he shooting of Dhuniya Vijay starrer Kanaka will be completed in 20 days. Producer-cum-director R. Chandru is planning to shift the shooting location to Chalakudy in Kerala shortly.

“The shooting of Kanaka began a year ago and it is expected to be completed in the next 20 days. This film has two heroines – Manvitha Harish and Haripriya. The portion of Manvitha Harish has already been completed and Haripriya’s portion will commence from August 14. Haripriya will attend the shooting of Kanaka for 14 days,’’ said R. Chandru.

This film has five fight sequences and the fourth one was picturized near a Shiva temple near NICE Road on Thursday. Dhuniya Vijay, Yuga Chandru and other junior artistes attended the shooting.

“Yuga Chandru was assisting me with the script and screenplay of the film. He was not aware that I will ask him to play a key role in this film. He was in a big surprise when I asked him to play the role Ravishankar’s brother in this film,’’ Chandru said.

Thanking director-cum-producer R. Chandru for giving him an opportunity to act in this film, Yuga Chandru said that he did not expect director to ask him to act in this film. “I am very happy when the director asked me to act in this film,’’ said Yuga Chandru.

Ravishankar is the main villain while K P Nanjundi also plays one of the villain characters in this film.
Speaking on the occasion, Vijay said that he has contemplating to act in one more film under R Chandru’s direction. “I am happy with the encouragement and support of R Chandru during the shooting. I am amazed with his enthusiasm. He never compromises with the quality of the film. I am planning to act in one more film, based on Kusti (Malla Yudhdha) on the lines of Hindi film Dangal. For that, director advised me to put up weight. I need one more year to meet the director’s expectations,’’ said Vijay.

Stunt master Vinod has also played a small role (as Ravishankar’s henchman) in this film.
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anaka has completed 60 to 65 percent shoot and is now shooting one of the major fight sequences on the NICE Road in Bengaluru. The film is produced and directed by R Chandru and it stars Duniya Vijay and Manvitha Harish in lead roles. Satya Hegde is the cameraman.

Director Chandru told visiting journalists that the film’s thrilling fight sequence which will entail three or four autorickshaws to go in the air is being shot. He said about 50 to 60 autos were being used for the shoot. K P Nanjundi plays an activist who warns the auto drivers and thus ensues in the fight sequence, the director said. The film has four more action scenes which will be composed by Vinod and added that the film will have a total of six action sequences.

Chandru said the film will move to North Karnataka for its next schedule. However, he did not confirm whether he had signed Rachita Ram to play another heroine in the film.

Duniya Vijay praised the director for his passion towards making a rich commercial film. He said he was more like a friend to the director and also with Vinod with whom he has been working for a long time. He said he had put on weight for the upcoming schedule which will happen in North Karnataka.

Manvitha said Duniya Vijay was one of her favourite actors because of the innocence that he carries in all his roles and performances. She said Vijay had told her that he visited the shooting sets as if he knew nothing which made it easier to work. She said she plays a medico with some amount of sophistication and also thanked the director for the opportunity to work with cameraman Satya Hegde.

Stunt composer Vinod said the fight sequences were being shot for seven days by employing about 40 fighters.

he second shoot schedule for the film Kanaka began a few days back with Duniya Vijay joining in. The film is produced and directed by R Chandru and Manvitha plays one of the two heroines.

R Chandru told reporters on the sets of the film that Kanaka, his ninth film has drawn up a 33-day schedule and that the shoot for a fight sequence was in progress under Different Danny’s direction. Satya Hegde is the cameraman. He said the film is reflective about Duniya Vijay’s real character. He said Vijay is different in the outside but he is something else inside. He said the film is based on a real incident but did not divulge details. He said the second heroine is yet to be decided.  

Duniya Vijay said he plays an auto driver in the movie who is a fan of Dr Rajkumar. He said in the character he goes to every length to follow Annavru’s ideals. He said he has been working with Danny master from Duniya and that combination has come together for this film as well.  

Danny said Kanaka is his 541st film and appreciated Vijay’s commitment to doing stunts without dupes. He said Ugramm Manju is another hardworking guy who is giving his best. He said Vijay, himself and Satya Hegde are back together after Duniya.  

Naveen Sajju has composed the tunes. Ugramm Manju said he is playing a villain in the movie and has got a makeover in terms of the get-up and the looks.

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