ell known television director A G Seshadri is debuting as film director with Karuna-Nidhi, a comic thriller that mounted the sets amidst fanfare in Dharmagiri Manjunathaswamy Temple in Banashankari, Bengaluru on Friday. The film is being produced by N L N Murthy who had earlier made television soaps. The film stars S Mohan, Khushi Mukerjee, Naveen Krishna, Aravind Rao and Harish Rayappa among others.

A G Seshadri told reporters he wanted to make a movie for the last three years but couldn’t find a producer. He said directing a serial has its own limitations. After being a television director for so many years he said he didn’t want that to become a limitation and cast a shadow on the movie which is why he brought Mohan on board to write the screenplay for the movie. The movie is a thriller and audiences will get all their questions answered five to six minutes before the movie ends. Seshadri also praised cinematographer Prasad Babu for bringing in speed and quality together.

He said the first half will be shot in the city while the second half will be in a village adding that he hoped to finish the shoot by January 18, 2016. He said B Jayashri will be singing a bit song and the climax song. He said Naveen Krishna will be seen in a key role in the second half.

Mohan said when Seshadri came up with this story it surprised him and added that Seshadri wanted him to write the screenplay. Mohan said is a comic thriller and that he plays a director of an ad company. The movie revolves around a treasure hunt that happens in the second half. It talks of greed and Karuna is the name of the person which is given by the villagers. Mohan said Gowtham Srivatsa’s music in the climax is expected to be good. He said Khushi spent three to four hours in a photoshoot without any hassles which forms 75 percent to 80 percent of the shoot.

Mohan said there is neither any political character nor any politics in the movie. There is no single person of that age and there is no relation whatsoever with any politician, he said.

Khushi Mukerjee said she took up the role after she was given the synopsis which was quite different from the ones that she got from South India. She said the role is so good that it is giving her an opportunity to prove herself as she has the glamourous bit and the performance that is required.

Producer Murthy said he became interested to produce the film because of his association with Seshadri.

Aravind Rao said he was playing a cop in the movie. Harish Rayappa also spoke.

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