from technology or infrastructure. Why she desires so gives the twist the story, the director said.

Gouthami said she feared that the film would have double entendre but after listening to the story she said she felt it was good.   

Harsha and Rachana play another couple who use the technology. The director said the two meet each other but are not in physical contact.

Director Lucky said the film tries to convey that personal form of expressing love and emotions through letters is better than use of technology to express the same which is impersonal.

The film has been shot in Sakleshpura, Kudlipet, Bengaluru and Ramanagara.


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