udavalli Chandrashekar is back as a director 12 years after making Purva Para based on M K Indira’s novel with a sensitive film this time. He has turned his attention to the poor people who fight for justice in vain. Justice delayed is justice denied is what the film tries to say while the lawyers and the judiciary seem to think that justice hurried is justice buried.  

The film opens with Kempamma’s case who has moved the court for insurance claims for her son who is immobile following an accident and is unable to clear the loan that he has taken to acquire a tractor among other things. Vishweshwar, son of the film’s producer Sunder Raj has played the farmer and son of Kempamma with aplomb.  

Venkatesh Prasad who fights as a lawyer for the insurance company prolongs the case to no conclusion. Shivaswamy (Srinath) who fights for Kempamma hands over the case to his assistant Shekar (Siddhartha Maadhyamika) under circumstances. Shekar has his own domestic problems with wife (Hitha). Shekar studies the case and Kempamma loses her husband in the meantime. Shekar assures Kempamma that he will fight for her justice.  

Meanwhile, Shekar has to deal with two other cases that come up as part of his profession. In the final hearing of Kempamma’s case he becomes emotional. Does Kempamma win the case? Does she get justice is what the climax reveals.  

Siddhartha Maadhyamika has performed well in his first role as the hero. Siddhartha who has worked in about 14 films including Kempammana Court Case is a Neenasam product and had to be content doing small and negative roles that didn’t give him any mileage. Siddhartha who had decided to pack his bags has surprising got this lead role which he has performed to perfection.  

Radha Ramachandra as Kempamma is superb and shines throughout. Srinath is adequate. Tanya Chandrashekar and Hitha Chandrashekar have done well in their brief roles. Vishweshwar is good as the farmer who is disabled and immobile. Sridhar Sambram’s music is apt and Raj Rumaali’s camera work fits the bill. The film is a good effort from Cudavalli Chandrashekar who has focused on legal profession and the justice system for the poor.  

ctor-director Edakallu Guddadamele Chandrashekar who is also known as Cudavalli Chandrashekar is back as a director after more than 10 years of making his debut in Poorvapara with Kempammana Court Case.   

Chandrashekar told journalists that the film deals with farmers’ issues, drug abuse and harassment of women. He said the film has been shot in Bengaluru and Ramanagara. Shivarajkumar has lent his voice for the movie which is used as a voiceover. 

Chandrashekar said the film is based on a story written by Sunder Raj. His daughter Tanya and Sihi Kahi Chandru’s daughter Hitha play key roles in the movie. Siddharth and Vishwa play the male leads. Veteran actress Radha Ramachandra has played Kempamma’s role in the movie. Asha Jois plays the counselor. 

Sridhar Sambram has scored the background music and B S Basavaraju has worked as the cameraman. Vasu has penned the dialogues. 

Chandrashekhar said his friend by the name of Sunder Raj came forward to produce the film. He said the film held premiere shows at Toronto in Canada and has been screened in Montreal and Ottawa. 

Radha Ramachandra said her role in the movie offered her a lot of scope to perform. She said issues dealt in the film were so natural that it didn’t require her to use glycerin to cry. She said the film is an attempt to entertain as well as make people think. She recalled her role in the earlier television film Neralu that was telecast on Doordarshan.

Siddharth said he was disheartened over the last seven years for not getting the right opportunities. He said he was all set to pack his bags before Chandrashekar called him to say that he was selected to play the lead in the film. 

Vishwas said he plays a farmer in the film. Tanya Chandrashekar said she plays an abused wife in the film. She said her father had to please her and entice her with chocolates to accept the offer to act in the film. 

Venkatesh Prasad said Kempammana Court Case is a realistic film that has been handled well. He said it is a film for the entire society. 

Producer Sunder Raj said justice is delayed many times when it is delivered which is what the film is also all about.

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