annada film ‘Kengulabi’ has completed its shoot recently and is now readying for an audio release next month and release in the subsequent month. The film is produced by Ghanshyam and directed by Sridhar. The film is based on journalist Hanumantha Haligeri’s story. The film stars Gourish Akki and Kruttika Ravindra in lead roles. Raj Kishore has scored the music for the movie which has six songs. The film is co-produced by Basanagowda Patil. Abhay, Raghu, Lokesh, Manjunath and Kailash have also acted in the movie.

Producer Ghanshyam told reporters that the film was completed in a six phased production schedule. He said the film was shot in Hospet, Bagalkot, Vijayapura and places where the real devadasi system prevailed actually. He said he plans to release the film in about 100 theatres in June adding that the film has been made on a budget of Rs 1.5 crore.

Gourish Akki said he was acting for the first time as a protagonist. He said he plays an activist who works for an NGO that is working towards eradication of the devadasi system. He said though his role is soft his background is terrific. He said Kruttika had acted so well that she made even the producer cry on the sets.

Kruttika Ravindra said she gets to play the role which has five or six different shades. She said producer Ghanshyam is a godly person as he allowed to go to Bigg Boss house when she got the offer even though she was doing the film at that time. She said she plays Shari who is a wife and a mother but is forced to get into prostitution out of compulsion. Her role is that of how she struggles to come out of it, she said.

Hanumantha Haligeri said he is glad that his work has been taken up for a film subject. Director Sridhar said the producer did not compromise on quality and wished that the cinema should win at the box-office.

annada film Kengulabi was launched at the Doddaganesha Temple in Basavanagudi, Bengaluru this week. The film is produced by Ghanshyam Bandage who earlier made Ingale Marga.

Speaking to journalists, Bandage said though the title sounds good there is a lot of pain behind it. He said women undergo a lot of pain and suffering throughout their lives right from the beginning that the film talks about how a woman comes out of all this. He said he intends to produce at least 10 films.

Velu of Lahari Audio Company said C Aswath has a similar music title as that of the film and it is gratifying that a film is being made with the same title.

Rajani who is playing the female lead said she was bowled by the story that she couldn’t come out of it for a long time. She said she is playing the title role which is quite challenging for her. She said she had different shades to her role which is essentially a bold and a pleasing personality.

Yogitha is playing the role of a NGO worker along with Gaurish Akki. She said she had been roped in from Hong Kong where she worked as a dance teacher.

Gaurish Akki who is a popular news anchor and is also directing a movie that is nearing completion has been signed to play the male lead. He said as soon as he was offered the role of a NGO worker there was some fear as well as challenge to take it up. He said such films should reach more people. However, he said he was confident about the film and his role.

Gaurish Akki said the film will have good commercial elements.

Roopika who was also present denied that she was playing a guest role.

Sridhar aka Srisha who is directing the film said he is debuting as a director. He said the film is based on Hanumantha Halegeri’s novel with 70 percent of the script staying faithful to the novel and the remaining 30 percent being a cinematic representation.

The film will be shot in Aihole, Pattadakal, Badami, Bagalkot and Bengaluru spread over a 45-day schedule, he said.

Rajkishore is scoring the music and Kumar Chakravarthy is the cameraman.

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