arvva has grossed Rs 2.7 crore at the box-office in the first week of its run, according to its producer Krishna Chaitanya. He was talking to reporters at a press meet to celebrate the film’s early success.

Krishna Chaitanya said the film is running in 84 theatres and will now add 53 theatres this Friday thanks to media reviews, good response and demand from the audiences. He said the dubbed Sinhalese version of the film is ready. He said audiences have given the answer to questions pertaining to the film’s sequel. He said one line script of Karvva 2 is ready. He said detailing with the same team with some additions will take some time.    

Director Navaneeth said he first narrated the story to producer but he was then asked to convince Prashant Neel about it which was a big challenge. He said Prashant Neel gave him a lot of inputs and tips to make the script even more engrossing. He said efforts have resulted in good results as people are flocking to the theatres.

Radio jockey Rohith said team work had yielded results. He said the Kannada audiences are intelligent as they watch a lot of other language films which makes them discerning. He said the film team had no negative energy although the theme of the film dealt with a evil spirit. He said many of them did not work for the money but expressed the hope that the producer will share some profits with the team.

Tilak said Prashant Neel’s inputs helped the team and so did the encouragement from Yash, Appu, Priyanka Upendra and Srimurali. He also thanked distributor Jayanna for supporting the team.

Anisha Ambrose said she was happy with the overwhelming response that the film was getting. She said she was looking forward to work in Karvva 2. She thanked the media, audiences and the superstars of Kannada cinema for supporting the film wholeheartedly.

Anu said she was happy that her first release had turned out to be successful.

Cameraman Mohan said producer’s support and the director’s enthusiasm helped in getting a good response for the movie. He said the director had lived up to his energy and enthusiasm consistently. He said the movie had given him a break in Kannada cinema.

Music composer Ravi Basrur said more experimental films and efforts should be made and encouraged.

Vijay Chendur said Karvva was the second success for him. He said producer was not only encouraging him to grow but was also happy that the director thought highly about him and that he had done justice to his role.

any horror films have released in the recent past. Some of them have won audience appreciation while others were made just for the sake of it. But, Karvva is truly a film that is enjoyable and succeeded in giving the audiences what they want – entertainment.

Karvva is engaging the audience attention every minute. The film has a strong story and screenplay and has been shot in picturesque locales and that is enough reason why audiences would love it. Director Navaneeth has stated that the film is about the souls that do not attain salvation and are always roaming. The director has managed to justify the idea.

Karvva is a thriller. The film starts with a kidnap episode and becomes a horror-cum-thriller subject. If the audience think that the director has two stories to tell he gives a twist towards the interval that becomes the highlight of the film.

The film has been mostly shot in an old and a dilapidated bungalow.  There are souls in the house and a game plan on the other side. If you are curious to know the reason for the incidences that happen in the house the movie is worth watching. The plus point of the film is the twists that the narrative gets every minute. You can expect the unexpected.  The film also attracts attention for its production values.

Director Navaneeth has succeeded in maintaining a good tempo in the film’s narration without introducing unwanted characters or tracks. Tilak, Rohit, Anu, Anisha, Devaraj and all the artistes have done justice to their roles. By the way, the director has hinted that Karvva 2 is on the cards. 

arvva will release in more than 100 theatres all over Karnataka on May 27. The film is produced by Krishna Chaitanya who made the super hit 6-5=2. Chaitanya said Karvva is a bilingual made in Kannada and Sinhalese.

The film is written and directed by Navaneeth with Mohan being the movie’s cameraman. The film stars RJ Rohit, Devaraj, Tilak, Anisha Ambrose, Anu, Vijay Chandur and Poonam Singar in a special appearance. Srinivasa Prabhu, K S Sridhar and Padmaja Rao are also in the cast.

Director Navaneeth said Karvva, which means secrets that cannot be unraveled in Sanskrit, is a two-dimensional story with two stories running parallel to each other. He said audiences will have to see where the two stories meet.

He said the film under two genres – suspense thriller and horror and added that every scene in the interlinked with twists in the tale at every point. He said Poonam Singar’s role gives a new twist to the story.

Anu, a girl from Kodagu, said she plays a tom girl in the movie. She said Karvva is her first release although it was her second film that she signed as an actor.

Vijay Chendur said his career changed after working in 6-5=2 but now he said he feels nervous ahead of Karvva’s release. However, he hoped that he would get recognition with the film’s release. Chendur said Navaneeth has translated his script on paper entirely and beautifully on to the screen.

Cameraman Mohan said the locations in Sri Lanka were exciting and extraordinary. The film has been shot in Ooty as well, he said.

Srimurali who launched the film’s trailer said he liked the story of Karvva and added that there is a justification to whatever happens in the story.

RJ Rohit said he plays a real estate agent in the movie and it is his first full-length appearance after a guest role in Bombai Mithai.   

Ravi Basrur has scored the music. Mohan B Kere is the art director. Different Danny has composed the fights.

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