he seventh edition of the Cinema-TV Directory was released by M D Kowshik through a magic show.

Veteran director S K Bhagawan said bringing out such a directory is a huge task and added that Lingaraj needs to be complimented for his devotion and dedication to the task which is evident when the book is seen.

Film publicist Sudheendra Venkatesh said the new directory had made his work easier than before. Umesh Banakar said Lingaraj had sold gold and his site to bring out this directory in 1999 adding that he needs all encouragement and support from the Kannada film industry.

Senior journalist Ganesh Kasaragodu said the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce should come forward and buy copies of the new directory.

Dancer and actor Sridhar said Lingaraj had single-handedly worked for the cinema industry by bringing out this directory. Young actress Amulya said she owed her growth in the industry to the directory brought out by Lingaraj. Ashok of Ookkuta said Lingaraj has taken a three-year break from other activities to bring out this directory. Ashok said he was sure that Lingaraj will continue in his efforts to bring out another edition.

Lingaraj said he did not publish this directory with a view to making money. He said he did not make money even after publishing six editions. But, he said he took up this work to serve the industry. He said the book will be sold only to those people who work in the film industry. Lingaraj said if all the members of the industry buy this directory he would get back his invested money.

Sa Ra Govindu who picked up the first copy of the directory said the film chamber will support Lingaraj in sales and distribution of the directory.

The directory has 600 pages in 50 categories.

M Lokesh Reddy, M Devendra Reddy, V Manohar and Vaishnavi were also present.

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