annada film Kalpana 2 starring Upendra, Priya Mani and Avantika Shetty is doing brisk business at the box-office according to the film’s producers. Reports say the film has collected about Rs 5 crore so far and is expected to collect about Rs 10 crore during the first week.

Producer Rajendra told reporters that he has made a film after 10 years and added that he had expected success when the film was started because they chose the right subject. He said it took exactly a year for the film to release from the date of registration of the title. The producer said the film spooks the audiences as the movie has a lot of twists and turns. He said there is some curiosity about ghosts.

Rajendra thanked the media and the audience for the positive feedback to the movie. He also thanked the film team of Selfie for allowing Kalpana 2 team to take an out of turn certification from the censors.

The producer said the film released in 201 theatres including 27 multiplex screens and added that ghosts were helping Kannada films these days including their film.

He also said Upendra fitted the bill in the characters that he played.

Director Ananthraju said credit should go to everyone who worked for the film. He said there was a lot of hard work, pain and happiness in the making of the film.

Priya Mani said social media reviews were good about the movie and the film unanimously belongs to Upendra for balancing both his roles. The film has been tweaked to suit Kannada nativity quite well, she said.

Upendra said if the efforts are sincere everyone could leave the fruits of labour to God. He said the director and producer forced me to sign this film as he didn’t believe he could pull it off.  Upendra said the climax is scary and Priya Mani has taken her role as a challenge and done well. Avantika Shetty has dubbed for herself and held the film in the first half. He said between the two heroines he had to just balance himself.

Earlier, another producer H C Srinivas welcomed the guests.

pendra’s latest offering Kalpana 2 is a sequel to Kalpana and both are remakes of the Tamil film Kanchana 2 and Kanchana respectively. Kalpana 2 has twists and turns backed by good performances by Upendra, Priya Mani and Avantika Shetty and some excellent music by Arjun Janya making it a good outing for the families barring of course young kids.

As in the original Kalpana, the hero Upendra is scared of ghosts but gets spooked by ghosts which is funny to watch besides giving the audiences some scares. Upendra is a television cameraman working for a channel and the crew go for a horror programme shoot. Upendra goes for it despite his fear because of his love interest in the director played by Avantika. Both of them get possessed by different ghosts who were said to be in love in their previous lives. This story gets unraveled in the second half where Upendra and Priya Mani are lovers who get killed.

Upendra is superb in both the avatars. Priya Mani and Avantika Shetty are quite good as well. Prakash Heggodu steals the show as the villain. Thulasi Shivamani has taken over from where Umashri left off in Kalpana. M R Seenu’s camera work is commendable and there are some special effects in the movie. The movie is worth waiting every minute for its horror, comedy and songs. The movie is good value for your money. Go for it!!

alpana 2, a Kannada horror film and a remake of Tamil hit Kanchana will release in 200 theatres all over Karnataka on July 15. The film is produced by H C Srinivas (Shilpa Srinivas) and Dr Rajendra (of Kalla Police fame) and is directed by R Anantharaju. The film stars Upendra, Priya Mani and Avantika Shetty among others. Arjun Janya has scored the music and M R Seenu is the cameraman.

While Priya Mani plays the role that Nithya Menen played in the original, Avantika Shetty of Rangitaranga fame gets to reprise the role played by Taapsee Pannu in the Tamil film.

Puneeth Rajkumar and Upendra have sung for the movie. While Puneeth has sung a song in praise of Kannada, Upendra has sung a song that has 20 titles of Upendra’s films written by Kaviraj. Aishwarya Rangarajan, one of the finalists of the singing reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has also sung for the first time in a film music album. 

annada horror comedy film Kalpana 2 starring Upendra, Priya Mani and Avantika Shetty saw the release of its audio in Bengaluru amidst fun and laughter that was evoked by none other than one of the film’s producer Rajendra. H C Srinivas (Shilpa Srinivas) is the other producer of Kalpana 2. R Anantharaju is directing the movie. Arjun Janya is the music director and Seenu is the cameraman.

Producer Dr Rajendra of Kalla Police fame took a lot of time to explain the making and situations during the making of the film in a humourous manner. He said when he met Arjun Janya he wanted the music of the original Tamil film in the film but he said the music director insisted that something new should be created. He explained how Upendra continued with the shoot despite a swelling in the leg. Rajendra also mentioned about Priya Mani’s minor accident on her insistence without much ado.

Rajendra said the film will release in July.

Shilpa Srinivas on the other hand was subdued and silent after his welcome address. Srinivas returns to film production after a hiatus.

Director Anantharaju said Kalpana 2 being a remake of Tamil hit Kanchana 2 provided him with a good opportunity and termed it as his luck to direct Upendra. He said his experience of working with Upendra was unforgettable.

Music composer Arjun Janya said Puneeth Rajkumar has sung a song in praise of Kannada and Upendra himself had sung a song that had lyrics (by Kaviraj) with 20 titles of Upendra’s films. He introduced Aishwarya Rangarajan, one of the finalists of recently concluded singing reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, as one of the singers who had sung in the film’s album to the audiences. Another singer Indu Nagaraj was also introduced to the audiences.

Arjun Janya said he had seen Upendra’s Om several times and that he wanted to give something special and original for Uppi’s film. The music composer said he personally liked his work in the film’s album.

Priya Mani said the Tamil film has been tweaked to suit the Kannada nativity. She said Kalpana 2 has elements of comedy and horror and added that the film’s shoot was a smooth affair as there was no stress. She said it was her second movie with Uppi and the first one was in Telugu. She said incidentally she played a blind sister to him in the Telugu film while she is found limping in Kalpana 2. Priya Mani said she would love to work with Upendra again if she got an opportunity.

Upendra said as much as the shoot was jolly and enjoyable the audiences would also enjoy the film. He said the producer did scruntise the film’s production activity and the joyous mood that he created at the audio launch will be found in the theatre as well when the audiences watch Kalpana 2.

 Upendra said Arjun Janya’s music is the highlight of the movie. 

alpana 2, a remake of Tamil hit Kanchana 2 mounted the sets at the Dodda Ganesha Temple in Basavanagudi, Bengaluru on Wednesday. The film stars Upendra (who had worked in Kalpana), Priya Mani, Muni, Kote Prabhakar in major roles. The film marks the return of Kalla Police Rajendra who is producing the film after more than a decade. H C Srinivas (Shilpa) will be co-producing the movie. Anantharaju is directing the film.

Director Anantharaju told journalists after the muhurat that he is directing Upendra for the first time. He said the shoot will begin from Thursday. He said the team is yet to select another heroine for the other role.

Producer Rajendra said Kalpana 2 will be a horror comedy that will be liked by children who will bring their parents to watch the movie. He said Upendra will have two shades to his role. One of them will be a jolly character and the other one will be that of Shivu who sports a ponytail. He said the film will have 13 minutes of computer graphics out of which seven minutes will go in the climax scenes. Rajendra said Kalpana 2 will be a technology driven film that requires set work as well. The film will be shot in five schedules, he said, adding that he is planning to release the movie in May.

Upendra said Kalpana 2 will be better than the first film. He said he was initially apprehensive about doing Kalpana itself. But he said the film met with unexpected success. He said many producers came up to him to do the remake of Kanchana 2 but Rajendra was quite adamant that he did it. He said he told the producers not to compromise on the subject as the subject requires CG, set work and a climax that is interesting. He said the film involves a lot of hard work for everyone including the director who is ready for it. Upendra said the highlight of the movie will be the fight between two ghosts and a few emotional scenes besides some surprises.

Arjun Janya will be scoring the music. M R Seenu will be the cameraman.

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