enkat Bharadwaj, who directed successful films such as Bablusha and A Day In The City, has come up with one more interesting film based on actual event took place in Bengaluru in November 2016. The film, titled as Kempuiruve (Red Ant), is aimed how a common man from a middle-class family will revolt when others disturb him without any valid reason.
The main role was played by veteran character artiste H.G. Dattatreya alias Dattanna. The other important roles are played by Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) vice president Umesh Banakar, Lakshman Bharadwaj and multilingual actor Sayaji Shinde.

“It is based on an actual incident taken place in my life. I, myself, was cheated by a land developer. I could not fight against him in real life because of his muscle power. I took revenge on him by portraying my real-life incident in this film,’’ says Lakshman Bharadwaj who wrote script and dialogues for this film.

Speaking on the occasion, director Venkat Bharadwaj said Umesh Banakar played the role of a comedian-cum-villain in this film. “I selected Banakar for this role because of his body language, hair style and talkative skills,’’ Venkat Bharadwaj said.

He said Sayaji Shinde plays the role of a politician. “He participated in the shooting for two days. He was very cooperative. Despite his busy schedule, he agreed to act in this film. He himself dubbed in Kannada for this film,’’ the director said.

Thanking the director for selecting him to play the key role in this film, Dattanna said he agreed to act in this film because of the script and the lead role offered to him. He said his role in Kempuiruve had multiple dimensions.

Dattanna plays the role of a retired middle-class man. He loves the company of his friends. What happens to a middle-class man when his income stops and he is disturbed is the climax of the film.

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