ana Mechchida Bangaru, a film directed by Saiprakash will release all over Karnataka on October 30 in about 100 theatres. The film is produced by Bangaru Hanumanthu who has also acted as the hero.

Director Saiprakash said he was glad that people have blessed the film Ganga that released last week as the movie is entertaining the masses. He said he has not been happy since the last three or four years as his own production venture failed to succeed at the box-office.

Saiprakash said distributor Mukhtar is concentrating on distributing the film in North Karnataka region especially the Hubli region. He said Bangaru Hanumanthu was well behaved and tall who is also a good producer besides acting well in his first movie. He said he found Roja suitable to play the heroine. He also said Ravishankar acted well as a eunuch. The film also stars Srinivasa Murthy, Ramesh Bhat and Sadhu Kokila among others.

He also praised Kalyan’s music and lyrics and especially the sentiment song. Saiprakash praised choreographer five star Ganesh and Thriller Manju for their contribution.

Kalyan said heroine Roja had acted well and had made people cry. He praised agriculturist Hanumanthu for turning to film production.

Roja, a Hassan girl said it was a dream role for her and considered Saiprakash as her mentor and Godfather. She also praised producer and hero Hanumanthu for supporting her in her first movie.  

ana Mechida Bangaru, a new film, has completed its shoot and the movie’s audio was released at a function in Bengaluru by MLA B Nagendra. The film has debutant Bangaru Hanumantha in the lead who is also its producer. Mana Mechida Bangaru is directed by Om Saiprakash for whom this is his 98thdirectorial film.

Director Saiprakash said the Bangaru Hanumanthu has taken all efforts to train under Thriller Manju and choreographer Five Star Ganesh who have equally put in their best for the movie. K Kalyan has not only composed music but has also penned the songs. Saiprakash said the film needed a new face as heroine and Roja was found the most suitable. She has acted in three of his films he said and had introduced her making it a hattrick combination for both of them. He said Malashri and Radhika had made a good name after working with him and hoped that Roja will follow suit.

Saiprakash said media had been encouraging him since 1988 and he is likely to be the first director in Kannada cinema to make 100 films.

Music composer and lyricist Kalyan said Mana Mechida Bangaru will be a slightly different from Saiprakash’s earlier movies. He said the songs had been picturised well with hero and heroine likely to remain in people’s minds after they watch the movie.

Velu of Lahari Audio said Hanumanthu comes from an agricultural family and he needed all the encouragement. He said Hanumanthu is as largehearted as his height. He urged the producer and hero to bear all the insult to come up in the industry.

Heroine Roja said she considered Saiprakash as her godfather. “I have a lot of expectations from the film. I enjoyed support from producer and Kalyan’s songs were good especially the sentimental song,” she said. She also said she was nervous to perform before senior actor Srinivasa Murthy, Ravishankar and Shobhraj but all of them supported her.

Roja said she plays an innocent village girl who gets caught in prostitution den. The heroine is a girl next door and the film is something about what we see in our lives, she said.

Srinivasa Murthy said Bangaru Hanumantha looks like a Telugu hero and that he had never met him in the shoot.

MLAs  Nagendra and Jayaram from Alur in Andhra Pradesh also spoke and wished Bangaru Hanumanthu good luck.

Neha Patil expressed her wish to work under Saiprakash’s direction.

Bangaru Hanumanthu said he had requested Saiprakash not to make any announcement in the media about this movie as he was apprehensive that people would make fun that a person from the farming community was getting into movies. He said he wanted to become a hero after watching films of various actors in his college life but needed strength and courage to take it up.

He said Saiprakash was so disciplined that it taught him on how difficult it was to make movies.

The trailer of the movie and a song was also shown on the occasion.

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