‘Maantrika’, an intellectual investigative suspense thriller has completed its shoot. The film is produced, written and directed by Venkatesh Rao although he has rechristened himself as Vyana Varna Jammula to don the director’s hat. M Ramesh is the cameraman and Stalin is the music director.

Director Jammula told reporters that the film has no black magic and was shot in an abandoned mall in Bengaluru for 40 days. The film is now going into post-production, he said. The producer-director said the film deals with superstitions and beliefs which have been continuing for a long time and have hindered development of a rational approach. He said Vyasawan Krishna floats an organization Come To Reality in the film to create awareness about the ill-effects of superstitions and false beliefs. The director said there are scenes that justify Vyasawan’s intentions. When he encounters a few mistakes he goes about his task of finding remedy and relief to the problems that come up as a result. What are the sequences that lead to these mistakes is what Maantrika is all about.

In the cast and crew most of them are software professionals or they come from theatre background. Maithili Nayak said she plays a reporter who goes in search of facts and reality and thereby to give a clarification. Radhika Patil says she plays an interesting character of that of an investigator from the organization who faces eerie elements in the mall.

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