annada film Jigarthanda, a remake of the Tamil film with the same title has got a U/A certificate from the censors on Friday after the screening with regional censor board officer Natasha DSouza certifying the film. The film will now hit the theatres on June 24 all over Karnataka. The film stars Rahul and Samyukta Hornad in lead roles. The film is directed by Shivaganesh and produced as a joint venture between Raghunath's SRV Productions and Sudeep's Kichcha Creations.

Jigarthanda, a gangster musical film, will be a comeback for Rahul who was seen in films like Nannusire, Abhimaani and Hrudayadali Idenidu earlier.

Jigarthanda has for the first time in the history of Kannada film industry got a real foreign touch for its music creation. The entire music background music for the film was created by 50 foreign musicians.

Arjun Janya has gone on record to say that Jigarthanda will be the first in the Kannada film industry to come up with this kind of  experiment. The recording for the film was done in Spain, Italy and the US and Arjun said the team has used 50 foreign spring orchestra including violins and other instruments. In Spain, 30 plus musicians did the recording and in Los Angeles guitars were used to record while a female voice was recorded in Italy, he said.

Arjun Janya said when he approached Sudeep with the idea and explained the plan the actor supported the idea. He said audiences who watch the movie can feel it as an English movie because the background music is totally different from the normal Indian background score.

The music composer also said the work on the track could be completed within two days because all the notes were sent to the musicians a week prior to the recording. Musicians practiced it before coming to the studio. Arjun Janya said the recording was done through Skype and monitored by Sukumar and Krishna from Chennai.

usic of the Kannada film Jigarthanda, a remake of the Tamil film with the same name was released at a glittering function in Bengaluru on Wednesday night. The film is produced by Raghunath, Khichcha Sudeep and Satyanarayana. The film stars Rahul, Samyukta Hornad, Ravishankar and Chikkanna among others. The film is directed by Shivaganesh.

Music composer Arjun Janya who has given the music for the film said Sudeep called him and gave him an opportunity to which he couldn’t say no. He said the film has five songs of which one song had been sung by Ravishankar.

Rahul who is playing the lead became emotional while thanking Sudeep and Priya for giving him an opening in the film. He said he debuted in 2008 and did two or three films then but all of them flopped. He said opportunities decreased thereafter. He said doors of opportunity opened up again after he got introduced to Sudeep and became a part of the cricket team that played in the CCL tournament.

Sudeep said he was offered the role of villain in Jigarthanda but thought Ravishankar was most suitable to play it and he was also busy with the Manikya shoot then. He said only Ravishankar could do such a role and the villain had worked for 58 days without demanding additional remuneration. He said Ravishankar’s remuneration has been rising with every film but he didn’t demand for Jigarthanda.

Sudeep said Chikkanna also had worked for 50 days without demanding more remuneration although he has become an actor in demand and a big one at that too. Sudeep said post-production work of all his movies was happening at Kari Subbu’s studio which has become his second home.
Sudeep said plans were afoot to cast Chikkanna in the lead for a movie under Khichcha Creations but Chikkanna’s call sheet was not available.
Sudeep thanked Ravichandran for attending all his programmes.

Ravichandran said Sudeep is like his eldest son and added that the audio release programme had become an emotional trip as all the hearts have merged into one. He said films made with madness and the fire would become successful and that he saw it in this Jigarthanda team.
Ravichandran also said Priyanka and Sumalatha’s dubsmash were not so suitable as their voices and nature were soft. He said it is not possible to buy everything from money and Jigarthanda is proof of that. He said he never knew when Sudeep came and went for Apoorva after he had requested him to be part of it. Ravichandran said Ravishankar and Prakash Rai had also acted. He said he had dubbed for the movie Apoorva for the first time with a lot of interest.

Producer Raghunath said Jigarthanda is like an energy drink and added that the production was possible due to ‘crowd friends’. He announced that his next movie is Hebbuli.

Priyanka Upendra was present. Priya and Sudeep’s daughter Saanvi were also present. Tamil actor Shaam came onto the dais. Ravishankar sang a song and danced with Arjun Janya, Rahul and his other colleagues. Shyam of Anand Audio was also present.
Two songs of the film along with the trailer were shown at the music launch function.

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