amali, a Kannada film that is being made in folk style has completed its first 20-day schedule shoot. The film is directed by S Vishnupriyan and produced by B Hanumantharaju. The film stars Sujit, Kavya, Yathiraj, Sangeetha, Ramesh Bhat and Shobhraj among others.

Director Vishnupriyan told reporters that the film is based on an uncivilized social tradition that exists in Mysuru. The practice sexually exploits both men and women although the tradition has been discontinued now. He said the film is being made in folk style and is being shot in Nelamangala, Bengaluru and Mysuru.

Producer Hanumantharaju said he is supporting the project after he listened to the story.

Sujit is debuting as a hero in the movie. He had worked in a serial titled Classmates and has undergone training in acting at Abhinaya Taranga. Sujit said he has acted in three films in supporting roles. He said he plays a strong boy which is a powerful character in the film who loves his wife. The story is about whether he compromises and sends his wife to follow a tradition.

Kavya said she is debuting in movie and is playing the title role of Kamali who is an innocent and a bold girl. The film is about whether she opposes or agrees to an uncivilized tradition. She said she wears traditional costumes in the movie.

Sangeetha said she is playing the hero’s mother who is helpless and lives in pain. She said only a woman understands another woman’s woes. She said her performance will be restrained and praised the production and director for planning the movie making meticulously.

Yathiraj who is playing the second son to Sangeetha and Shobhraj said his role that of Mallanna enhances the speed of the film. He said he has a negative shade to his role and the film is about the woman’s feelings and sufferings. He said it was a different experience for him to be mouthing his lines in North Karnataka dialect.

Yathiraj said he was surprised and a bit sad that he is playing Sangeetha’s son in the movie with whom he had acted in a lead role in a teleserial some years back.

Vasan is the cinematographer.

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