ust Akasmika, a Kannada film that has ingredients of horror, a thriller and also a family entertainer will release on September 16 all over Karnataka. The film is produced and directed by Himayat Khan for whom this is the second film. The film is based on a story written by himself.

Producer-director Himayat Khan said the film is about what happens when an incident happens and how active the hero turns out to become. The film is about what happens co-incidentally.

Vinod Patil who is playing the male lead said he left a software company after he got this opportunity to act. Sanjjanaa said she is working with Tilak after Ganda Hendathi.

Shivu Jamakhandi has scored the music and penned the lyrics for the first time although his second movie Nanna Ninna Prema Kathe got released recently for which he directed the movie, composed the music and penned the lyrics.

Mohammed Haseeb is the cameraman. Shantanu Mukherjee and Deepak Magar are co-producers of the movie.

Just Akasmika stars Sachin Suvarna, Ramesh Bhat, Sudha Belawadi and Mohan Juneja among others.

he music of Kannada thriller ‘Just Akasmika’ starring Sanjjanaa and debutant Vinod Patil was released oon Friday afternoon in Bengaluru. The film also stars Tilak, Sudha Belawadi, Mohan Juneja and Ramesh Bhat while Sachin Suvarna will be seen in a special role. Just Akasmika is produced and directed by Himayath Khan based on his own story. The film has music by Shivanand Jamakhandi.

Director Himayath Khan said things happen by chance in the movie and the subject is a thriller which has been shot in Bengaluru.

Debutant Vinod Patil said he was modeling for some time and worked with a German company for four years before doing the movie. He said he was frustrated and wanted to leave the industry. He said all credit should go to director Himayath Khan for bringing him back. Vinod Patil who is from Bagalkot did his schooling in Hubballi and Tumakuru. He said he plays a Mysuru boy who comes to Bengaluru for some reasons. A romantic story takes shape and has all the twists once he is in Bengaluru, he said.

Tilak said he was inspired by Himayath Khan’s narration which was full of confidence and clarity. He said he plays a negative role in the film as expected which was a challenging one to play.

Sachin Suvarna said Just Akasmika is a young subject film and added that he had mouthed a few Hindi dialogues in the movie. He said the director wanted him to grow a paunch and a beard for his role which took him nearly six months.

Sanjjanaa said the film has all ingredients such as romance, fun, enjoyment, horror and enjoyment. She said she plays a girl next door in the movie. She also said that she was happy to have Tilak on board and saw Vinod Patil’s commitment during his training.

Mohan Juneja also spoke.

Music composer Shivanand Jamakhandi said the film has five songs out of which three were choreographed by Harikrishna. He said singer Vijay Prakash has sung the Hindi version of the Ganesha song in the movie.

The film is co-produced by Deepak Magar, Pragathi Magar, Santamma Mukerji and C S Madappa. Mohammed Haseeb is the cinematographer.

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