athe Chitrakathe Nirdeshana Puttanna has completed 50 days of successful run at the box-office. The film, which is directed by Srinivasa Raju, has Komal and Priya Mani in lead roles. Puttanna is the first Kannada film to complete 50 days run at the box-office in 2016. The film is currently running in 27 theatres all over Karnataka including four theatres in Bengaluru. It is running in Sapna theatre in Majestic area.

Srinivasa Raju said Puttanna’s success can be attributed to the contribution made by technicians and it is a win for the technicians who had worked for the movie.

The director who made Dandupalya will begin shoot of its sequel Dandupalya 2 in March with the same star cast. Pooja Gandhi will play the lead along with the other members of the same cast that was seen in Dandupalya. Srinivasa Raju will start work on Nati Koli following Dandupalya 2 and then 18+Cinema later during the year. 

Srinivasa Raju said casting for Dandupalya 2 is currently on and added that he will be able to finalise the entire cast by March first week. He said Dandupalya 2 will be a crime thriller and added that he will be done with Dandupalya story that was incomplete with the sequel.

athe Chitrakathe Nirdeshana Puttanna, a horror comedy Kannada film is running successfully at theatres all over Karnataka. The movie is produced by Narayanababu and directed by Srinivasa Raju. The film stars Komal, Priya Mani, Pooja Gandhi and Ravishankar among others.

Producer Narayanababu said the film is doing well at the box-office and thanked the media for the positive reviews. He said however it is unfortunate that they were not able to get enough number of theatres to screen the film. He said only 29 percent of Kannada films are being exhibited in Karnataka which is appalling. He said good  films are not getting theatres for exhibition. Narayanababu said the KFCC’s bylaws are not being implemented by the body and Kannada films are not getting prime time in theatres.

Karisubbu said Puttanna is better than the Telugu original as the Kannada film does not have shades of the original.

Director Srinivas Raju said the movie has reached the people due to positive media reviews. He said the film is doing well due to good editing by Ravi, Sethu’s visual effects and Arjun Janya’s background music.

Priya Mani said it is good to be part of the good team. She said there was no negative talk about the film and that there was only positive talk. She said the success of the film has come as a new year gift.

Komal said there was no doubt at all that the film is a success. He said people are gods and that they are appreciating the movie. He said some more theatres were being added on January 15 that will help people see the movie.

omal and Priya Mani have been paired together for the first time in Kathe Chitrakathe Nirdeshana Puttanna, a horror comedy which is a remake of Telugu film Geethanjali. The film will release on New Year’s Day – January 1, 2016 all over Karnataka. The film is produced by Narayanababu and directed by Srinivasa Raju.

Director Srinivasa Raju told reporters that there had been no objection to the title from even Puttanna Kanagal’s family. He said he had apprised senior actor Shivaram who is close to the family of the late director about the film and its content.

Srinivasa Raju said he is an admirer of Puttanna Kanagal himself as he was the first to go ahead and announce the remake of Shubha Mangala. He said the film is a horror comedy and hence the censors have certified it as a U/A.

Producer Narayanababu said the film is meant for family viewing and urged the people and media to support producers positively so that they could make new films.

Priya Mani said she had been paired with Komal for the first time and that it is a new combination. She said going by the posters audiences would have come to know of it. Pertaining to the title she said Puttanna is an inspiration for many and added that it was a new genre for her.

Guru Deshpande said it was wonderful to work with Komal and Priya Mani who were punctual and disciplined towards work. He said even though he had written the dialogues Komal used to come up with on the spot improvisation that helped generate laughter.

Prashant Siddi said he had acted with Priya Mani but it was the first time he was acting with Komal. Aniruddha said the film has everything in the same film – good technicians and good artistes.

Komal said even though the film is a remake there were a lot of changes to suit Kannada nativity. He said he had suggested another title for the film which was well known in Tamil Nadu and also become a controversy. Reacting to reports that the film is a spoof he said there is logic and fun to all that has been shown. He said he had an opportunity to react spontaneously to many situations in the movie.

‘Puttanna’, a horror comedy from Dandupalya director Srinivasa Raju will release on January 1 in more than 100 theatres across Karnataka. The film stars Komal and Priya Mani in lead roles. The film also has Pooja Gandhi, Ravishankar, Bullet Prakash, Prashanth and Kuri Pratap among others in key roles.

According to director Srinivasa Raju, the film Kathe-Chitrakathe-Nirdeshana Puttanna will be new for Kannada cinema. He said the film is about the struggles of an assistant director and that Komal has never been seen before in this avatar.

Srinivasa Raju said the film has an unusual blend of comedy and horror which will not only frighten the audiences but will also make them laugh.

Though the film alludes to the late director Puttanna Kanagal, director Srinivasa Raju did not divulge details about whether the movie is based on the director or not.

Narayanababu who had produced Dandupalya has produced this movie. Arjun Janya has scored the music.

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