antram, a new Kannada horror film is inching close to completion. The film is produced by first timer and businessman Amar Choudhary and directed by S S Sajjan. The film stars Mani Shetty, Pallavi Raju, Dilip, Arpit, Gaurish Akki, Mithun, Pratap and Poornima among others.

Producer Amar Choudhary said he had a wish to become an actor but couldn’t become one. He said he wanted to make a movie but couldn’t find a suitable script for a long time. Choudhary said when he decided to make a movie he wanted a message oriented film and at the same time he had fears of making a film with newcomers.

Director Sajjan said he had a few scripts in hand but wanted to know and find out which producer will encourage a newcomer like him. He said he shot a trailer with Rajashekar and producer showed his interest and agreed to make the film.

Sajjan said the film Mantram has a horror face but does not have that feel. The film has been shot in Doulat Mahal in Raichur and the director categorized the film as a social film that would be effective for people of all ages. The film has a horror base as the story.

Mani Shetty said he liked the story and director told him that he would be the hero. Dilip said he is playing the second lead and as heroine’s brother. He told the palatial old house is the speciality of the film.

Pallavi Raju said she had decided to quit her job after doing her first film Ka. She said Dilip referred her to director for this film. She said she liked the one line story narrated by the director and added that she became emotional after she heard the whole story. Pallavi said she plays a responsible and a matured school teacher who is all set to get married. She said she has two shades to her character which was quite challenging.

Arpith said he plays one of the four classmates who goes to Dilip’s house to solve a problem. Mithun and Arjun also spoke.

Rashid Ahmed Khan has scored the music and Rajashekar is the cinematographer. Ajneesh Lokanath has scored the background music.

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