rimurali released the audio of Lifeu Super, a political thriller movie at a function in Bengaluru. He was accompanied by another guest Rangayana Raghu to do the honours.

Lifeu Super is produced by V C Thimma Reddy and directed by Vinod Kumar R. The movie is based on a story written by Likith Surya who has also acted in the movie in a lead role. Lifeu Super has Judha Sandy’s music and Sujay Kumar’s cinematography. The movie stars Likith Surya, Niranth, Anu Chinnappa and Meghana Appaiah.

Speaking on the occasion, Srimurali said theres a time for good things and there are good times for all. He said when we get an answer to the question about one’s own achievement is what counts. He said success doesn’t come easily but one shouldn’t forget the route. Rangayana Raghu said seniority comes into picture for technicians but talent has no seniority.

Director Vinod Kumar said they had used their pocket money to shoot 45 minutes of footage during a 13-day schedule using a 5D camera and edit it to cut a trailer to show to various producers. Producer Thimma Reddy  said yes and that was how the film took off, he said.

The debutant director said the film has five songs out of which four of them are in the movie.Vinod Kumar said the film will go to the censors in about two weeks and will release in March. 

The director said the film is about two middle-class guys who chase election money and whether they get it forms the remaining part of the story. 

Producer Thimma Reddy said he saw a spark in the new team when the promo was shown to him. He said he took a decision to get into cinema production within two days of seeing the promo. He said a lot of discussion went into the film before the shoot happened and at every level. 

Music composer Judha Sandy said the movie’s story inspired him to score music for the film.

Niranth praised the producer for taking a risk of producing the film in Kannada and Tamil. Likith Surya also spoke. 

Meghana Appaiah said she is debuting with this movie and added that she is playing an IT professional. She said the movie has all shades of romance and comedy. 

Anu Chinnappa said she plays a tomgirl in the  movie which is also her debut vehicle.

‘Lifeu Super’, another new Kannada film has completed its shoot recently and is getting ready for the audio release in February. The film is produced by V C Thimma Reddy and directed by Vinod Kumar R. Sujay Kumar is the cinematographer and Jude Sandy is the music composer. The film stars Likith Surya, Niranth, Meghana Appaiah, Anu Chinnappa, Rangayana Raghu, Achyuth Kumar, Sangeetha and Aruna Balaraj among others.

Director Vinod Kumar told reporters at the film’s maiden press meet on Monday that Likith had written a story and that they had wanted to start the movie in a small way on their own. He said life is superb when you do what you desire and not when things happen the way you want. The film is about what happens between two guys. He said they approached the producer after shooting the promo.

Vinod Kumar said the film is a political thriller and has elements of love and action as well. Lifeu Super is based on a newspaper report and it involves a money chase that comes from Ballari.

The director said Jayanna Combines had evinced interest in distributing the film. He said they saw the movie and decided to back the project. The film has five songs. Lifeu Super has been shot in Ballari, Davangere and Bengaluru.

Likith Surya who has penned the story and played the lead said he wanted to become a director but couldn’t find work even as an assistant director. The film ran out of budget before the producer stepped in to help revive the project, he said.

Niranth said it does seem like a dream that the film has been completed. He said he plays a village guy who comes to the city to become a hero.

Anu Chinnappa said she plays a tomgirl in the movie who meets the guys who come from the village. Meghana Appaiah said she plays an IT professional in the movie.

Cinematographer Sujay said story is good but production values were cheap. But, he said he supported the project because of the story.

Producer Thimma Reddy said he dreamt of producing a film and when he met the guys he realized his dream. He said enough money was spent on the film to ensure quality. He said after seeing the film he felt that the director had done the film exactly the way he had narrated.

Santosh, Ravindra, Chetan and Likith have penned the screenplay and dialogues.

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